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Solicitations Part 2

Yesterday I didn´t get to finish my comments about the solicitations so today I´m going to continue right were I left off.

Superman Confidential 9

Another series that´s not on my pull list. But I´m reading this one. At first I was reluctant to buy another Superman related series but since it´s drawn by Tim Sale I bought the first issues in Essen last year and so far it´s really good. At the moment I don´t plan to read after the storyarc done by Sale but if this cover is any indication of what comes next maybe I should stick around a little further.

I mean I really dig all those Kirbycreations and the whole Fourth World concept. And any comic with Darkseid is okay in my book. Of course it all depends on the art being the same as on this cover. We´ll have to wait and see.

Teen Titans 54

This book has now been on the chop block twice. I only had it on my pull list till issue 50 comes out because of the George Perez art in that issue. Right now it seems that the storyline will get more exciting and it´s about time. I guess I´m still waiting to find out who will be the new regular artist. I mean, can it really be so difficult to draw one of DC´s best books ? The cover looks nice so maybe this is the new creative team - that will hopefully stay around a little longer.

Man, I hate to sound so negative but it just annoys me to no end if every three issues a new, spectacular creative team is announced. I suffered through Rob Liefeld for heaven´s sake. Rob Liefeld !!! Isn´t it about time I got a little Teen Titans Love from DC ?

Hmm, that sounds like the title for a real good comic. Teen Titans Love. Have to make a mental note of it.

Avengers classified 7

Nothing to add since my last comments on the title. The covers by Arthur Adams are astounding but right now I don´t have the necessary budget for a reprint book of old Avenger stories. And I´m not that big a fan of Michael Avon Oeming to buy it for his back up stories. The reason why I´m mentioning it at all is a certain female that´s featured on the cover. Here let me show you which part of the cover I´m refering to :

Yes, I´m talking about the lovely enchantress who has now officially qualified to participate in one of the next rounds ( no pun intended ) of comicbabe battle. Now, am I the only one who whishes that Arthur Adams would do more comics and not only the occasional cover ? When I think about it always reminds me that we missed our opportunity to read a honest Johnny Future porn comic because of Alan Moore´s weird ideas. Who wants to buy that ? Let´s leave the erotic and pornographic content to the stories involving little girls. That makes more sense. Thank you, Alan Moore !

Avengers the Initiative 8

The Initiative was another book that I didn´t put on my pull list but that I´m actually reading. Since I am a little money conscious at the moment and I was a little suspect of all the books that were announced as CIVIL WAR spin offs I thoought I could do without it. And like with NEW WARRIORS the book was better than I expeceted. Due to all the online previews I really got a hankering for some Initiative and hoped I would get some issues as a birthday present. No such luck. I had to get them myself.

And UNLIKE New Warriors I was able to find the first issues. The art looks better than in the CIVIL WAR : YOUNG AVENGERS / RUNAWAYS miniseries which has a great deal to do with the coloring that´s not as mangaesque and poppy. I really dig that Marevl is finally using their b - and c - list characters more which is also the reason why I chose this cover. Because it shows for the first time ( on the cover I mean ) one of the big surprises of Avengers the Initiative : Slapstick !

That´s right. I´m one of the readers who have all four issues of Marvel´s funniest superhero. Hey, I was young, it was drawn by James Fry and I had money to burn. We all have some corpses hidden in the closet that is our comic collection. It´s just so mindblowing that Dan Slott is using a character as obnoxious as Slapstick that the only two words that come to mind are : totally Airwolf ! Now Dan Slott´s Thing may have been canceled before it really got good, his GREAT LAKE AVENGERS never reached their real potential and his She Hulk was a total disaster. But so far Dan Slott is bringing his a - game to this book and making all the right moves.

Captain Marvel 2

There have been some negative comments about Marvel bringing back Mar - Vell but so far no issue has come out so I will wait with any comments till I have had the chance to actually read the book. From the beautiful Ed McGuiness cover it looks like Ms. Marvel will make a guest appearance which could be interesting. So far her own book hasn´t been exactly mindblowing.

