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The Mark of Kane : Marvel Master Monday

Since we need a Marvel themed post before we can write the belated Brian Bolland birthday post I thought why not continue with this series ?

Yes, the Brian Bolland birthday post will be bumped back even further since I´m already late with this one but I was staying up very long because my brother told me that the working crew that was coming to repair the pipes of the heating - for months the heating has been making loud noises throughout the day and especially the night which didn´t go away even after I bled the radiator a few times - needed to come into my room. Well, that didn´t happen so after a few more hours of fruitless waiting I had to go to sleep or risk another knee operation and now I have just come back from shopping completely exhausted. I didn´t want to go into town all stinky and smelly but nobody does my shopping and otherwise there is no showering gel and if I don´t have any ice cream I won´t survive until Tomorrow. And I have a very important date at the Karlshöhe Tomorrow.

You may remember I mentioned that at my last trek to the unemployment office I found out that my entry for a special job - creation measure for disabled jobless persons has somehow been lost or forgotten and that they put me on the list again. Well, last week I got an invitation from the Karlshöhe for an interview and I have no idea what it is all about. What I think is that they probably want to find out how urgent my case is - since this course seems to be a very coveted one - so they know if they should put me in sooner or later. And maybe they want to find out if I´m faking it since my application for a certificate of disability just fell through. What I already knew from the start because according to my doctors there is nothing big wrong with me so I have only a ten percent disability and to get the certificate you need at least twenty percent and a lot of luck.

Anyway, here is the next batch of Gil Kane greatness and you may notice that I have included some favorite covers of a certain webslinging hero.  

Man, looking at all these AMAZING SPIDER - MAN covers brings back how really amazing that series used to be. It really was the best book Marvel had and what was even better reading this when it came out - or at least when the german translations by the Williams Verlag and later by Condor came out - was that it got better and better every damn year. Through the Steve Ditko era to the John Romita run followed by the Gil Kane and Ross Andru phase the book just kept on building momentum. When you keep that in mind the stuff that is published Today is just disgraceful. 

There are no particular links for this post but as I still have to work through my gigantic mountain of bookmarked links somehow I want to include some of the ones you find during research that don´t fit a certain topic or that I forgot to include in earlier posts. Starting with DIAL B FOR BLOG which has some original art from Showcase Presents that might be interesting for fans of heroes like The Phantom Stranger and speaking of DC characters, Cylraque Lamar at iO9 wants you to Meet Lady Cop, The Most Underrated Comic Book Hero Of All and yep, that really was a thing.

Continuing with the DC links CRIVENS ! COMICS & STUFF raps on The Case Of The Lethal Letters from Superman 204 as part 24 of his Favorite Comics Of The Past Series, the PENCIL INK blog has the cover and an interior page by Neal Adams from the wonderful All New Collector´s Edition v1 C - 58 : Superman vs Muhammad Ali, THE WORLD`S FINEST BLOG has a post on World´s Finest issue 51 with lots of interior pages and if you want to read a complete story THE AQUAMAN SHRINE offers How Aquaman Got His Powers by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon from Adventure Comics 260. On the Marvel side of things MARVEL COMICS OF THE 1980s has the complete original blue pencil layouts by John Buscema for the first issue of Secret Wars II as well as Frank Miller´s covers for Power Man and Iron Fist, a post on Moon Knight - Fist of Khonshu 1 and the evolution of Arthur Adams Wolverine as well as some original Storm drawings by him and speaking of Arthur Adams, GIANT - SIZE MARVEL has his covers for Classic Avengers which feature founding member the Hulk and last but not least there is a great article about Gene Colan on WEDNESDAY`S HEROES

We start Today´s birthday roll call with Amira Willighagen, our youngest candidate with only 13 years even if that means having to forgo music videos for other singers in our entertainment block. This is not the first time I have included Amira in a post and I chose this one even if it has a very low picture quality - and spanish subtitles - because while the other with her I had bookmarked has a higher resolution it´s from the Carmen Nebel show and sorry, but that woman is so self - centered that it´s more about her talking your ear off than that you get to see Amira perform.

