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It is Comic Titans Tuesday with Mike Zeck !

I know you probably expected another MASTER OF KUNG FU MONDAY on Mike Zeck´s 67th birthday but I wanted to bring a bit of diversity to the blog so I decided to post a selection of all the books Mike has worked on.

Now I could have gone totally weird & strange on my readers and put all of the lesser known series here but longtime readers already know my fatal knack for perfection so I also wanted to include his signature series. So in this post you will find all the series Mike Zeck is known for as well as some you might never heard of. But that´s also the fun in making these posts : there are always some new series to add to my Mike Zeck wanted list.

Now you might have noticed that I posted the exact same post Yesterday which is because I was so tired that I did get the date of Mike Zeck´s birthday wrong which is of course Today and not Yesterday. I really need a break when I finish this. Anyway, since I posted this Yesterday and Today and I am not going to do a default post for Yesterday I´ll do the birthdays for Yesterday and Today in this post but first there are a few links I want to mention. There are always a few links you keep for certain posts but since I´m not sure when I will get to do them - if ever - here are a few more Mike Zeck related links : ONE STOP GEEK SHOP has pages from Mike Zeck´s Captain America issues 286 to 288 with Deathlock, MARVEL COMICS OF THE 1980s has the evolution of the cover to Captain America 286 from pencils to the finished art, AVENGERS CHRONOLOGY has the reading order for the Avengers from 1983 to 1984 which leads to Secret Wars and you can read more about Adventures of Superman Annual 5 on SCANS DAILY .

Coming to Yesterday´s birthdays we first had actress Rose McGowan who turned 43. She is best known from the Planet Terror / Death Proof double feature and playing half sister and half witch half white lighter Paige Mathews on Charmed where she came in for Shannen Doherty. 

I wrote about Charmed in my Alyssa Milano tribute which I had to split into two ( the main post and the bonus round with her best episodes on Charmed ) because I might have gone a bit overboard with the GIFs. 

Michael Keaton celebrated his 65th birthday and after the last two Batman train wrecks with Christian Bale and Ben Affleck taking on the mantle of Gotham´s Dark Knight in the forseeable future his rendition of Batman looks better and better. At least they got the bat emblem right. It seems I´m not the only one who looks back on Tim Burton´s Batman movies with fondness as MOVIEFAN CENTRAL has an Ode to Michael Keaton as Batman and COMICS ALLIANCE offers part 2 of a review of the first Batman movie.

Usually I don´t write a lot about sports or soccer but I still want to give a shout out to Paul Breitner who also turned 65. I don´t know the names of many players I know except those that were in the german national team when I was in school and have since then became legends of football like Franz Beckenbauer, Berti Vogts, Sepp Maier or Karl - Heinz Rummenigge.

Speaking about legends, cult siren Raquel Welch had her 76th anniversary and so far I haven´t gotten around to put her post on this blog. Maybe I can find the time next year if I can collect a few more high quality GIFs.

It´s back to german culture with Dieter Hallervorden who turned 80. He was one of the pioneers of german television with Nonstop Nonsens and Die Didi Show. I thought I had already posted a video from his famous show but as that is not the case I will have to postpone a video of the great late Freddy Mercury who also was born on this day. After many years Nonstop Nonsens and Die Didi Show have finally been released on DVD and Blue Ray so you can get it for your slipper cinema like they say in Germany. There are two episodes on YouTube and as people from my generation know very often the best part of Nonstop Nonsens was the short sketch at the end. Originally I wanted to post the most famous of those sketches but since the embedding was disabled on that one here is the second most famous sketch about the trials and tribulations of the poor cow Elsa.

Which brings us to Today´s celebrities and Justin Whalin´s 42nd birthday. He was the second Jimmy Olsen on Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman which came without any explanation. Although to tell the truth I was paying more attention to Teri Hatcher and her incredibly long legs.

Speaking of MILFs, ultimate latin MILF ( in this case the m stands for mexican ) Rosie Perez turns 52 whose boobs get bigger each year.

But I´m not the only one who is fascinated by Rosie´s rapidly rising rotund rack as they were even immortalized in a song by Kanye West much to the chagrin of Rosie : " I'm a woman of a certain age, if you're gonna mention me in a song, have a little respect. He mentions my breasts. When you walk down the street and you have 15 - year - old boys ... they're like, ' Yo, Rosie, D's D's, Rosie Perez,' it's no good." I´m not sure what being a woman of a " certain age " has to do with it, because strangers singing about the size of your breasts would have you uncomfortable at any age.

