Monday, October 19, 2009

working for a living

Yes, I have joined the ranks of the working class heroes - at least for a little while. And right now I feel like Aquaman......before he was reanimated as a Black Lantern.

On Friday I got a call from one of the work agencies I had sent my applications to that they were looking for somebody. Since it´s a temp agency it´s only for eight weeks but that beats doing nothing. The woman from the agency wanted me to meet with her today but I was so anxious to work that I went on Friday.

Otherwise I would have been thinking about it the whole weekend and probably might have passed. Well, maybe I should have. Because if I WOULD have gone there today she would have accompanied me to my new workplace, I wouldn´t have gone off the train one station too early thus arriving too late and make a bad impression. Talk a bout a sucky start.

To top that all off I already got the first warning from my new boss and my body is hurting all over. Especially my shoulder and my back. Maybe I´m really too old for this kind of work. What was I thinking ? I don´t know if I can go to work tomorrow. And I mean that quite literally. The way my body is hurting right now I don´t know if I can even move tomorrow or get out of bed.

But who knows ? I may already be fired. Anyway, I´ll ( hopefully ) know more about the whole deal tomorrow IF I can get to work and IF I still have a job. So it´s just a quick post today. Maybe I will have more time tomorrow to write about comics. I´m trying to sleep a bit and hope I can still move tomorrow.

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  • John knows that when you´re in the military, death is part of the job. Guy and Kyle know when you´re in the Green Lantern Corps, death is the only retirement.

    And we all know when you´re part of the caped community, death opens your front door...

    ...and walks right in.

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