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Sabrina Salerno´s bouncing action birthday

Today one of my all time favorite cult sirens, Sabrina Salerno celebrates her 49th birthday so it is once again time for the annual re - post of her.

This year I really thought I could skip this and just mention her birthday and then put up a link but after going over her old posts the last few days I realized there are some things I wanted to add or change and as usual when an idea gets stuck in my head I can´t work on anything else. At first I was just preparing all the material but after I had done that I thought I could go on and just do it so I can be done with it. So this post is basically the same as last year´s post although with a few changes and since I have posted the same videos two years in a row I initially didn´t want to put any Sabrina Salerno music videos in this post but after going through my bookmarks I realized there were a few I want to put on the blog. And since I don´t want to spread them out over the next few posts I decided to put them here. But don´t worry you will still get a complete new video addendum out of this. And if you still want to see more Sabrina Salerno videos just go to YouTube or check out last year´s Sabrina Salerno birthday post . And with that out of the way let´s get to our main topic : Today´s celebrity birthday babe, italian sexbomb extraordinaire Sabrina Salerno.

Sabrina was mostly known for two things ..... well, actually three things : the twins ( obviously ! ), lots of wardrobe malfunctions of the tiniest outfits that were riding up or wet t - shirts and see - through bikinis.

Last but not least she was famous for her scorching live performances .

Which were much better than most videos because of the bouncing action she invented long before japanese games designers had the idea.

What can I say, it was the 80s and I was a young lad in the prime of his hormonal virility and I was easily distracted ( or sexually aroused ).  

For those who didn´t live the 80s I should probably explain that at that time there were a lot of ultrahot sexbombs who tried - and most were mildly successful - to enter the charts through their physical attributes.

Music videos were something new and at first it was just doing any kind of video for Mtv, which at that time showed music videos instead of cartoons, animes or reality shows. The visual aspect was very important especially when somebody realized that it greatly benefited the video and therefore sales ( back then videos that were played on tv equaled record sales ) if the singer was hot or there were some scantily clad playmates.

The most successful member of this club was either sexbomb Sabrina Salerno or page 3 girl Samantha Fox depending on where you lived.

If you lived in the United Kingdom, Samantha naturally had more fans because of her nude pictures in THE SUN and various men´s magazines.

And if you lived in one of the countries that did not show the uncensored version of Sabrina Salerno´s video for her worldwide smash hit BOYS BOYS BOYS on tv like Germany Samantha Fox was the bigger star there.

If you lived in Italy, which was Sabrina Salerno´s home country she was of course the big star there since she won her first beauty contest with 15.

She was also pretty big in most countries that showed the uncensored version of BOYS BOYS BOYS like in Spain although I never saw it there.

Sabrina owes most of her career to that video and the tiny bikini top that couldn´t contain her massive ..... talents. It was quite simple : since the song had been released before without much success until the production company realized that they should make a video with such a sexbomb.

They decided to put Sabrina into a pool where she was singing and getting

all wet wearing a very transparent white bikini. As the shooting went on it became obvious her voluptuous breasts were waaay too heavy for her

top. It kept sliding down lower and lower and showing part of her nipples

which already were very clearly visible through the thin white fabric so she had to pull it up numerous times before they completely fell out .

Sabrina managed to do that in a way that got you a good look at her milkshakes and the director was smart enough to leave it in the video

( he even included it in slow motion ) and the rest is as they say history.

They couldn´t completely ignore Sabrina in Germany because even though television only showed her cut video she somehow managed to become number 1, which I think had something to do with her hot pictures that appeared in youth magazines like BRAVO or even men´s magazines.

So they had to invite her to FORMEL EINS which was the music tv for german teenagers. The show was a total train wreck, they always cut the videos because the producer of the show was in Bavaria and they are very catholic and prudish down there. When Sabrina was there as a guest they didn´t play her video and told her she had to do a live performance. Which was obviously more than they bargained for because Sabrina began to shake rattle and roll her boobs up and down like there´s no Tomorrow.

