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Happy sling bikini birthday Tylene Buck !

Today wrestling valet / female wrestler / pornographic actress / swimsuit model Tylene Buck Hesemann a.k.a. Brandi Wylde celebrates her 45th birthday so I thought it´s about time to giver her a post of her own.

This gives me the chance to wax nostalgic about the time when wrestling was still worth watching because while the 90s were not that good for comics the decade was great for wrestling as more hot sexbombs became active inside and outside of the ring. It was the time of the Nitro Girls, the first Divas and generally female wrestlers looked more like centerfolds and porn stars than athletes. Which brings us to the star of Today´s post.


Sexbomb Tylene was one of the main candidates from the SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series on my old boob blog because of her big 34Es and what is kind of funny is that the name she used for doing adult movies, Brandi Wylde sounds less like a porn name than Major Gunns or Tylene Buck.

She´s one of the most used massitas on my banners and not only because her name rhymes with s - word and f - word ..... you know what I mean.

As Major Gunns ( originally they wanted to call Tylene´s character Torpedo Girl for obvious reasons ) she made all wrestling fans happy giving mouth to mouth or ripping her shirt off with her signature " bombs away " move.

Tylene was first introduced as part of the NWO harem and she always had hot outfits either as a horny secretary in a business suit with a huge cleavage that showed off her incredible bust or as a lace and leather clad party girl with not much left to the imagination doused in champagne .

And let´s not forget all the glorious times when she was wearing an itsy bitsy bikini and lounging in the pool with the other NWO Busenwunder.

I have not found any clips from her secretary phase but I will add some material as soon as I find it. She then became part or better moral / sex support for the Misfits In Action and I can only speculate what kind of demented marathon sex orgies those degenerates subjected Tylene to. 

She was then kidnapped by Lance Storm and pressed into service for Team Canada although she had to undergo a grueling training to become a Canadian - which was mostly and excuse for the male members of Team Canada to get Tylene Buck all sweaty and then drool all over her tits.

As a - at first reluctant - member of Team Canada Tylene was not allowed to show off her assets ( and her breast - ets ) like before despite wearing a very suggestive outfit. Talk about sending mixed messages Lance Storm.

But her breast ... I mean best moments were outside of wrestling in the IRON MAN swimsuit videos ( she´s on volumes 3, 4 and 5 ) when she modeled supertiny microbikinis or released her big 34E airbags.


And the IRON MAN swimsuit videos are real swimsuit videos. Not Making Ofs like the ones the WWE peddles. I remember one of the videos had her,

Linda ONeal ( whom I cast as Zatanna in the part of my CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA MOVIE series that also includes Tylene Buck and most of the other hot swimsuit models / wrestling babes from this ),

philipino, irish and navajo indian swimsuit supermodel Cori Nadine and

LeAnna Scott ( because of her 5'4'' height and her incredible 36DD - 22 - 33 measurements her bust looks super huge compared to her slim body ).


Christina Mai, aka Le Anna Scott is a bikini model from Saigon, Vietnam.

Part of her popularity was due to her strikingly exotic good looks and her fit body, but her popularity really blew up when it was found that she had done several hardcore videos in her early years. In fact, LeAnna Scott was one of the first “ glamour ” models in the internet age to be exposed as having recorded a hardcore porn video. It was thought that LeAnna had done 2 hardcore scenes, but she had in fact done a lot more than that.

After LeAnna Scott’s hardcore stint she transitioned into modeling for big sites such as Playboy, Mac & Bumble, Blue Nudes, and Mystique, as well as appearing on model sites belonging to Shae Marks, Sung Hi Lee and Alley Baggett. LeAnna also did various Ironman swimsuit videos as well.

In 2004, she did a nude set from Blue Nudes which also featured Alley Baggett. It was one of her last nude photosets. Afterwards, LeAnna converted to her real name of Christina Mai and has only sought to do mainly non - nude modeling. The good news is that she is still hot !

LeAnna’s favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “ Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ”

The video also featured April Hunter - a NWO babe like Tylene - and it had a warning at the beginning that it was dangerous for the faint of heart.


Because not only did it have one of the best and bustiest selection of swimsuit models ever their bikinis were so skimpy they were almost naked. One of the best IRONMAN Swimsuit Spectaculars I have ever seen.

Now some people might say that Tylene Buck is not a good fit for the Justice League Europe´s Ice since her character is most often written as shy and the goody goody one but she has become more confident lately.

Although with the NEW 52 you never know. Anyway, who says the nice girl can´t look like a playmate ? Blue and white are definitely Tylene´s colors.

I was looking for something more to add about Tylene Buck - like the brief biography of Leanna Scott - but most of the bios you can find online say basically the same. There are also some interviews I found but because they mostly covered her work in the adult movie industry I couldn´t post them. For any interested parties I want to mention that Tylene Buck enjoys doing it with other women and describes herself as a bi - sexual.

