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Erik Larsen Thorsday 3 : Wrecking Havok

Well, if you count the first Erik Larsen THORSDAY post I did which was all about the red bearded Thor from SAVAGE DRAGON as number 1 this is actually part 4 but we don´t want to overthink things too much here.

And speaking of the counterpart of Marvel´s blonde haired unbearded God of thunder from SAVAGE DRAGON some of my readers might be delighted to hear that while this is the last issue Erik Larsen did of Dan Jurgens´ SuperThor it is not the end of my THORSDAY WITH ERIK LARSEN series.

Now you might ask how come ? Well, to enlighten you, just the other day I was looking for something completely different - as usual - and came across the folder where I had put all the material from SAVAGE DRAGON that I might have needed to make the first Erik Larsen THORSDAY post. Well, as it turns out in that folder are two more complete issues of SAVAGE DRAGON where he squares of against the nordic deity so there are two more Erik Larsen THORSDAY posts coming up. Although the next post will probably be the already promised DEJA VUE post with all the homage covers for THE MIGHTY THOR 125. And there also may be a special edition of THORSDAY or two - you never know. Anyway, in this story Thor and the Warriors Three fight against The Wrecker and his Wrecking Crew.

By the way, even if I believe that what was told in Secret Wars 7 is what really happened between She - Hulk and the Wrecking Crew ( in the story She - Hulk wants to avenge the Wasp´s supposed death and takes on the whole Wrecking Crew until Titania blindsides her and they almost beat her to death with the help of Doctor Octopus and the Absorbing Man ) and not the version where Marvel white washed a gang rape how is it that there never was any kind of retaliation from She - Hulk against the sick Wrecking Crew ? In all the stories I can remember she only was furious at Titania, who all things considered, was one of the main factors why it happened but the Wrecking Crew were not exactly innocent bystanders.

Comics are strange. Anyway, let´s continue with the story in progress.

So this is my 830th post according to the blog statistics which means that post number 850 is only 20 posts away and with the posts about Kianna Tom and Sabrina Salerno already written this means I have to do 18 posts and then I´m good. So there is still hope that I will manage to do that until the blog´s anniversary in April. As most of Today´s material has already been prepared long ago and I blew out all my Thor links there is not much to add but as I DID mention She Hulk I want to put up the link for SCANS DAILY because it has some pages from SENSATIONAL SHE - HULK 50 where Marvel had some great pages by different artists and then explained in the story why they did not get the job of new penciler on the book. And by explained I mean came up with all kind of bogus bs and phony crap as the real reason was probably money. I mean, seriously - the whole we can´t use somebody like Adam Hughes because we have a certain percentage of female readers is total nonsense because a. ) that would have to be a pretty high percentage of female readers on SHE - HULK, much higher than what the other books get because you never heard that kind of argument with THE FANTASTIC FOUR or THE AVENGERS and b. ) Adam Hughes is one of the few so - called babe artists whom women like because he doesn´t resort to exaggerated proportions or draw women in lewd poses so yeah, Marvel has always been lying to its readers and this is not a new thing. 

Today´s first birthday shoutout goes to Matthew Gray Gubler who turns 37. There´s not much to say here apart from the fact that I always wanted an excuse to put his name on the blog. I stopped watching Criminal Minds because watching too many crime shows became too depressing for me but the name Matthew Gray Gubler still cracks me up. What can I say ? I still find names that sound funny or have an actual meaning in german - like Michelle Trachtenberg or David Krumholtz - funny. Apart from hunting down evil serial killers Matthew also voiced the Riddler and Jimmy Olsen.

Ever since I did this year´s post on Gail Kim I have decided to put more female wrestlers on the blog and while I already missed Tylene " what rhymes with " Buck´s birthday on Tuesday ( I cast her as Ice in my JLA movie ) I´m right on time as Melina Perez celebrates her 38th anniversary.

Because of her stunning physique and her athleticism Melina quickly became a crowd pleaser not in the least because of her unique way of entering the squared circle that drove all males at ringside into a frenzy.

Here´s one of her legendary epic matches against Gail Kim and there is just something about watching two hot women going at it with no quarter asked that can´t be explained, it has to be experienced.

Speaking of legendary hot women, cult siren Ornella Muti turns 62 who is best known to american audiences - at least the ones from my generation - as Princess Aura in the 1980 adaption of newspaper strip Flash Gordon.

To european movie goers she was known as the stunningly beautiful - and quite often scantily clad - romantic interest in dozens of romcoms, a lot of them starring Adriano Celentano as the gruffy guy with the soft interior.

Here is a short retrospective of Ornella´s movies ( even her name sounds sensual ). When they made her they sure broke the mold. Grazie Ornella.

We start our Dearly Departed section with Mickey Spillane and another episode from the Mike Hammer tv series whose big attraction were the many sexbombs in short guest roles, called the Hammerettes. They even had real life Power Girl and playmate Karen Witter / Lorre in one episode.

This is the last episode I could find on YouTube so I hope somebody else uploads a few more until Mickey Spillane´s next anniversary.

Another birthday candidate is Raul Julia and since he starred in the only good movie adaptions of The Addams Family I wanted to post a video from that franchise but it seems I either already put all of the ones I bookmarked on the blog or the ones I had left were all deleted. Then I remembered that he also starred in the Street Fighter movie with Kylie Minogue and Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.s Ming - Na Wen as Chun Li.

I also wanted to acknowledge Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space and after going through my complete list of bookmarked videos I chose one I found rather recently. What I find absolutely fascinating about cartoon shows is that just when you think you know most of the animated tv shows you come across something you have never heard of like Space Sentinels.

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I don´t know if I´m the first man in space, or the last dog in space.

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