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Since I´m feeling better - Solicitations

Today I´m feeling a little better so I thought to seize the moment and talk solicitations. Of course since I decided to write a new post blogger is extraslow today and I have just tried in vain to upload one picture for half an hour.

So I don´t know if I can finish this post today or if I have to split it up into various parts. Like in all the past occasions I try to stay away from the regular series I´m reading because I want to save all my commentary about them for the occasion that I have actually read them. Seeing my track record so far that may just be another form of self - delusion. There is such a huge pile of comics I have read and not posted about them that THIS right here may be my only chance to get rid of any comments. Nevertheless let´s just go on as if I was posting regularly about all the comics I´m reading.

Countdown Arena 1

Seeing all these interesting and cool new series spinning out of 52 and I the only one who thinks that he is reading the wrong series ? That he never should have put COUNTDOWN on his pull list but these comics ? Just how much money does DC think we have ?

Anyway, the premise of the miniseries sounds really interesting. In the vein of Mad Max beyond the thunderdome three men enter the ring and only one comes out again. The catch in this case is that the three " persons " in our case are three different versions of the same superhero plucked from parellel realities throughout the 52 different realities of our brandnew multiverse. The three most cunning, most deadly and just.....most badass versions of them. The winner of this mortal combats hwere everything counts does not only win his life but as a bonus he becomes a member of one of the Monitor´s army to take control of the multiverse. Now doesn´t that sound like a sweet deal ?

With Joe Kubert on the covers and Scott McDaniel on interiors you just can´t loose artwise but I´m unsure to put it on my list. Right now I have to get rid of series not add new ones so I´ll ask my brother first of he intends to buy it. If not this is one series that will be definitely collected into trade.

Search for Ray Palmer : Red Son

Speaking about COUNTDOWN spin - offs SEARCH FOR RAY PALMER is another one that I have to check out in the comicbook store. The realities the main characters visit seem interesting enough but the crux of the book will be if there´s any story behind it besides our heroes visiting different realities, meeting strange lifforms, beating them up and after realizing they are not where Ray Palmer went leaving for the next dimension.

Speaking about heroes another reason why I didn´t put the series on my pull list is the Red Hood. Since when did he go from " vigilante who´s worse than the punisher " to " misunderstood hero with good intentions but bad methods " ? One of the things I have always hated in comics is how they always try to turn psychopaths, serial killers and totally amoral retards into shining heroes and role models. It just never works. Besides totally ruining characters like Venom or Harley Quinn I never understood how anyone could ever see someone as evil as DEADPOOL - who kills people for money, let´s not forget that - as a sympathetic character. I mean he kills people for money. That right there should tell you evrything about him you need to know. I mean do I REALLY want to know if a rapist had a traumatic childhood ? Does that help the parents of his victims ? Everybody´s life sucks and we all had a hard time growing up. Some people take the challenge and turn into Batmen and other people just blame others and wallow in self pity and turn into Gambits.

What I wanted to say in short : I don´t care too much that writers always try to turn villains into heroes. And for me that includes the Red Hood.

Booster Gold 5

Yes, it´s all about the DC spin - offs today. Another book that I will have to check out is the new Booster Gold series. The last surviving member of the Gold and Blue team is now the star of his own ongoing series. The interesting part of his new series is that they turned the ultimate DC glory hound into the unknown saviour of the Dc universe. Because while he is indeed saving the DC universe on a regular basis ( or that´s the plan ) he can never tell anyone.

I haven´t had a chance to read an actual issue yet ( maybe I´ll get the chance if my brother ever makes up his mind if he wants to go to the ComicAction in Essen or not ) but you have to wonder why DC does so few comics that are funny. I mean I have never met a comicfan who didn´t enjoy a funny written comicbook.

So far the series was flying under my radar but since they touch upon the events of THE KILLING JOKE things could get interesting. Of course it´s too much if you expect that such an important character like Oracle gets wiped out of existence but should be entertaining to see the series spin on it.

Robin 169

Nothing new to add from my last comments. Robin is still a book with terrific covers and disappointing art on the interior. Maybe I can afford to read the series if I win the lottery.

Supergirl 24

Can we get back to good supergirl stories ? Man, I really hope the new creative team on this book have some kind of plan. Because the first season of this comic really sucked. Not that it was all bad. There was one issue that was almost good......they just ruined it totally in the next issue. And so far the issues I have seen of the new season looked like something out of a girlie magazine or a Vertigo book. Not a DC book.

SHOWCASE Aquaman 2

I know. Aquaman ? Why Aquaman ? It all depends on if there are any issues done by Jim Aparo and how many. Aquaman has never been the most popular superhero but come on.....Jim Aparo can make anyone shine. And as a big fan of his early work I try to get my hands on whatever old issues I can get. I mean, you can never get enough Jim Aparo comics.

SHOWCASE The brave and the bold 2

Same as the showcase above. DC just needs to reprint more of Jim Aparo´s work. Come on, the man literally drew every DC character there ever was.

And that´s all for today. Time has run out ( it just takes too darn long to upload the pictures ) so we will get to the second part of the solicitations tomorrow.

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