Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Under construction and some links

The last few days I have been busy with stocking my new amazon shop.

So far I have added some items but I wanted to make sure I included all the stuff I recommended in my posts which meant that I had to go over all posts I ever did. Then I had to add amazon links, preview links, review links or pictures in some cases.

A few of the reviews I did were really short but since I probably won´t do another review on the subject they will have to do. There also were some links lacking in cases where I did extensive reviews because I thought I had already added them. In any case since I had to go over all the posts anyway I also added CIVIL WAR banners to all the posts as well as the links for my new readers. The only thing that´s now missing on some posts are the funny quotes I like to include. But one day I´m going to do that.

The next step for my store is to include some excerpts from my reviews and include a link that leads you directly to my review of the item. Because I don´t feel comfortable with other people´s reviews. Not that I have anything against it. But if I recommend something I feel I have the obligation to present my reasoning for that. That´s just how it is.I have added partial reviews to the first two items before noticing that in the LOVE AND CAPES collection the review was shown I had written. So I have just written another review for the HULK - RED AND GREEN collection which will take 48 hours to be accepted or not. If this works I will add reviews to all store items that have none.

So I will try a few things in the next days and I will make an announcement when it´s ready. I just hope my readers aren´t already sick of it.


Just a quick note about the hardcover edition I ordered. I ordered the book on Saturday and it arrived here on Monday. It´s really the hardcover that includes the stories by Arthur Adams, Frank Cho and Herb Trimpe. It also includes all the covers, the LITTLE HULK comics by Chris Giarrusco and a few sketch pages by Arthur Adams.

It´s printed on nice,glossy paper and the only defect I could find were two pages ( one with the LITTLE HULK feature and another one that was a sketch page ) that were slightly wobbly. But I don´t think anybody who hasn´t worked at a printer would notice. I just hope you have already ordered it because the hardcovers for 8 bucks have sold out and now you have to pay 13.86 for it.

the unavoidable link section

Because I haven´t posted as much as I´d like in the last few days there´s another big pile of links. So let´s start with a few ones right now.


Over at ComicbookResources there´s an interview with Brian Michael Bendis who talks about the upcoming issues of DARK AVENGERS. If you haven´t read the book till issue 9 there are some spoilers included so you better avoid this. If you are Marvel´s bitch - like me - you will read it. And judging from this preview picture of issue 10 so will Mike Sterling.

I swear I´m such a hypocrite. In my posts I´m all : " Boycott Marvel ! Don´t buy their overpriced 3.99 books. Vote with your wallet ! " And when I´m at the comic shop and it´s time to get my monthly comic diet I buy them all. CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN, MARVELS PROJECT and ULTIMATE AVENGERS. And DARK AVENGERS. First I tell you that I only will buy the first six issues and then...maybe....I´ll follow the book in trades.

But the second Mike Deodato is back I forget about all that and buy the damn thing. I´m such a wuss ! Anyway, here´s the link :

  • bendis talks dark avengers

  • And here are two more :

  • bendis interview

  • bendis on new avengers

  • On a related note Ben Morse over at THE COOL KID´S TABLE remembers the SECRET DEFENDERS about which he writes that it wasn´t very successful. The thing really took off when Brian Michael Bendis substituted the changing roster with a steady one consisting of such fan favorites like Spider - Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage and Iron Fist and rechristened the team as the NEW AVENGERS. I´ve said it for years and now you can read it all here. If NEW AVENGERS is not the illegitimate lovechild of SECRET DEFENDERS I don´t know what is :

  • secret defenders ( and justice league task force too )

  • One of the industries all time greatest and a personal favorite of mine - George Perez - held a panel at the Baltimore Comic Con.

    If you couldn´t attend ( like me ) you can read all about it here :

  • george perez panel at baltimore comic con

  • And speaking about convention Mark Waid was at the Long Beach Comic Con where he answered 56 questions in 50 minutes. That´s not bad.

  • mark waid 56 questions

  • And for people who don´t like to read here´s a video interview with NEW UNIVERSE inventor Jim Shooter courtesy of ComicBook Resources :

  • jim shooter video

  • Now talking about creators you may have all heard about Alan Moore´s comments regarding BLACKEST NIGHT and the lack of innovations in today´s comic books. I haven´t read the whole thing but as far as I can ascertain I think he´s not as much bashing BLACKEST NIGHT as he´s just disappointed that the comic revolution everybody expected after WATCHMEN never came.

    Now personylla I have long gotten over it and in my eyes SQUADRON SUPREME was far more groundbreaking since it worked in an already existing universe instead of a seperat little bubble like WATCHMEN that had no repercussions on other books. A lot of people are of a different opinion and that´s their prerogative. By the way...did this issue ever ship ?

    The only reason I´m mentioning all of this is that in an article about it there was a link about Robert Mayer´s 1977 novel SUPERFOLKS which seems to include a lot of ideas that were later picked up on by Alan Moore and other comic book writers. Talk about originality.

  • robert mayer´s superfolks

  • Originality or not is also the topic at Todd´s Blog where he just released the 5th part of his stury of the different Legion logos. Since I have added GET A LIFE BOY´S LEGION OF SUPER HEROES BLOG I wanted to add something Legion related.

  • legion logo study - part 5

  • We couldn´t finish this post without the popular countdown link so here is the list of Top Five superheroes rendred ridiculous by gritty reboots. It´s two pages long and really funny although I have to cry " Foul ! " on Wonder Dog. He kicked ass on Titans !

  • 5 superheroes rendered ridiculous by gritty reboots

  • So that´s all for today.

    New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN :

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  • The time for science is over. Now it is time for......vodoo !!!

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