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It´s ye asgardian feeling of DEJA VUE again

As promised - or better hinted at - last week here are the homage cover for THE MIGHTY THOR 126, which was the first issue of Thor´s solo title.

Like with all Marvel books at that time cunning Stan Lee just continued the numbering from the title where Thor had appeared in previously which was JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. So for any comic newbies out there if you are looking for THOR 125 - there is no THOR 125. It starts with Nr. 126.

Now as you might have noticed, the MORTADELO & FILEMON post has not gone up like I promised but not because I have become lazy. After five posts in three days ( okay, you might say two of those were written in advance but then you still have a one post per day ratio which is higher than my usual posting rate which is one post every two days ) you might think I took a well deserved time out. But no, I spent the time doing an totally unscheduled post about wrestling swimsuit sexbomb Tylene Buck.

I had skipped her when her actual birthday was up and since I didn´t do a post that day I didn´t even mention on the blog that she was a candidate in my CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA MOVIE series ( I cast her as Ice ). Well, as fate would have it I came across a few videos of her from her wrestling days on YouTube which in itself was nothing extraordinary but those videos had a higher quality than the usual clips you find from that period. So I spent quite some time - that I should have used to make the MORTADELO & FILEMON post - making new animated GIFs and after I went so far as to forgo sleep to finish them I decided I could as well go one step further and make the new post so I could use all the GIFs. By the way, I´m still looking for clips from the period when Tylene Buck was one of the NWO busty babes and running around in a sexy secretary outfit.

Anyway, as usual the whole thing started with new Tylene Buck videos and one of them was from the IRONMAN Swimsuit Spectacular and I added that to the old post - which meant changing the text. Ah, the things I do for my readers. Well, after finishing the new Tylene Buck post I noticed two things. First, the swimsuit video I had included has already been deleted.

So unless somebody else ca upload it again I have to change the text one more time. And secondly, there is very little comic related stuff in the post so I might go back one more time and since the post is so long this might become more than two new posts. See ? I told you that if there was some new stuff that occurred to me in regards to that casting call I would continue the series so don´t be surprised if you see some CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA MOVIE - RELOADED posts in the future. 

And speaking of the future since I´m doing the DEJA VUE THORSDAY post Today which will most likely be followed by a FLASH FRIDAY WITH PAUL RYAN post I have decided to bump the MORTADELO & FILEMON post back to Saturday. But don´t fear ! As longtime readers of this blog know here nothing gets scrapped only shelved for very long periods of time. Sigh !

Okay, back to THOR 126 the first ones to pay homage to that famous cover were of course the artists of THOR themselves and there some covers where I myself did not make the connection right away. Here they are. 

Then there were the covers from other books that payed homage as well as other companies which sometimes featured Thor or Hercules on it.

And then there are all the other homage covers for THOR issue 126..

Today´s entertainment block starts with Jhené Aiko who celebrates her 29th birthday. I first heard her on CONAN which is one of the reasons I like to watch late night talk shows and award shows : not always the best music acts make it to Germany and I don´t think she´s well known here.

I already pimped her in a previous post but this section is always a chance to catch up with things that I forget about or for some reason don´t pursue further. When I last wrote about Jhené her album Sail Out had just come out but is seems she already released the follow up album Souled Out ( am I detecting a name trend here ? ) which includes The Pressure.

Alexandra Daddario turns 31 and I have to say that I don´t know much about her. What I can say is that she always pops up when I am looking for GIFs of other babes which might´ve something to do with her 34D chest.

I always thought she was one of the vampire chicks, you know from all these vampire shows that girls love like My Bleeding Vampire Diary, My Secret Teenage Vampire Love, Vampire High School Teens or Vampire High School Host Club or howere they are called but after reading her imdb entry I must be mixing her up with some other girl. I still haven´t watched True Detective ( maybe I get the chance to do that when my Mom returns to Spain and the tv is once again free to the general public ) so I can´t say if Mr. Skin was right in voting her nude scene the best of the year 2014.

The creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane celebrates his 56th birthday and here´s a little reminder why he became so popular. You can say what you want about his style but you can´t argue that he put a lot of work in his pages. Well, back when he was doing regular interior pages. I remember that I was very hyped whenever a new issue of The Incredible Hulk came out - which is where I first saw his art - and after word had gotten out I went over the pages again and again trying to find Felix, the cat. I don´t know what he´s doing right now ( the last I read about him was that he had differences with Erik Larsen when they collaborated on Spawn ).

