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Solicitations Part 2

Welcome to part two of our look at the new solicitations. In the first part we finished all the DC stuff so now we come to Marvel and other publishers.

But first a few comments about the cover above. I´m not sure if I should get some issues of BOMB QUEEN. The overall theme doesn´t look really new to me and I think my brother is reading the series. I´m not sure because so far he has bought a few issues on and off but only the girlfight issues since that´s more up his alley.

It does have a certain appeal ( hmm, I wonder what that might be ) but the question is if there´s more to it than cheesecake and a little eye candy. I´ll have to ask my brother someday if he´s following the book or not.

Okay, Marvel stuff. The big thing this month is of course :

Captain America 34

Yep, Cap´s got a brand new bag. Or to say it in John McClane´s words : Ho, ho, ho. Now I´ve got a gun.

What ? Don´t tell me you didn´t expect Marvel to put somebody else into the costume. They´ve done it before and they´re going to do it again. And the last time they did it they turned out a damn good story while they introduced a new character. Or rather turned an old one into the schizo we all love to hate : U.S.Agent. The dark side of the american dream.

So I´m slightly optimistic for this turn of events. I mean, so far Ed Brubakers run on Cap has been rock solid ( don´t worry youngsters. that´s just 80s slang meaning it´s totally cool ) and I don´t think he´s gonna slip now. One year ago everybody was up in armsd about the return of Bucky Barnes and now Winter Soldier is one of the most interesting characters of Cap history.

Which by the way would make him an ideal candidate for the new Cap. It seems the Punisher is off the list but maybe Marvel will go with a lesser known character like Paladin or maybe Hawkeye is sick of the Ronin outfit and is taking up Tony Stark´s offer. If only to infiltrate his organisation. Or they will pick someone completely new. Whatever the case might be I´m staying tuned.

Black Panther 34

Yes, the new Black Panther series was relaunched at the same time as Captain America as you can see by the numbering. The difference between the two books is that while Captain America has remained at almost the same level artwise ( I think Steve Epting has improved his already impressive skills over the course of the title ) in the pages of Black Panther the art has been in a state of heavy decline since the departure of John Romita Jr.

But that´s not the reason why I posted the picture. I´m just curious who the hot woman on the cover is ? Is it Storm or some other whitehaired bombshell ? If it´s Storm I have to say that this new " Cleopatra Jones look " is hopefully here to stay.

Hulk 1

Okay, they´ve really done it. Hot on the wave of the success of PLANET HULK and WORLD WAR HULK Marvel really started a new Hulk title starring an apparently red Hulk written by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness. Which means that either they have finished their run on ULTIMATES but Marvel decided to publish the run by Joe Madureiras first because it´s also finished.....or that Marvel told them to stop doing ULTIMATES and has now put them on this title instead.

Which would mean that Joe Madureiras has probably NOT finished his run and after the first issue comes out it will take three months till issue two is published. And four to five months to issue three. And two more months can be added for each additional issue till we´re up to one year and a half which is the average time you have to wait on an issue of Ultimates so far.

So the question is : do we really need another Hulk title by Ed McGuiness instead of more issues of Ultimates ?

And the answer is : Hell, yeah ! That man was born to draw Hulk and verily that´s what he shall do. So speaketh Subzero the girded one.

Maybe we won´t get the Ultimates drawn by the Edman but a book where the Hulk mops the floor with the Marvel universe ( at least that´s what would happen in my book......aside from guest - starring the participants from comicbabe battle ) isn´t bad either. So we lose on one side and win on the other side. We get a book from Ed McGuiness but it´s not the Ultimates. Rather it´s the ultimate book for Ed McGuiness. And it probably comes out on a more regular basis than Ultimates too.

Marvel Adventures Spider - Man 35

No particular reason for posting this image besides the fact that I think it´s really funny. Don´t look now Spidey but I think Eddie´s pissed. So much for the idea to forget your troubles by webslinging through Manhatten´s skyline.

Comics really need more covers like this. Covers that tell a story in itself instead of flashy pin ups that have nothing to do with the interior. But that´s a different topic and one that I already wrote about in my post

  • DO judge a book by it´s cover

  • Up till now I haven´t had the budget to pick up issues of the Marvel Adventures line but maybe it´s about time. This story about Venom wanting to become Spidey´s sidekick sounds rather interesting. And i just have to read the issue of Marvel Adventures Avengers were the Avengers get M.O.D.O.K.fied.

    New Avenger annual 2

    Nice cover by Jim Cheung but shouldn´t he be doing something else like DRAWING NEW ISSUES OF YOUNG AVENGERS ????

    Man, is this title ever going to be continued ? I´m waiting Marvel.

    PvP 40

    Another fine homage to famous comic covers by Scott Kutz. So far the only real issue of PvP I own is the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY issue ( a concept that will not be practiced in Germany for my remaining lifespan ) but I swear I will get me some soon as I figure out in which chronological order the trades have to be read - and bought.

    And since we´re in the indie section now there is only one book left I want to comment on. In WIZARD magazine they used to have the MORT OF THE MONTH. Which meant a spotlight on a villain that was so lame that he ought to be dead. Or that everyone thought long dead because he was so lame but it wasn´t. The only reason why I´m bringing this up is that now we have the same thing in comicbook form.

    Youngblood 1

    See what I mean ? Just when I thought I was out they dragged me back in. And just as you thought it was safe to go to the comic shop again. I mean are there really comic readers out there who yearn for new adventures of Youngblood ? I must say I never read an issue of Youngblood and I kept my mental sanity during the image boom of the 90s. Coincidence ? I think not. But to each their own. It´s just.....Youngblood ! Of all the titles that were published at image.....why Youngblood ? Oh the humanity.

    And on that note we end today´s post. Just don´t go jumping off a cliff because of Youngblood. Don´t forget we also get the Edman´s Hulkster.

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