Of course they were appalled but they could not do anything against it. The camera man tried to prevent the worst by doing a lot of close ups and just filming Sabrina´s head but as you can see it didn´t help that much.

Speaking about Sabrina Salerno on german tv : in 1988 she appeared on Die Spielbude in Mallorca and I had the luck of taping it but my mother caught me and when she commented how big Sabrina´s breasts are I was so embarrassed that I deleted it. Now there were other live performances of Sabrina on german tv but not nearly as many as on spanish tv, and not many of them which I caught and was able to record. So this was one of her few rare appearances on german tv and because I was too young and stupid I erased it. Now of course there is the internet and YouTube where you can watch videos with Sabrina in all her glory - unless it gets deleted.

On the british tv show TOP OF THE POPS something similar to what happened on Formel Eins occured : they wouldn´t play her music video because it was way to sexual - well, too bad for them because her sexy live performance was even hotter which in the end won over millions of fans and shot a whole generation of british boys into puberty prematurely.

But she really got famous through her New Year´s performance on spanish tv in 1988 where she sang her song HOT GIRL and her breasts got out of control and popped out of her top. In Germany they would have censored it but the spanish tv immediately put it on a loop and kept showing it in slow motion during her live performance. It is her best known clip ever.

In Germany Sabrina is always labeled a one hit wonder although she had over a dozen Top Twenty hits worldwide like BOYS ( SUMMERTIME LOVE ) , SEXY GIRL , HOT GIRL , ALL OF ME ,  ( version 2 / extended mix ), LIKE A YOYO , MY CHICO or YEAH YEAH ( version 2 ). In Italy, Spain, France and other countries she´s a big superstar, pop icon and sex symbol since she managed to turn her initial claim to fame into a career that lasted a few decades. Besides her music career she appeared in movies and tv.

Now there is not much about Samantha Fox in this post either and one reason for that is that the post is still too long even after I cut the part about Brigitte Nielsen ( which you can still find in the original post ).

I might have gone a bit overboard with all the videos and animated Gifs I added to this post but what is life if you can´t indulge yourself a bit now and then. The other reason there is not much about Samantha Fox in this post is that I think Sam never realized her potential like Sabrina did.

I always had the impression that she could do more but didn´t want to do it. I remember that some years ago, well, more than a few years because this is about a video cassette, I found a video of Samantha Fox which was kind of a MAKING OF one of her calendars. I expected to see some skin, not like hardcore but at least as much as you could see in the pics for the calendar but the video was more like something out of Sesame Street and every time there was some exposed skin Sam was frantically obsessed with covering up again as quickly as possible. Now maybe she was tired of always showing her body and being objectified but then she should have either not do the calendar in the first place or not try to sell a video that is tamer than an episode of the Muppet Babies. Just my 5 cents worth.

Although now that Samantha has come out as a supposed lesbian I might finally do a solo post on her. I am not sure if I really believe that she is a lesbian and not just bi - sexual but it would explain why Samantha never found the right man and why she picked over endowed studs that could come six or seven times in one night as boyfriends. She obviously had problems reaching an orgasm with a guy and in the end she wore them out. But like I said, that might be the topic of a Samantha Fox post.

The post was not really comic related but at least I got a better picture of Milo Manara´s cover for the italian version of PENTHOUSE magazine.

And I still hadn´t any luck finding art from Manara´s Sabrina comic.

One final thought about the music industry, not that much has changed and there still are some hot singers out there who could easily cause the sales figures of any men´s magazine to skyrocket with their physique.

That´s all, many happy returns Sabrina and thanks for the mammaries.  Our first Sabrina video is a 1988 interview with a very young Johnathan Ross.

Here we have her performance of Boys, Boys, Boys on TVE A Tope that shows everything her live appearances were famous for : her mini skirt is constantly riding up and her boobs are bouncing up and down like crazy.