The interviews I CAN post are about her wrestling career and even if they are a bit old they have lots of interesting information. There is one on CRIMSONMASK ( no author given ) and one on WRESTLING EYE MAGAZINE by Mike Parker in two parts . As for pictures I think you find the best ones here but there are much more on the internet - especially the NSFW ones.

Since December 2005 Tylene Buck has been doing adult films for Seymore Butts` Lighthouse Talent Agency and I swear I didn´t make that name up. 

So this is my new cult siren post about Tylene Buck where I have gathered all the best material I currently have - and am comfortable with sharing on my blog - so I can link to it on future occassions although I hope I can find new clips for more animated GIFs when the re - post is due next year.


Since I put some Tylene Buck videos in the part above I am using my five videos for the addendum starting with Cully Hamner who celebrates his 48th birthday. Now since he created the origin material for a blockbuster with Bruce Willis most people would probably write about that but I tell you forget Red. Forget the other series he worked on like Black Lightning : Year One and I´m going as far as to say forget even the Blue Beetle series where Jaime Reyes first took up the mantle of Blue Beetle from Ted Kord.

You know, the series I am always pimping. Because what you need to do is put all that stuff to the wayside, completely ignore it and get the Green Lantern : Mosaic series by Gerard Jones which was Cully Hamner´s first big break. The reason why I´m so adamant about this ( longtime readers may remember that I pimped the series back in 2006 ) is that THIS is the best Green Lantern comic - and for some the best comic PERIOD - you will read in your whole life. I mean, no offense to other writers like Geoff Johns but compared to this you can throw everything he has written in the bin.

To my knowledge the series has not been collected in trade so far which either has to do with the fact that it came out in the 90s or that the people who make these decisions at DC have no idea about the long and rich history of the company they are working for - as I always suspected.

Hasian sexbomb Chona Jason turns 54 who is best known for her steamy sex massage / threesome scene in Sinful Intrigue where she plays Mai - Ling ( really, like there are no other names for asian women, but that´s Hollywood for you ). The main character of that movie is played by Becky Mullen so if you want to read more about the movie check out her post .

It´s back to comics with Peter Gross who celebrates his 59th birthday and has written Vertigo titles like Books Of Magic, The Unwritten and Lucifer.

Since I have not read a single issue of Lucifer yet ( I hear it´s currently ruined in from of a tv series ) and only three trades from the tail end of The Unwritten my video is a review of The Books Of Magic. This is a series I always plan to get back to but then I never find the time to sit down and do an inventory of which issues and trades I already own and which not.

Pat Mills - the godfather of british comics - turns 68 and he earned that title by revitalising british boy comics in the 1970s through the creation of cult comic book series 2000 AD together with John Wagner. He also played a major part in the development of Judge Dredd. But when I first heard of Pat Mills I knew none of that since to me he was just one of the creators of Marshal Law and one of the reasons why his name stuck in my mind for all these years is that when I first discovered Marshal Law it was almost impossible to find issues. You really had to hunt for them and each time you found a new issue it was like a small victory. Now the whole material is available in one big omnibus ( I´m afraid I will have to buy that one only to have everything in one place but like with the Books Of Magic series I never get around to do it ) and you can find more on MARS WILL SEND NO MORE , THE STUDENT REVIEW , THE COMIC WATCHER and COMIC ATTACK .

I didn´t really think I would find any interesting videos of Marshal Law on YouTube but here is an episode of Night Network with both creators.

Alan Weiss celebrates his 69th birthday and if you read more older stuff in the Marvel Essentials, Marvel Epic Collections or DC´s Showcase Presents his name keeps popping up a lot since he has worked on a plethora of comic books for Marvel and DC during his long career. And if that wasn´t enough he is also the creator of Steelgrip Starkey And The All - Purpose Power Tool which must be one of the longest titles in comic history.

Another shoutout goes to the late Gray Morrow who has worked for practically every big comic company and was the co - creator of Marvel´s Man - Thing and DC´s old west vigilante El Diablo. Apart from his work in comics he also was an illustrator for many science fiction magazines and did most of the covers of the american version of the Perry Rhodan paperback - book series. I swear I had another bookmark for Perry Rhodan besides MD Jackson´s post on AMAZING STORIES but like always I will probably find it when I´m looking for something completely different.

Originally I wanted to add the psychodelic Perry Rhodan movie from the 1970s but the quality on that is not so good and if you want to see it out of curiosity you can easily find it in german and in english on YouTube.

We close things out with german screen legend Heinz Rühmann whose work I have always thoroughly enjoyed. He mostly played funny roles but he also was a great character actor and my first version of Pater Braun.

I don´t think I have mentioned it on the blog before but Heinz Rühmann actually played a man who gets super powers in The Man Who Walked Through The Wall and he is actually called a Super - Man in the movie.

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