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Wet t - shirt cult siren Leslie Easterbrook

Today Leslie Easterbrook celebrates her 69th birthday so like last year it´s time to re - post her part from my post about bikini hardbody Janet Jones Gretzky and the POLICE ACADEMY movies for which Leslie is best known especially her sexy appearance in POLICE ACADEMY 4 - CITIZENS ON PATROL where she emerged from a swimming pool with a wet t - shirt .

Aside from this part the original Janet Jones Gretzky post also included sexbomb Becky Mullen who also got her own posts ( which newer readers might want to check out ) like 80s cult siren Monique Sluyter and the Tutti Frutti girls. We will get to them later in the post but they also have their own post which I re - posted in 2016 in a new and better version so if you want to read more about them there will be another link for their posts further below. Longtime readers may remember Monique Sluyter since she was a candidate in my Justice League of America casting series - I cast her as Fire a.k.a. Beatriz da Costa in the Andy Sidaris Special - and before getting her solo post she was also regularly mentioned in the annual re - posts of italian mega soccer MILF Simona Ventura . I wanted to do a new version of her post since there was some new stuff that I wanted to add so I´ll have to see if I can get around to do it before her next birthday.

Aside from Leslie Easterbrook you may recognize Janet Jones Gretzky from the POLICE ACADEMY movies and she is one of the many the unsung heroines that transform many otherwise unwatchable b - movies into bearable entertainment. So the post was my chance to give them props.

And it was also a possibility for me to talk about the POLICE ACADEMY movie franchise and a whole lot of other stuff that came to mind. Janet is of course best known for appearing in POLICE ACADEMY 5 - ASSIGNMENT MIAMI BEACH in a stunning white swimsuit presenting her best assets and she´s one of the reasons people still watch the movie. Or at least wait for the parts with her in them to be over before zapping to something else.

Nowadays nobody really watches the complete movies anymore because thanks to a seemingly neverending number of sequels Hollywood has managed to completely ruin the franchise. Not only with the movies but also with POLICE ACADEMY - THE ANIMATED SERIES of which I saw an episode or two and which thankfully has been wiped from my memory.

And I also can´t talk about POLICE ACADEMY without mentioning the comic series by MARVEL that either only lasted for six issues or was a six issue miniseries to begin with. Since it was a big movie franchise comic ( well, obviously according to somebody´s standard ) it was also published in Germany but as usual the covers were buried under a lot of lettering.

I never read an issue and probably have an higher IQ because of that.

Coming back to the movie series of POLICE ACADEMY I remember seeing the first one in the movie theater and coming out pretty overwhelmed because at that time it was really a novel concept. And I still think the first part holds up pretty well. Not that it´s the big cinematographic gem.

But it´s funny and entertaining if you haven´t seen the gags repeated in the other sequels. It sure launched a few careers since it brought Steve Guttenberg a big career boost and gave Bubba Smith and Michael Winslow their big break. Although I have to confess I´m not sure what Michael Winslow is doing right now. I know he did some really bad german movies starring Thomas Gottschalk, written by Thomas Gottschalk ( who else would cast Thomas Gottschalk in a movie who didn´t owe him a favor ? ) but also better stuff like SPACEBALLS and ROBOT CHICKEN. Now Steve Guttenberg was pretty big in the 1980s and 1990s but to the current generation he´s probably best known for playing corrupt town mayor Woody Goodman on VERONICA MARS with the lovely Kristen Bell in the lead role of plucky successor to Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars. I guess I just appeared on all search engines because I mentioned Kristen Bell. Speaking about VERONICA MARS, Charisma Carpenter also has a part on the show who is best known for playing Cordelia on BUFFY and later on ANGEL.

Besides VERONICA MARS Charisma Carpenter was also in episode 11 of season 5 of BURN NOTICE where she showed that she still has the goods.

In Germany only the first three seasons of Burn Notice have come out on DVD and right now I´m halfway through season 2. I´m not sure if I should wait any longer to see if they will do the rest someday or just get them through imports. Now that I´m invested I want to know how it plays out and there is even a spin off with Bruce Campbell´s character Sam. In any case Charisma´s funbags alone are worth the price of admission . Daimn!

Which brings us to Enrico Colantoni, who plays ex - sheriff / ex - private eye / new sheriff Keith Mars and he also was on an episode of BONES which is the new series of David Boreananz who plays FBI agent Seely Booth and who also played Angel first on BUFFY and then on ANGEL. He also had a pretty big role on PERSON OF INTEREST. And let´s not forget Kim Catrall - who later on had more SEX AND THE CITY - also appeared in the first POLICE ACADEMY movie. Like I said, it was a pretty good movie but with each sequel the quality has gotten worse and worse and the only good parts were the ones with hot sexbombs like Leslie Easterbrook who plays megabusty police officer Debbi " Double D " Callahan and who is one of the few reasons why anybody can suffer through these pieces.