Apropos, one of those singers is Fergie who turns 42. The sexbomb with the stunning 36C - 26 - 36 measurement owes her incredibly good looks to her ancestry which includes scottish, english, irish, german, swedish and luxembourgian roots. Since I included a Fergie video not too long ago not putting one in this post is not that hard but speaking about getting hard I still wanted to include a little Fergie something something for all the fans.

Which includes cult director Quentin Tarrantino. Apparently he included her in Grindhouse because she his favorite singer ( that old hound dog gets all the best babes through his movies and I bet he did more with Salma Hayek than just drink beer from her foot ) or maybe because they share a birthday. That´s right, he celebrates his 54th anniversary Today.

We´re coming more into the geek realm of pop culture with Nathan Fillion who turns 46 who had his first big break on Firefly and the cinematic conclusion - or at least continuation if you include the comics - Serenity.

I have to admit I am not up to date on Castle as my Mom lost interest in the series ( she always does when a crime show includes humor and is not nonstop maiming, killing and raping ) and I´ll have to catch up through the internet or buy the seasons on DVD the next time amazon has one of their 3 tv seasons for 25 bucks sales. Nathan also was in the running as Green Lantern but sadly he only played that role in the animated versions.

After Suicide Squad my hopes are not very high to see Zack Snyder´s Justice League movie but I would pay good money to see Nathan Fillion as the Green Gladiator. Here is a trailer of how that may have looked like.

Since that video is possibly a re - post ( but I can´t go through all the 844 posts to verify that ) here is one that clearly shows that he would be so up for playing that role. Maybe they could at least include him in the Justice League movie as Alan Scott - as long as they don´t make him gay.

Our next celebrity birthday is  the original Screaming Mimi ( you know this girl is a screamer ) with the playmate body of sound, Mariah Carey who celebrates her 47th birthday.  At least if my online sources are correct.

Because some online pages say she was born 1969 while others say it was 1970. I´m going with 1970 because that was the date that was official when I wrote my first Mariah Carey posts back on the old boob blog.

Another thing that´s hard to get official accuracy on is Mariah Carey´s breastsize. I googled it Today but the " official " size of 38D is totally bogus. I mean around the time of the Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2010 her breastsize was officially confirmed as 38DD and by 2012 when she did the Christmas video with Justin Bieber her jingle bells had grown another few sizes bigger so they must have been 40DD or at least 39DD. So maybe I´m biased here but she doesn´t look like a 38D woman to me, sorry.

Now aside the ever changing unrealistic breastsize, as readers of this blog know I have been a big fan of the cult siren - in every sense of the word - since forever and a day and I bet there was a whole plethora that was relieved when I made the decision to split my blog into a comicbook blog and a boob blog because they weren´t inundated by dozens of Mariah Carey posts anymore suffering all those hot pictures of the sex symbol.

Of course this meant I was given free reign to my obsession with Mariah Carey and to give you an idea : on the boob blog there where so many Mariah Carey posts that I had to create one big Über - post with links to all the other posts so I could put it in the links. Mariah Carey was the first cult sexbomb I did this for even before Halle Berry and Janet Jackson.

So it´s even more incredible that I still haven´t done a solo post for the number three of my all time favorite sexual fantasies and only included her in my second alternates post of the Casting the Justice League movie series especially since she is single again. Nick Cannon really messed up.

My number one on that list is of course the best body in showbiz, Janet " All Night - Don´t Stop " Action Jackson, the living blow up sex doll that walks and she does have a solo post besides three entries in my JLA cast .

Now my number two has changed, which used to be cinema cult siren Halle Berry who did a remarkable sexy dance ( not a striptease since she didn´t take her clothes off ) in Last Boy Scout, teased us in Catwoman and finally delivered in Password : Swordfish and Monster´s Ball. She also appears in my Justice League movie casting and got her own solo post .