And speaking of Ed McGuiness I don´t know but I seem to recall that Marvel announced last year that he would do one of the next seasons of Ultimates together with Jeph Loeb. And that he would start at the same time as Joe Madureiras on his season.

I wonder if that´s still true since Marvel announced last month that Ed McGuiness would be the artist on a new monthly Hulk title / the regular Hulk title. Does that mean that he already finished his Ultimates run but Marvel decide not to print it and start with the Ultimates run of Madureiras ? Or did Marvel tell him to stop drawing Ultimates because they wanted to cash in the Hulk´s momentary popularity thanks to WORLD WAR HULK ? I don´t know but if he really starts drawing a new Hulk title it means nothing good for the future of Ultimates. Maybe they don´t WANT the book to come out on a regular basis.

Marvel Adventures Avengers 19

Tom Grummet should not do covers. No, what I mean is Tom Grummet should not be doing ONLY covers. He too good to not work on a regular title. Come one, he could do Teen Titans. At least we could get an artist who can do more than three issues in a row.

He had a terrific run on THUNDERBOLTS ( even if the inks were almost nonexistent ) and he has already done some issues of the new Teen Titans series. In fact he has done some of the best issues of the new series.

Penance 4

Okay, maybe it´s just me but the first thing that went through my mind was : Latex convention in Latveria ! I´m not sure if that´s really what´s happening in the comic but it looks like Penance is seeking some guidance of Marvel´s number one sadomaso freak with a metal mask. Maybe he comes for the personal ad " European Monarch and the world´s most brilliant inventor sells iron maiden to make room for new inventions to KILL REED RICHARDS !!!! " in the Daily Bugle. I guess that would make a perfect sleeping furniture now that Speeball´s on this new " No Pain No Powers " trip.

Punisher 53

No, I´m still not reading the Ennisher but I just thought that´s a really clever cover. Real simple but it still tells you everything you need to know.

Ultimates Season 3 issue 1

They really did it. Marvel solicitated the first issue of Joe Madureiras run on ultimates. I guess that means he finished his run before Ed McGuiness and they have all issues in the can. Because that´s what Marvel announced if I remember it right. Both art teams would start at the same time and whoever finishes his run first is the one who gets published first. Right ?

Anyway, like I wrote in another message board : I´m not going crazy simply because they finally announced it. I´ll wait till I have actually bought and read the first issue. Then I´ll be happy. And then I´ll wait how long it takes till the next two issues are coming out. Maybe then I´ll start doing a little victory dance. But so far Mr. Madureiras track record is no indication of celebration. And maybe he will finish Battle Chasers one day.

Wildstorm Fine Arts Jim Lee

Okay, I might not be the greates comic expert ( and maybe I am ) but is it really such a good idea to remind readers how good GEN 13 used to be ? I know that I wouldn´t show my audience just how much the title has deteriorated over the years. That after totally loosing sight of what made the book successful every new incarnation had worse writing and worse art. No, I would do my best to make my readers forget how good GEN 13 was in the beginning so that they would never realize how much the actual series sucks. But hey, maybe I´m wrong.

Presents 2 ( ??? )

Okay, I have no idea if that´s the actual name of the comic, what´s it all about or who even publishes the damn thing. I just know one thing : those covers really creep me out. Yes. Really creep me out. I´m a huge fan of horror comics, horror books, horror movies and just everything horror related. But those are just some of the creepiest covers I´ve ever seen. And I´ve seen a lot.

Really. Creep. Me. Out. Brrrrrr.

And with Marc Silvestri´s slick cover to X - Factor 26 ( and the hope to see more interior art from him in the future ) we are finally at the end of todays look on the new solicitations. It´s a little late but that was never what this blog is all about and I hope you found my comments a little entertaining. At least some of them. And I hope I didn´t bitch too much. Because despite all the negative things I say from time to time there are tons of good books out there. If I finally get around to read them like MIGHTY AVENGERS, SUPERMAN or NEW WARRIORS. Guess I have to wait for the trade to read the last one. Okay, enough of my ramblings I hope you have a nice weekend, lots of good comics to read and we´ll see each other next time when hopefully comicbabe battle continues.

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