But it seems not only the audience enjoyed Leslie Easterbrook´s gigantic gazongas. Apparently everybody who was even slightly involved with capturing her terrific breasts for posterity had a happy experience.

As Leslie recalls : " The thing I remember most from shooting the pool scene was there was just the oddest assortment of extras there. I could see the lust in the eyes of quite a few of them and they were getting big bulges in their pants once my t - shirt became wet. I overheard that some of them had paid money just for a chance to grab my tits and they really tried to get their money´s worth. That´s why in some of the copies of the film you can hear me say " Shit ! " which was my actual response once I saw all the guys diving in. To shoot the scene I had to stand on a box so I could not really turn and run very fast and the guys were tripping over each other to get me. Every time I did the scene I got more tired and those horny guys seemed to get faster and faster. We had to do dozens of takes because the director was never satisfied for some reason and with each time the extras got closer and some of them even tried to rip my shirt off. One pervert finally managed to get his hands under my shirt and grab my breasts and it took them a while to pry him loose. When we shot the last take a large crowd had gathered as it seemed everybody who was on set that day had phoned all his friends to watch me in a wet t - shirt. Even all the male cast members came out just to see if the scene was real, if I really would do it - but most of them came to see my tits. "

Leslie Easterbrook´s secondbest clip is in POLICE ACADEMY 5 when she´s on the plane and two boys stare at her cleavage thinking her fast asleep. If you pay attention you see how she first yells at them. But then when they try to check her out again you can see her flashing a proud grin and pushing her boobs up a bit so they can get a good eyeful of her melons.

Which shows what a sense of humor Callahan has and that despite everything she´s still proud of her quite distracting big breasts .

She probably got that from Leslie Easterbrook, the voluptuous actress who portrays Callahan and appears in most of the POLICE ACADEMY movies, who seems like the kind of actress I’d love to have lunch ( and sex ) with.

She knows exactly what kind of movies she’s in, and plays the part with a vicious commitment unseen in most comedies of this ilk. She’s perfectly o.k. with being objectified and in interviews seems amused and tickled at some of the things she’s had to do. Pragmatic, flirty, professional and practical, Leslie Easterbrook is one of the stars of the POLICE ACADEMY series and may well be one of the women who most influenced my fixation on strong confident women with big breasts that kick ass like Power Girl.

In the old comics artist Wally Wood kept making Power Girl´s breasts bigger and bigger to see how far he could take it. Or at least that is the urban legend. Speaking of Wally Wood´s version of Power Girl, if you want to see for yourself if there´s any truth to the claim that he supersized Power Girl´s boob you can find the original art for the 17 page story from All - Star Comics 65 at the private collection of James Halperin and you can see them at an even bigger resolution at HERITAGE AUCTIONS . Well, in regards to Power Girl´s gigantic breast size ( let´s not loose track of what is really important here ) fact is that the artists after Wally Wood drew her with normal proportions .... or what is considered normal for superheroines.

Until Bart Sears took over the character, buffed her up and returned her signature breast size - at least until the whole NEW 52 fiasko / retcon.

When I started to read american comics the DC universe was brand new thanks to the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS fallout and I grabbed all the series I didn´t know which included the two fisted combo of JUSTICE LEAGUE by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire and JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE also by Giffen and Matteis, art by Bart Sears and inks by Pablo Marcos whom I knew from his work on DEFENDERS. I don´t know if it was fate but the very first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE I got was issue 4 in which Power Girl, Flash and Animal Man share a hotel room as they go to Bialya on an undercover mission. I re - read the issue a few times and I always wondered if these more human - and more horny in the case of Flash - heroes didn´t spend the waiting time in a more adult way.

What can I say ? I was doing my military service in Munich at that time which meant I had a lot of free time on my hands, a room for myself, a vivid imagination and there were practically no women around save those I saw on tv or in comics. So naturally the idea of Animal Man using some kind of pheromones for a threeway with Power Girl piqued my interest.

I mean it must have been around the same time when I read Bart Sear´s version of Power Girl in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE and when I saw Monique Sluyter´s Marilyn Monroe impersonation on TUTTI FRUTTI .

