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Bargain books ( and some links )

This was supposed to be just a quick post but as usual it took me far longer. I just wanted to do a post about the new bargain priced books I have added to my amazon store.

I really should be doing something else like finally starting on the english version of the next HORST story. But it took me extremely long to find out the regular prices for the items. In some cases I couldn´t find any. Now I´m always feeling a bit guilty when doing this amazon posts but in Today´s economy you have to save whenever you can. Not only with comics. And if you can get the new CAPTAIN AMERICA - MAN WITH NO FACE hardcover for 8.40 bucks I think it is my obligation to inform my readers. If they take that offer is up to them.

There are a few items to which I wanted to add a few things but I didn´t write about all the new items. Just check out my amazon store and I hope you can find something for your collection.


One of the best series at Marvel right now is INCREDIBLE HERCULES. As one of the few books still at 2.99 the art has been a bit lacking during the trial of Zeus storyline but has improved in the latest issues. Anyway it´s worth it for the story alone. There are too many books out there who takes themselves way too serious so it´s a breath of fresh air to read a book that´s entertaining, action packed and funny at the same time.

If you haven´t checked this book out here´s your chance to get the first trade - in which the whole story began - for a measly 7.90 EURO instead of 14.99. It´s written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Gary Frank and collects issues 106 - 111. And to top it all off the second trade AGAINST THE WORLD collecting issues 112 - 115 and the " Hulk Vs. Hercules : When Titans Collide " is priced at 5.90 EUROS instead of 14.99. It has beautiful covers by Arthur Adams and the Ares / Wonder Man team up is one of the funniest ever. But you shouldn´t think too long about it as there are only three copies left.

edit : the AGAINST THE WORLD trade for 5.90 has sold out

INFERNO hardcover

Now this is one of my favorite storylines of all the X - Men books. When I added this item to my amazon store I wondered why this is regularly priced at 75 US Dollars. But through some research I found out that it has about 300 pages more than the trade edition I have. Apart from the issues in the trade it also has X - FACTOR 33 - 35, X - FACTOR annual 4 and X - TERMINATORS 1 - 4. If you don´t have it in your collection you can get it now for 31.40 EUROS.

edit : the INFERNO hardcover for 31.40 has sold out


There is not much to add to what I wrote in my big MADMAN post :

In MADMANS ATOMIC COMICS the whole issue of finding out who we are, where we are coming from and where we are going to becomes the center of the story. But MADMAN is not only one giant headtrip into the frontiers of human existence, a rollercoaster ride to unknown metphysical and religious heights. It´s also an adventure full of weird science, rocket ships, space aliens, superhero teams like the Atomics, birth, death and rebirth ( and cloning ). It has action, drama, romance, adventure, phylosophy and spirituality. It´s full of crazy ideas, wonderful concepts and a pure love for life and the comic medium which you can see on every page.

The trade is usually priced at 19.99 I think but you can get it now for 8.40 EUROS at amazon. It´s already in my amazon store and there are, it´s also already gone. I hope you got your copy.


This five issue mini series by Dan Slott and Ty Templeton is one of the best Spidey stories I have read. It takes a look at the rivalry turned friendship between Spider - Man and the Human Torch through the ages. Not only does it manage to evoke the flair and art style of the different areas the issues take place it also manages to include such craziness like the Spidermobile and the Twinky ads. And it has a great story to boot. So if you want to have a great Spidey book from back before all this BRAND NEW DAY madness started you should check this out.

The regular price for the hardcover is 17.99 $ and it has 128 pages. There is a digest size versiona vailable for 7.99 $ but with the hardcover available for 8.90 EURO at amazon you should spend the extra buck.

edit : this bargain priced book has already sold out


There is not much anyone can say about this that hasn´t already been said. Barry Windsor Smith´s mini series that first appeared in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS is one of the quintessential Marvel classics and should be in every comic collection - not only X - Men fans or Wolverine fans. Normally selling for 16.99 it´s now available for 7.40 EUROS.

edit : the bargain priced version has also sold out

Also in the bargain book section :