Someone who surely has some thoughts along that line is Craig Ferguson who makes her come again and again ... as a guest on his show I mean. Originally I wanted to post a video from The Tonight Show where she appeared with an r - rated cleavage but I haven´t found it yet on YouTube.

We´re staying with hot cult sirens with Betsy Russell who celebrates her 53rd birthday and who is best known for getting her freak on - and her clothes off - in such classic screwball comedies like Private School, Tomboy or Cheerleader Camp. She also starred in the Angel sequel Avenging Angel, appeared in an episode of the Superboy tv series and had a short but memorable erotic scene in 1992´s Delta Heat with Anthony Edwards.

Speaking about hot sexbombs and the 90s, PLAYBOY´s Playmate of the Month in January 1990 turns 55. The Miss Nude World 1981 appeared not only in a lot of PLAYBOY videos thanks to her stunning 36E - 23 - 35 measurements, she also played a stripper in Beverly Hills Cop II, Maggie in Lady Avenger, Keela in Phoenix the Warrior and was in the obligatory episode of Baywatch. Since I don´t have such a big picture archive as I used to I had to go looking for pictures of her which took some time. 

There are too many playmate birthdays in the year to put them all on the blog so I concentrate on the few I´m familiar with from the time when the PLAYBOY was a big part of my regular reading material and Peggy McIntaggert really stood out because of her incredible Power Girl figure.

Now obviously I can´t post any of her PLAYBOY videos - even if I managed to find them on YouTube - but she also was in an episode of Family Feud where playmates from the 80s compete against playmates of the 90s. There is another episode with playmates but I don´t think Peggy is in it.

We´re coming back to Germany one final time with comedian / song writer / singer Willy Astor who also celebrates his 55th birthday although he´s not nearly as good looking as Peggy McIntaggart. I used to have at least a half dozen videos of him bookmarked but since the embedding on them all had been disabled I had to let go of all of them and even if I would not need the remaining two videos for something else I don´t have the time to watch his videos long enough to make a good choice. I am already 24 hours beyond the usual deadline and even I have to sleep some time.

Michael Winslow turns 58 who is best known for his antics in the Police Academy movie series where he appeared alongside real live Power Girl Leslie Easterbrook who had her best scene in Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol where her torpedoes emerged from a pool in a wet t - shirt .

I already posted a Michael Winslow video in one of the many posts about Janet Jones Gretzky and Leslie Easterbrook - both posts used to be in one post together with Becky Mullen but I had to put it in three separate post because I upgraded it with a lot of animated GIFs. I also had to give cult siren Monique Sluyter and the Tutti Frutti sexbombs their own post.

And it´s back to comics with MAD artist and GROO creator Sergio Aragones who celebrates his 78th birthday. He is a big part of my comic reading history, first through the MAD look at features and his border drawings and later through his various mini series like Fanboy, Sergio Aragones Destroy DC, Sergio Aragones Massacres Marvel ( although the DC comic was much funnier because the writing in the Marvel book was too much like the actual comics ) Louder Than Words, Actions Speak or Funnies. And yes, I have read some Groo but I don´t own more than three issues tops.

I always prefer videos where you can see artists at work so here is another episode of Stan Lee´s The Comic Book Greats with Sergio Aragones.

In the Dearly Departed section of Today we have blond bombshell Carol Wayne who was best known for her appearances as the buxom Matinee Lady on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. With the mega inflated body of a living blow up sex doll predestined for the adult industry ( her exact body measures are not known but it is assumed that they were around 39DD - 24 - 35 ) she did a nude PLAYBOY pictorial in February 1984.

With a curvaceous body that must have been the envy of most porn stars of that time she had many fans who followed her guest appearances on such television shows like I Spy, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. , The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. , The Fall Guy or Love American Style where she played a very distracting buxom secretary. She also had roles in the movies Gunn, The Party and her last one Heartbreakers in which she had a nude scene. Carol appeared in many sketches on The Red Skelton Show but she gained her greatest fame for her 100 plus appearances as the Matinee Lady between 1971 and 1984. In our clip she wears a knotted shirt that almost can´t contain her giant gazongas . She would´ve made one hell of a Power Girl !

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