On the other hand I know exactly what Victor Garber is doing who turns 68. After appearing on The Flash he is currently hanging out with DC´s Legends Of Tomorrow and I just saw the latest episode Moonshot in which he did a surprise vocal performance. I first saw Victor in Alias or how me and my brother called it during the last seasons The Jack Bristow Show because everything his character did on the show was much more interesting than follow Jennifer Garner on her missions ( although she did have a few very nice outfits in some of the episodes ). Well done, Victor.

Pop culture icon Erik Estrada also celebrates his 68th birthday whom I know mostly from the Andy Sidaris movies since I never watched an episode of CHIPs. By the way, looking for pictures of that series is a nightmare because all the pictures you find are either potato chips, bags of potato chips or people eating potato chips. Now I want to eat chips.

I half expected to find Jerry Lewis in the Dearly Departed section but he´s alive and well and just turned 91. Jerry is proof that there is some truth to the old saying that a prophet has no honor in his own country as americans were never as fond of him as germans but especially the french.

Jerry Lewis also was in a comic related movie Artists And Models where he roomed with Dean Martin who was a struggling comic book artist who used Jerry´s vivid dreams about the hero Vincent The Vulture and the secret formula X34 minus 5R1plus 6 - X36 as the basis of a new comic.

Unbeknownst to them the live in the same apartment as Dorothy Malone, the creator of the Bat Lady comic - of which Jerry is a huge fan - and Shirley MacLaine who is Dorothy´s secretary and model for the Bat Lady.

So we get to see her dress up in super hero fashion and there are even some mock pages from the comic in the movie which you can see on KLEEFELD ON COMICS . Of course the secret formula is real but only half of the formula and some spies are after it, Dorothy got fired and her comic was replaced by Vincent The Vulture and is on a crusade against comics, Jerry begins to like Shirley MacLaine not knowing she is the Bat Lady and all kind of hijinks ensue ( you can read more about the movie on DIAL B FOR BLOG ). I think I already posted a clip from the movie so here is a dance scene from The Ladies Man. There is a video with the complete scene on YouTube but the embedding has been disabled by request. 

Of course Jerry Lewis has not only been in comic related movies and shows like The Simpsons he had his own comic and there was even a storyline in which he met various members of the Justice League .

We are staying with great comedic talents although we finally get to the Dearly Departed part with german pop culture icon Elisabeth Volkmann best known for Klimbim where she starred alongside blonde sexbomb Ingrid Steeger who celebrates her birthday on the first of next month.

While Ingrid always played the nymphomanic sexbomb next door - or at least her slutty sister - with the killer body but not much brains Elisabeth was the smart but totally kooky ( is there really no better translation for überkandidelt ? ) aristocrat with the playmate - worthy measurements.

Since full episodes of Klimbim in good quality are hard to come by I am posting this right away and my tip is not to wait too long to watch it.

I also want to mention Kate Worley, best know as the writer of Omaha The Cat Dancer, a comic I never managed to get into. Which is a shame because I have heard that it is well written and not half as pornographic as I hoped. I have some scattered issues that I found at conventions and dollar bins and when Alpha Verlag started printing the series here in Germany I thought this would be the right time to jump on board but they only published one album. Now when I did my research I found plenty of covers that were censored which I found hilarious because there are plenty of covers from that series that you can post without any worries

For those who have never heard of the comic here is an animated version and with that I mean one that is not animated like a cartoon but where you can actually read along - which some people might find too slow.

Speaking about female creatures who are right at home at the stripper pole : since there has been much demand and clamoring for the albanian sexbomb with the big double dees since I posted her first video I have decided to include another with the best news reader on planet earth.

As you can see I have taken the liberty of making some animated GIFs of Enki Bracaj since I could not find any of good quality on the net and although it took me a whole day ( and therefore might relay the FLASH FRIDAY WITH PAUL RYAN post and especially the next MORTADELO & FILEMON post ) I think it was totally worth it. In any case, if you find any GIFs of Enki in good quality please let me know in the comments below.

What I find a bit ridiculous is the whole brouhaha the press makes since she she´s not the first female news reader who gets noticed because of her big rack and she´s not going to be the last. She only consequently used her overdeveloped attributes to further her career in a logical way.

So for the moment my newest favorite person named Enki is the albanian news blow up sex doll with the gigantic gazongas, Enki Bracaj and comic creator Enki Bilal is relegated to second place. Now if only we could get the Jessica Rabbit of german news tv Tatjana " Busenwunder " Ohm to read the news like that it would be more epic. Can you imagine that ?

Switch Reloaded is not on air anymore but I bet not even they would be bold enough - or willing to show that much skin - to spoof Enki Bracaj.

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But suffering catfish, do you call this a Murdock Book for Kiddies with no stranglings, with no decapitations ?

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