I have already done it in my post about ITALIAN SOCCER MOM SIMONA VENTURA but for the benefit of new readers who might have missed this I should probably explain what TUTTI FRUTTI was. There was a show called COLPO GROSSO from Italy with some dancers dressed as certain fruits who would dance to a special song and when the last refrain said " chin chin " they popped their tops and the candidates had to bet ( before they opened their tops ) if they had stickers of fruits on their breasts or not.

If they had fruits - or rather stickers with fruits - on them the candidates would win points and if they had a certain amount they could get the women who presented the european nations to strip. Who could get the most women the most naked was the winner and the points they would score were called country points or " Länderpunkte ", a word that has become a household expression in Germany. It´s not unusual to hear german tv viewers say : " Well, we´re not going to see any Länderpunkte in this movie. " Anyway, the show was done to promote the Ecu, the new currency for a United Europe ( no, that really didn´t work out that well ) but the important part was getting to see girls strip. Although the men always couldn´t remember which girl represented which country and so often the hottest girls never got their turn. This one was my favorite.

So far I´ve been unable to find out her real name - as she always appeared on the show under a different name representing a different country.

The show was adapted by various countries and it was called AY QUE CALOR in Spain and TUTTI FRUTTI in Germany. In Germany it was the show nobody watched ( or at least admitted watching ) but everybody saw.

When it was first shown in the 80s I was doing my military service in Munich and in my room there was cable tv - unlike at home. So every Sunday afternoon I took the ICE to Munich, bought some american comics at the station, went to the barracks, showered, shaved and watched TUTTI FRUTTI before going to sleep. And I always made sure to catch the beginning, I didn´t want to miss the big breasted hottie from the intro.

Boy, these girls were something else. I had some happy dreams back then.

For me Bart Sear´s version is still the definite version of Power Girl and now that DC is back - paddling with their Rebirth initiative and restoring many things I am of course curious to find out what that means for Power Girl. As far as I know she has not yet appeared in the all new DC universe continuity so there might be a return to her former glory in store for her.

Speaking about the best Power Girl of all times in Justice League Europe, last year I finally managed to do another post about Darick Robertson in which I mentioned the BREAKDOWNS storyline that introduced Power Girl´s famous coconut bra costume. And I just want to say that I still have not given up on a Yaya Han Power Girl coconut bra cosplay ( with the tiniest coconut shells you can find although compared to her huge 40D oppai all coconut shells probably look small no matter how big they are ) as she has already shown that she does a terrific Power Girl cosplay and she certainly has no problem filling out the magical cleavage window.

So far I had written five posts on Yaya - two of them are pretty safe but the other three are absolutely not safe for work - and I keep mentioning her on various JLA casting posts and any other posts involving asian sexbombs like Kiana Tom, Ava Cadell, Akira Lane, Miko Lee, Gail Kim or Minka and I swear the completely NSFW BIG YAYA HAN POST is still in the pipeline. In the meantime I have made two new posts about Yaya which showcases a part of her anatomy that I have ignored too often - her legs. 

One reason why Miko Lee kept popping up in the posts about Yaya Han is that I needed a body double for Yaya´s more explicit scenes I had in mind.

Which is not ideal since Yaya Han has a 40D bust and Miko Lee is nowhere near in that league. Thankfully it looks like hasian talk show host Jeannie Mai is auditioning for the part and while she also is a bit smaller than Yaya in the chest area she does have an impressive skill set. I am convinced.

This hot sexbomb is of vietnamese descend and even though she is " only " a 37C and not a 40D like Yaya Han I think she could be a body double for explicit scenes. At least it would be fun to put her body to the test.

I have finally found some episodes of Snoop Dogg presents The Joker´s Wild and they are not re - inventing the wheel but hot daimn, Jeannie Mai looks spectacular and her cleavage alone is worth the price of admission.

As promised here is the next new videos with her. Daimn, every time I see her talk I imagine those perfectly formed sweet lips wrapped around my boner going all the way with some asian lubrication since we all know that when it comes to deepthroating nobody can hold a candle to asian girls.

And there just has to be a way how we can get Yaya Han to wear the same outfit as Akira Lane here. Can you imagine Yaya Han´s king sized XXL breasts with the areolas of the nipples being totally visible in that mesh shirt and her naked butt only covered by a tiny string of dental floss ?

I really try not to get too obsessed about cosplay queen Yaya Han. I can´t help it that she tickles my personal fancy as she combines four of my fetiches ( comic book / anime / cartoon sexbombs, dress up and role - playing, women with big breasts and asian girls ) but I know that I don´t really mean her as a person and am just projecting my sex fantasies on her.