ANITA BLAKE GUILTY PLEASURES 1 trade 11.20 EURO instead of 14.99 ( hardcover at amazon 13.99 ).
ANITA BLAKE GUILTY PLEASURES 2 trade 9.90 EURO instead of 15.99.
ANITA BLAKE FIRST DEATH trade 10.99 EURO instead of 14.99.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13 1 trade 9.40 EURO instead of 15.99 ( 5 copies left ).
CLOAK AND DAGGER : CHILD OF DARKNESS, CHILD OF LIGHT HC 11.90 EUROS instead of 19.99 ( 5 copies left ).
MIGHTY AVENGERS SECRET INVASION 1 HC 13.99 EURO instead of 19.99 ( 3 copies left ).
MIGHTY AVENGERS SECRET INVASION 2 HC 14.99 EURO instead of 19.99 ( 1 copy left ).

edit : a few items have already sold out :

NEAL ADAMS MONSTER trade ( 68 pages ) 6.90 EUROS

As I said, you can get them from my amazon store. And don´t wait too long since they can go rather quickly. You can also find more bargain books right here in the bargain section of

the link section

As usual a few assorted links of interest :

Robot 6´s comic book college takes a look at Jack Kirby´s work

APE has a spotlight on Jeff Smith. In related news Jeff Smith announced new Bone projects ( this news is a bit older ).

Today´s links are a bit like SESAME STREET. Today´s letter is J. J is for Jack Kirby. J is for Jeff Smith. J is for Jim Steranko. Comic master and graphic visionaire Jim Steranko did a Q & A at the Big Apple Comic Con

J is also for Joe Quesada who also had a Q & A at the Big Apple Comic Con

As is Jim Lee´s Q & A at the Big Apple Comic Con

So I guess this was the reason they were not at the Marvel panel at the Big Apple Comic Con ( only kidding ) which in turn became a conversation between fans and Carlos Pacheco and Mike Choi

The Baltimore Comic Con had a spotlight on Stan Sakai

AVENGERS - THE INITIATIVE headwriter Christos Gage speaks about what happens beyond issue 28

MIGHTY AVENGERS writer Dan Slott talks about his plans beyond issue 29

Geoff Johns PRIME is back and talks about his writing on various books like FLASH REBIRTH, SUPERMAN SECRET ORIGIN and BLACKEST NIGHT

In related news there is a road to blackest night, the daily news on blackest night ( with some spoilers ), an article about blackest night titans ( spoilers ) and a spotlight on Geoff Johns

In the sales charts DC´s BLACKEST NIGHT is picking up speed, some titles are even going up around 1,000 copies from the previous issue like Green Lantern 46, and the second issues of two titles ( Blackest Night Batman and Blackest Night: Superman ) actually selling more copies than the first issues, a very rare occurrence.

With Marvel it seems that the price increase to 3.99 is starting to take it´s toll as the Ultimate 2s ( Avengers and Spider - Man ) dropped a around 25,000 copies each from the first issues. Another title recently converted to 3.99, Hulk, is also down substantially, with issue 15 down about 18,700 copies from the previous issue. I think this has something to do with the decline in the quality of the stories and Ed McGuiness departure as regular artist. Read the full coverage of the September sales charts

It´s been a while since I posted links for new episodes for ComicGeekSpeak because I´m soo far behind it´s not even funny anymore but they have two new ones that might be interesting. Dan Jurgens is currently writing and drawing the immensly popular and successful ( at least I hope it is ) BOOSTER GOLD series and Sal Buscema is providing inks for SPIDER - GIRL which has recently moved in to the new WEB OF SPIDER - MAN anthology title. Both are longtime comic veterans and have interesting stories to tell.

  • a conversation with Sal Buscema

  • a conversation with Dan Jurgens

  • To finish this post here´s the first clip of the Dr. Strange movie. The TV series pilot movie ( 1978 ) originally aired on CBS, and starred Peter Hooten as Dr. Stephen Strange, Sir John Mills as Lindmer " The Ancient One ", co - starring Jessica Walter as Morgan Le Fey. It seems they changed Dr. Strange from a snobby bastard to the medical version of Ghandi in this one. I think you can watch the whole thing on YouTube. IF you want.

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