Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Mark of Kane : Oh, the horror of it all !

Since I already wrote the Kiana Tom re - post ahead of time I have a bit of leeway which I´m using to continue a series I let languish for too long.

That´s right. Here´s another batch of comic covers by the great late Gil Kane and this time it´s all about the horror titles. A lot of these are from Marvel´s GIANT - SIZE books for which Gil did dozens of covers, in fact he did so many that there will be at least one more post about them. Right now I´m not sure if I should put some of them into another post since I usually only put around 25 in one post or just do one big giant - sized post with the remaining few. That would be fitting wouldn´t it ? Anyway, here are some of Marvel´s biggest horror / monster title covers by the master.

Since we have two posts Today we can cover more celebrity birthdays and I have put the comic related ones in this post. We start with Stephen R Bissette´s 62nd anniversary and he is best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore and John Totleben on DC´s re - imagined Swamp Thing.

I picked part 2 of Amy Dallen´s Swamp Thing Halloween Special because part 1 is all about Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson´s classic version of the muck monster. But for those readers who still want to watch it in order and start with the first part to get the full experience here is the link .

One of the biggest comedians of our time, Billy Cristal turns 69 and I DO actually have a video with him since he starred in The Three Little Pigs episode from Faerie Tale Theater alongside Jeff Goldblum as Buck Wolf and the sexbomb from the first two Superman movies Valerie Perrine as Tina.

Our cartoon video comes courtesy of Herman van Veen who turns 72. The dutch stage performer, actor, musician, singer, songwriter and author who was born as Hermannus Jantinus van Veen created Alfred Jadocus Kwak and the original one man theater show was adapted as a dutch / german / japanese cartoon which was broadcast internationally and in addition to create the show´s story Herman van Veen also wrote, composed and performed most of the show´s music. And there is a comic adaption.

I looked for some episodes that were dubbed in english but since I could not find any complete ones here is episode one from the show in german.

Music legend Quincy Jones celebrates his 83rd birthday and I tried to go over the complete list of his songs but after being halfway through my mind just switched off. I also don´t have the energy to go through all my bookmarked videos from YouTube a third time but luckily Quincy also was the producer of mega successful 80s hit show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Of course a big part of that show´s success and continued appeal around the world ( there are probably only a few people on the face of the planet who can´t recite the lyrics to the title song in their sleep ) is Tatyana Ali who grew from a cute little girl into an incredible sexbomb over the course of that series and who got to show her musical skills.

Much to the chagrin of the show´s producers she really bOObed all out in later movie appearances like The Clown at Midnight or Fall Into Darkness .

Originally I wanted to post a music video with Tatyana Ali but since that was deleted - and I have too many videos with Will Smith to choose just one - here is hot MILF Janet Hubert dancing her ass off as Aunt Vivian. She was later replaced by the less sexually threatening Daphne Reid.

Our last birthday shoutout goes to Michael Caine who turns 84. The list of movies he has appeared in is much too long to list but since he is mostly known for his role of Alfred Pennyworth from Christopher Nolan´s Batman trilogy ( the other two roles are Ebenezer Scrooge in the Muppet´s A Christmas Carol and Arthur Tressler in the Now You See Me movies ) I picked a Batman movie although it is not about one of the movies Michael Caine was in. An ultimate cut of Batman vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice has been released so you might be interested if it makes any difference.

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I don´t think a little kid should be punished for something he learned from a parrot.


Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Kane was THE best and Hubert every time!!!!!!

SUBZERO said...

Yes, I got all this great Gil Kane stuff lined up and then I never continued posting it. There is so much great stuff out there I have still not read ..... I got the first of his RING OF THE NIBELUNGEN adaptions but I can´t find the others.