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Again it´s time for our look on the new solicitations with comments and random thoughts by yours truly. It seems like more and more I´m writing about the solicitations and less about other stuff.

That´s of course not true. The only reason it may look that way is that I have not posted very much in the last few weeks. Our internet access is less and less reliable and my last posts about the new solicitaions were two weeks late because of illness and the need to delete all files from the computer. But nevertheless it´s my goal to post more frequently and establish a few monthly recurring " series ". One of them being the solicitations.

My " opus moderandi " in this section will be to pick the few striking cover images that pique my fancy and comment on them. It may be a cool cover, a strange cover or something that just yells at me. Or I have some general comments on the series. In general that are the series I´m not reading and mostly I will also comment on why I´m not reading this series. In a few instances it will be from a series that I´m reading but normally I will keep that for the actual reviews of it.

And of course there will be some pics without comment that I will place on top of the post or at the end. Normally that are covers that are fantastic ( like the Adam Hughes cover for Catwoman in this post ) but I don´t have anything clever or entertaining to add. So without further delay let´s see what´s up this month :

Showcase presents - Superman family 2

What´s wrong with this picture ? Nothing. Come on where´s the story ? I´m no expert on Silver Age Superman stories but I always thought that was everyone´s general reaction to Jimmy. I mean he´s always bugging Clark or Perry White getting on everyones nerves and when he´s not disguised as an arabian prince to score with Lucy Lane or time travelling to become a Nazi doubleagent he´s busy desecrating the remains of dead vikings. I can´t imagine he would get any other reception than the one depicted in this image.

And for my taste " Mr. Action " sounds like the name of a porn actor. Is that a name he gave himself or did the women give him the name ?

" Mr. Action " as in " what you won´t be getting any of ".

I always thought that Jimmy got the dangerous assingments because Perry hoped that he would kick the bucket on those suicide missions. So....no Jimmy, they haven´t forgotten who you are. They are just pissed at you and trying to ignore you. Go away. Everyone hates you.

Batman - The killing joke 20th anniversary deluxe edition hardcover

One of Alan Moore´s better stories. Thank god DC didn´t go for a " special brand new " cover like for other anniversary editions since you just can top Brinad Bolland´s masterpiece. Although DC hadn´t the balls to declare the origin story of the Joker in this comic the official origin when it came out many writers and artists have referenced it since then and based their stories on it. So in a way it has found his way into the Batman canon and is the unofficial official origin.

Another reason why this comic should be in any comic collectors collection ( besides being one hell of a story with unbelievable art by Brian Bolland who almost does no interior work anymore ) is that it´s the origin story of the Birds of Prey leader Oracle a.k.a. Barbara Gordon ( and former Batgirl - well up until this story ).

Justice League International hardcover

Now while I think that this is the best league ever I´m not sure if it´s really necessary to reprint this. It´s not as if there are no trades available in comicshops. Unlike the KILLING JOKE reprint this one doesn´t even include any new material.

What DC should be reprinting however is THE SECRET GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MAXWELL LORD which collects the issues after this trade. THE SECRET GOSPEL is indeed out of print, you can´t find it in comicshops....in fact it may just well be a myth. I myself have never seen a copy or know any person who has ever seen one. Maybe it´s just an urban legend.

So if they had included that in the hardcover I might have been tempted to take a look but without it...no way, Jose.

Time Masters Tp

With Rip Hunter featured prominently in 52 and the new Booster Gold series ( after appearances on JSA and Superman ) it seems that the time is ripe for the reprint of this miniseries. I don´t know anything about the comics itself since I have seen a few issues in comicshops now and then but I never was so curious that I actually picked up an issue. Being a fan of science fiction and time - travelling - stories ( indeed SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES is one big time - travel - story ) I´m going to give the book a chance.

Jonah Hex 27

Another issue done by TORPEDO and BETTY BY NIGHT artist Jordi Bernet. If I ever have the time to continue my report from the SALON DEL COMIC in Barcelona I can write about the nice sketches I got. Anyway it seems that I have not been paying enough attention because when I was at my emergency comicshop yesterday there was an issue of JONAH HEX from Jordi and I didn´t know. Apperently there has been a snafu at the solicitaions for PREVIEWS and the credits were messed up.

Which is extremely frustrating if you have to order via the internet ( since my regular comicshop does not have many comics outside for the customer´s pull lists ) and can´t look at the actual book. Since I have a very strict budget the book is not on my pull list but I try to get the issues done by Mr. Bernet.

And like always this is all we have time for today and we will get to the Marvel stuff and other publishers in part two.

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