Monday, October 15, 2007

Last post before ComicAction

It seems the more I do to post more frequently on my blog the less I manage to do just that. So much has happened in the past few weeks that prevented new posts that I just don´t know where to start.

We got new windows from the company we had problems with for almost one year and when they finally delivered they told me the wrong amount of money and sicced a lawyer on our ass imidiately. And since my mother has canceled our insurance we couldn´t even go to court.

Then of course I am still sick and like a guy who has trouble with his gal I have been sleeping on the couch for the most days. Because it´s much warmer than the bedroom or like I like to call it " the fridge ". Right now I´m feeling a lot better and have actually slept in my own bed a again for the last few days. But I´m still drinking a lot of hot tea with honey and I´m popping Eukalyptus drops like m & m´s.

Of course we also had to burn all files on CD Roms and delete them ( again ) to defragment the computer ( again ) so that it will work better.

Because of that I spent the little time I had on the computer saving my files for the blog, then defragmenting the computer and than putting them back again. And since I can´t find any of the files when I need them I have reordered them so I can find what I need. The first ones I did where all the photos with hot chicks like Lindsay Lohan or Lacey Chabert that I need for my clips. The next ones will be all the covers in alphabetical order.

Because that´s not enough and apparently my brother just can´t do it I had to organize a navigation system to get us to Essen for the ComicAction. We have to keep up with modern technology and my brother just won´t drive to Essen without it. You really could think it´s not our fifth time to make the trip. Anyway, after some research I got the number three navigation system ( the number one was not available at QUELLE and the number two was sold out ) and after one week we even managed to get it to work.

Speaking of Essen we still don´t know if we will have a place to sleep when we get there. Like the last time we are meeting the guys from SCHWARZER TURM there but unlike last time I don´t think it´s an all - expenses - paid invitation like last time. I already sent them an e - mail about when we will come but so far we haven´t gotten a reply. I guess they´re real busy at the moment right after the Frankfurter Buchmesse ( Frankfurt bookfair - the biggest in Germany ) and right before the ComicAction but I could sleep a little better if I knew what the deal was.

Okay, in the meantime I have received an e - mail and it seems like we will not get to the ComicAction this year. The rooms where we stayed last year are not available this time around. There is a new alocation possibility but it´s 22 EUROS per night and person instead of 8 EUROS and that´s just too much for our budget. Damn, that was supposed to be the highlight of my year. With all the &?&%%%&?# that´s been going on in my life this was the ONE thing that would ahve made it all worth. Them´s the breaks.

I know you don´t read this blog to learn about my miserable life as a comic afficionado but since the internet doesn´t work most of the time anymore ( like always right after a defragmentation ) I wanted to use the opportunity as long as I can post something.

That´s the end of this post. I have been working for three days on this but now I can finally wrap it up. Since I´m not going to the ComicAction this year ( at least that´s what it looks like at the moment ) maybe I can put up a new post in a few days....if the gods and the internet are willing.

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    Anonymous said...

    Glad to see you back and posting video links, however briefly! :)

    Jennifer Tilly won a Women's Regional Tournament in Vegas a while back. Her boyfriend is a pretty well-known professional poker player, so she picked up quite a few tips from him and has been a staple on the celebrity poker tournaments ever since.

    SUBZERO said...

    Yes, it´s nice to be back. I´m glad somebody is reading this at all.