Speaking of Sabrina´s patented bouncing action there´s plenty of that in her appearance on german tv show Die Schaubude. I had a video of this performance that was the right frame ratio but here the quality is better even if the lower parts of Sabrina´s breasticals are cut off in some shots.

Last but not least I don´t know if this is from an actual concert or just a mix of various live gigs and who cares ? It´s more than one hour of Sabrina Salerno shaking what her Mama gave her in full HD, that´s all that matters.

We start our extra short and sweet addendum with german Busenwunder Camilla Renschke who turns 37 and is of course best known for trying on different bras that can hardly contain her huge puppies in Schlaraffenland and getting naked in Die Rosenzüchterin and Tatort - Tod eines Mädchens.

In Schlaraffenland a bunch of teenies want to get locked in a shopping mall to party when everyone is gone. Camilla plays Mary, who is the Power Girl of the group of juvenile delinquents meaning she has to distract the guards with her huge underage pornstar boobies so the boys can steal his keys. There is one pervert security guard that the boys know always goes to the two way mirrors of the changing booths to peep at the women.

So Camilla distracts him by trying to cram her huge melons into various bras while he masturbates. Mother Nature really meant it well when she was giving out boobies. Camilla must have come back for a second and a third helping. I don´t know if the bra really fits but it wouldn´t surprise me if she picked one that´s a bit too small as she needs to get the security guard hard. Camilla´s german bustsize is 85D and I don´t know how much that is in inches but those are some huge puppies, girl.

Man, I´d love to strip search this little munchkin for a few hours. And don´t worry, she plays a teenager but she was already 19 when she did the movie. So you don´t have to feel guilty for getting a rockhard erection.

No stranger to getting that kind of reaction is Eva Longoria best known as one of the Desperate Housewives who celebrates her 42nd birthday.

Daimn, I still have not watched the final two seasons of Desperate Housewives but Eva doesn´t look her age. Must be the latin genes.

Also turning 42 is Black Eyed Peas frontman and since Today is all about hot pop sexbombs I have to mention that the group only hit the big times when they added rumpshaking frontwoman Fergie to the mix. also played John Wraith in X - Men Origins : Wolverine which was not as distracting as I feared. Speaking about Wolverine so far I have managed to avoid anything concerning the Logan movie and I hope that if it is really based on the Old Man Logan mini series they change as much as they can because that was one of the worst stories I have read in my entire life. Nothing in that story makes any sense, like the farm where Logan lives. What exactly does Logan grow on that farm ? Dust ? Anyway, back to I wanted to add a video from The Voice UK since he´s one of the judges but a video with Fergie in a bikini trumps anything.

It can´t be a coincidence that bikini model Shannon Sky has the same initial like Sabrina Salerno and the same birthday although she is only 44 years old. I haven´t gotten around to do my Avengers movie casting post yet but I had always envisioned the 34E - 24 - 33 bombshell as a shoo - in for the Valkyrie. She was so hot that Thor showed her his real hammer.

Speaking of bikini babes, among the many things Fabio - who celebrates his 58th birthday - has appeared in besides Death Becomes Her, Dude Where´s My Car ?, Zoolander and Striperella is Acapulco H.E.A.T. and the cover for that super secret government enforcement team - at least for the females - is that they are bikini models. Writing tv can be so easy.

Making movies on the other hand is much more difficult so I want to pay homage to Renny Harlin - who also turns 58 - who I have to thank for many entertaining hours in front of the big and small screen with movies like Deep Blue Sea, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Cliffhanger, The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane and A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 : The Dream Master.

The last one was one of the better Nightmare On Elm Street sequels and you can find reviews of the movie at iBLOGALOT and KRUEGERNATION .

Usually I don´t like to include two similar videos in one post but I couldn´t pass up this horror double feature as David Cronenberg celebrates his 74th birthday. His resume reads like a list of my favorite movies with entries like The Dead Zone, The Fly or Dead Ringers and one of his movies is on a lot of lists about movies where the general populace is blissfully unaware that they are actually based on comic books : A History Of Violence.

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