You might ask who my new number two is and it is probably no surprise that Yaya Han, the cosplay queen who got herself 40D oppais has that position. Not only based on the fact that my chances of bumping into her at a comic convention are higher than of actually meeting anybody else on this list but also because she combines four of my favorite things. Asian sexbombs, women with big boobs, video games and comics. I mean, how many chicks do you know who bring their own Power Girl / Chun Li outfit ?

So far I have only made two solo posts on her although I keep mentioning her on various JLA casting posts and any other involving asian sexbombs like Ava Cadell, Kiana Tom, Akira Lane, Miko Lee, Gail Kim or Minka and I swear the completely NSFW BIG YAYA HAN POST is still in the pipeline.

Coming back to Mariah Carey, maybe I will make a solo post for her when I´m in the mood but for now here is a new video with her. I have so many that it was difficult to choose just one but since I still couldn´t find one from her performance at the 2014 BET Honor Awards in a Jessica Rabbit dress and we already have a music video anyway I went with this one.

Continuing with hot women after this sexbomb quartet we have Pauley Perette who turns 48 best known as Abby Sciuto on the hit series NCIS.

Like Nathan Fillion she did some voice acting as she was Lois Lane on Superman vs The Elite based on Joe Kelly´s story What´s So Funny About Truth, Justice And The American Way ? from Action Comics issue 775.

Apropos, Michael York who celebrates his 75th birthday did the voices of Ares in Justice League Unlimited and Count Vertigo in Batman : The Animated Series. He also was in the movie Der Joker with Peter Maffay and Tahnee Welch which has nothing to do with the Batman´s archvillain. Michael also appeared in Tek War : Tek Lab, Sliders, Babylon 5 and the Three Musketeer movies with Tahnee Welch´s Mom, cult siren Raquel.

But most importantly Michael York also appeared in one of my favorite science fiction movies Logan´s Run which readers might have guessed from the various posts I have written about it : a pop culture icon post that covers the movie as well as the various adaptions as a tv series and in comics and speaking of comics I also posted the complete movie adaption by Marvel ( issue 1 / issue 2 / issue 3 / issue 4 / issue 5 / issue 6 / issue 7 ) and for any further information you might need just consult this website .

In our Dearly Departed section I want to mention writer, columnist, translator and actor Harry Rowohlt even if he distanced himself from the publishing side of his family. For german comic fans the Rowohlt pocket books are probably a part of their comic collection since they not only released the first works of cartoonists like Claire Bretecher, Marie Marcks or Clodwig Poth who became a part of german culture but also comics from Nick Knatterton to a lot of Ralf König´s work and Art Spiegelmann´s Maus

Speaking of mice in comic books, while Carl Barks did stories with Disney´s Mickey Mouse the man whom THE COMICS CUBE ranks as number three of the Top Ten Most Influential Comics Writers is best known for his work on the comic books starring Donald Duck and his family where he created many supporting characters like Gladstone Gander, Gyro Gearloose, the Beagle Boys, the Junior Woodchucks and Uncle Scrooge McDuck himself.

According to critics one of Carl Barks best stories is Lost In The Andes which you can read on COLOR AND CAFFEINE although in five parts ( part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 ) which includes the color guides and there´s a great essay on the story by Peter Schilling Jr. titled How The Best Donald Duck Story Of All Time Skewered Capitalism on BOING BOING .

Lisa Kay Tate on GEEKMOM has a list of 10 Carl Barks Comics To Read With Your Kids and if you want to watch a tv show with your kids with the Duck family I suggest Ducktales. I watched the show when it originally aired and whenever I had the chance I switched to the original audio because Uncle Scrooge had a jiddish accent which of course was a big no - no in the german dubbing as they didn´t want to confront the kids with anything that might hade make them ask questions about the Third Reich.

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