Friday, October 09, 2009

new feature : my amazon store

You may have noticed that I have added a new feature to my blog : my amazon store. Yes, you can get your comic fix now right on this website.

Originally I thought it would be enough to put up some amazon links for the comics I cover in my reviews. After all I started including those links long before hooking up with amazon. And I thought " If I´m putting them on the blog anyway this is practically the same. Only now I could get a few bucks for some extra reading material. It´s not like DC and Marvel are burying me in review copies. " I still don´t know where people get their review copies and I even sent e - mails to DC and Marvel. Well, as it is I still have to pay for every comic I write about myself which is the reason why I don´t feel the need to sugarcoat things.

I have also from time to time put up a notice about special bargain prices at for my german readers. Comics are pretty expensive here in Germany and you have to take every chance to get cheap comics. But apparently that´s not enough for certain people so to be able to continue with the HORST translations I have now opened my own amazon store. So far I have just made one list called SUBZERO´s recommendations which only include comics I can personally recommend - in a few cases I have already covered them in my blog - and which I have in my own comic collection.

A lot of them are the hardcover version since they are especially cheap compared with the usual store price. Above all when you come to the upper price class of Absolute or Omnubus editions. But even apart from those you can get hardcovers for small money at

Like the one I wanted to feature in this post : HULK - RED AND GREEN Premiere Hardcover.

Normally priced at 19.99 amazon sells this 120 page collection for 8.40 EUROs. When you want to order the trade you have to pay 11.99 EUROs so you better get the hardcover version.

As usual here comes my spoiler warning that there are some spoilers included in the following. If you want to be surprised just skip the rest and jump to the order link at the bottom or use the link for ma amazon store. The hardcover collection is on the first page together with Dylan Dog 50 which was the recommendation from my last post. As I keep adding books to the store I will keep the newest recommendations on the first page.

When the issues were published I didn´t get to do a post about them even if I was just dying to post the pages by Arthur Adams and Frank Cho. But finally my prayers have been answered and I have gotten a second chance. By the way, is it just me or is Frank Cho one of the few artists who can make She Hulk´s non - dress look good ?

The collection contains the issues 7 - 9 from the new HULK series as well as King Size HULK 1. Which makes sense because not only are the artists the same but the stories in Hulk 7 to 9 follow up on the ones in Kig size Hulk. I don´t know if the two stories from King size Hulk that are not connected to the issues 7 - 9 are included since I only oredered it Today but as long as the other stories are included who cares ? Any way you slice it you get slam bang action with She Hulk and the Lady Liberators / the New Avengers courtesy of two of the best artists at Marvel. If I had to sum it up with three words I would say : Frank Cho ! Arthur Adams ! Wendigo !

Okay, that are more than three words but you get the meaning. It´s Frank Cho drawing She Hulk, Thundra and Valkyrie. As well as a whole bunch of other hot Marvel babes as they go up against the red Hulk in HELL HATH NO FURY in the aftermath of the King size Hulk story WAIT UNTIL DARK. Frank really knows how to draw the female figure ( as well as everything else - let´s face it ) and this is is another fine example.

And Arthur Adams gives us WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS as Hulk battles the New Avengers battling Wendigo. Or make that Wendigos. A whole lot of Wendigos !

Of course no Hulk Vegas story would be complete without an appearance by Mr. Fixit one of the more popular Hulk personas. Now some people have accused Jeph Loeb of adding too many characters to his stories. On the other side if I can get Moon Knight, the Sentry, Ms. Marvel and even Brother Vodoo ( one of my favorite cameo characters even before he became the new Sorcerer Supreme ) in one book I´m not complaining.

It´s the kind of brawling action the Hulk title has been missing for a long time on top of featuring Thundra and Valkyrie, two Marvel characters who hadn´t been much in the spotlight before this.

I would even dare to say that this story was the reason that Marvel did the whole She Hulk / Thundra thing in SAVAGE SHE HULK. Maybe someone at Marvel remembered that there is still a lot of untapped potential with Thundra.

To quote myself :

If Greg Pak´s psycho trip PLANET HULK was good for anything ( besides WORLD WAR HULK ) then it´s got to be the new Hulk series by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness. This slambang nonstop action movie shows what the Hulk has always been about : less talk, more smashing. I already said that Marvel needs a Hulk that lays the smack down and is the meanest mother on hte block - in fact I did when I saw the first preview image for the new series.

