Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Yes, that´s right. It finally happened. Like the title says at last I´m sick and tired. But not of comics or all the player haters going on senseless flamewars without end. I really am sick : last week after we got our new window I got the flu and I have been battling it ever since.

During the days I´m mostly coughing and sneezing and my brain feels like jelly. And at night I can´t sleep so I mostly do it when I finally collapse during daytime making me tired almost constantly. I couldn´t post the last few days....well, I think the last week, right ? Anyway, because we got a new window my brother had to remove all the stuff that was in the way including the desk with the computer. So I had no internet access for a few days.

And right after that we both got the flu. So my brother was too sick to put the computer desk back up and even afterwards I was too weak to post. It´s really hard to concentrate and deliver that rapier sharp wit and intelectual stimulating innuendo you have come to expect from yours truly. There´s just a big hole where my brain used to be.

So what I really want to say is that for the moment there will be no new posts about the solicitations or comicbabe battle. I hope I´m feeling better soon and to all my fellow brothers in pain who are also sick right now : hang in there. To make you feel a little better here´s a pic of the lovely Jessica Rabbit as a nurse.

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