And so far the series didn´t disappoint. The mystery of the real identity of el toro rojo ( I think it sounds waaay cooler than Rulk ) is still not solved as Doc Samson was obviously a red herring. If you ask me it´s Glenn Talbot. I mean someone with military training who uses guns, knows all the secondary characters and hates Hulk as well as Banner ? That all fits Glenn Talbot.

Additionally Marvel has sweetened the deal by having Arthur Adams and Frank Cho drawing the book now. The only problem with that is : what took them so long ? For years I´ve been writing that they should just get top notch artists on their books....even if they can´t do a full issue. They can put more than one artist on an issue because as long as they´re good nobody will complain. Back in the day Marvel did it all the time and had two or more stories running in one book. Maybe the anthology is making a comeback.

Now while I´m not so sure about Glenn Talbot being el toro rojo it´s just great to have Arthur Adams and Frank Cho on this book. Both of them should do more interior work even if they can´t do a monthly title. I mean Marvel has given Arthur Adams an exclusive contract but so far no book has come out. What´s up with that ? He single handedly sold TOM STRONG´S TERRIFIC STORIES with his six page JONNI FUTURE stories. Give the man something to do.

As for el toro rojo my money´s on Thunderbolt Ross now that the LMDs are being used again in the Marvel universe. Which means that just because you saw Thunderbolt Ross somewhere it doesn´t mean it´s got to be the real one. The whole mystery of the red Hulk has become kind of weird and a lot of people are beginning to look back with a tear in their eye to when you didn´t care who the red Hulk was.

Back to the stories in HULK - RED AND GREEN it´s not really highbrow entertainment but fastpaced action entertainment when the new HULK title was still good. And when the guest artists on the book were real heavy hitters. I mean there may be people who are fans of Ian Churchill or Whilce Portaccio who are drawing the next chapters. But for me the only thing keeping me on the title was Ed McGuiness. And I´m not even sure about that since the last two issues were really bad.

So if you want a good Hulk story as well as some nice art I can really recommend this collection especially at this price. And who knows maybe Marvel really tried to get the female audience with these issues since they not only included a lot of female characters but also a winged horse. And we all know that if you want to get female readers you got to have a horse in the book.

So in the words of the immortal philosopher : Hulk - Red and Green. I allow it ! You can use the direct link here or go to my amazon store if you want to look for other cool comics. As usual you shouldn´t wait too long since there are only 4 copies left.

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    Ratzfatz said...

    Hmmm... Also wenn man keine komplexen Plots o.ä. erwartet ist Hulk schon gut zu lesen, aber besonders von den Lady Liberators Ausgaben war ich dann doch etwas enttäuscht.
    Erstens gefiel mir nicht, dass die Frauen hier wirklich, wirklich schwach dargestellt wurden, zweitens waren in beiden Stories (also auch die, die in Vegas spielt) viel zu viele Gast-Helden unterwegs. Man konnte kaum eine Seite umblättern ohne dass wieder ein Neuer dazukommt. Da gabs eigentlich (bis auf die Durchgehende Hau-Drauf Action) keine Handlung mehr sondern nur noch eine Ansammlung an Figuren.

    Das Artwork war (und ist) aber wirklich fantastisch und auch einer der wenigen Gründe warum ich so lange dran geblieben bin.

    SUBZERO said...

    Da muss ich dir beipflichten. Der Band liefert wirklich mehr eye candy als eine tiefgehende Story. In den ersten sechs Heften war ja eine ziemlich actionlastige Story aber ich hab das Gefühl ab Heft sieben nimmt sich Jeph Loeb nicht genügend Zeit für die Geschichten.

    Ein paar Hefte mehr für Charakterszenen hätten der Story sicher gut getan. Gerade die DEFENDERS / OFFENDERS Geschichte fand ich superkurz.

    Als jemand der stark nach Zeichnern geht hat auch mich Ed McGuiness bisher bei der Serie gehalten. Aber Nummer 600 und 13 waren so richtig übel. Mein Bruder liest die Serie ja auch deshalb hab ich HULK erstmal aus dem Abo gekickt und ich verfolge das so weiter. Ian Churchill und While Portaccio ( der ja demnächst HULK zeichnet ) ist sowieso mehr dem sein Ding.

    SUBZERO said...

    Sorry, but no spam. I´m gonna leave the first part of your comment though :

    Anonymous said... is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.

    Anonymous said...

    is a little problematic be the cousin of a muscle color changing gamma mindless mountain know as Hulk, well just thinking about it, is to dangerous because she don't have the same strength of her cousin.