Now just last Saturday I wrote another post on Yaya Han that did not go as planned. My idea was a Best Of post where I would put all the stuff I have written about Yaya Han but there is so much material about her on this blog that it can´t possibly fit in one post. So instead I will have to put it on the blog in sizeable chunks which will be sorted according to various prime sexual male phantasies and the first topic was the sexy night nurse.

I mean she already did a sexy doctor / nurse cosplay with her Super Sonico costume. Daim, that girl knows how to fill out that uniform and she´s just begging for some asian dick lubrication. Those sweet lips are perfect for giving oral pleasure and we all know that when it comes to deepthroating rockhard boners nobody can hold a candle to asian girls. And those soft, giant boobs were just made to be wrapped around a throbbing erection.

And don´t get me started on those long, perfect legs. I bet they taste as good as they look and Yaya surely can spread them like a real pro as only the best asian strippers and pornstars can. She probably is a real sex freak in the bedroom who can polish your meatpole until you squirt like crazy.

With Yaya Han being such a big anime fan I wonder if I could con her into doing a remake of Ogenki Clinic. I would volunteer to play Dick Horsecock, the well hung patient who suffers from a severe case of hyperspermia and Yaya would of course play nymphomanic dicktamer Ruko Tatase, who has fallen on hard times and has to milk his schlong dry of all excess semen every night to pay the rent for her flat so the horny landlord doesn´t sexually assault her again. Man, Yaya was just born to play this role.

Not only does Yaya Han look like she could star in a Russ Meyer movie Super Sonico sounds like a name from a Russ Meyer movie, especially SuperVixens where every woman had the word super in her name.

Although it would probably be something a bit more erotic like Super Spermico. Speaking of sperm, as my personal nurse and blow up sex doll Yaya would have to give me at least three daily spongebaths although instead of a sponge Yaya can use her big 40D oppai to massage my boner until I am ready for her patented extreme asian ejaculation escalation.

So if you ever change your mind, Yaya and you are open for some deep asian penetration call me or e - mail me. Bring your Chun Li costume and we can re - enact some sex scenes from my favorite hentai movies.

Back to Leslie Easterbrook and her role as Callahan ( named after Clint Eastwood´s famous character Harry Callahan in DIRTY HARRY ) while she DID play the hot blonde she wasn´t the stupid bimbo. And to think that originally they wanted her character to be older and have a beard.

I had an audition and at that point Callahan was described as a 45 year old female Wayne Newton with a moustache. I was younger than 45, was blonde and had no moustache. So I had visions of, “ Well if they like me for this I may have to grow one ! ” And I think that may be the wrong hormone. So I looked at this material and it was very tough, it was a scene that’s not in the movie — very tough, mean, authoritative scene — and I had just finished doing Rhonda on Laverne and Shirley, and now here was this character who could control the world. She could beat up the guys, intimidate them with one look. I knew I had to become tough. I didn’t have the script, just the scene. I didn’t really know if I could play a tough guy. And I went up the stairs and you know, I didn’t dress real sexy, but I put on a tight shirt. And I did this silly scene and everyone stood up at the end of it, going," Oh it’s okay, stop, stop ! ” And I thought, my gosh, maybe that was a little over the top. I left there and thought I really loved playing that character because it was so far outside of my package of ammunition, so to speak, as an actor. I got a call three weeks later saying that they’re considering me for this and I thought, " Well, wonderful! This is really great! I’d love to play it. ” About a week later they sent me the script just to see if I would read it and if they decided to choose me, and I read this script and I literally cracked up, I just thought it was the funniest script I’d ever read. I just wanted to be a part of that. I gotta tell ya, I’ve been happy like that, but I don’t remember having that same feeling of elation, and I was just simply cast for that part from an audition, and the rest is history.

Leslie´s Callahan was kind of empowering for women, she was strong, intelligent, kick - ass tough as nails, independent and secure in her sexuality. Physically she was superior to most men who came across as rather stupid and one - minded most often suffering - or inflicting upon others - heavy injury while being distracted by her centerfold curves.

Like in the scene where this poor guy almost chokes to death because the beefcake who is supposed to be spotting him is checking her out instead.

He´s like totally transfixed by sexbomb Callahan spreading her legs wide open again and again and is probably thinking about what a world class breeding mare like her could do with a horny stud in his sexual prime.

Callahan was the hunter and all others were the prey. Another movie that´s still sort of known and didn´t fall into obscurity only due to Leslie Easterbrook´s participation in it is PRIVATE RESORT in which Leslie already showed her big talents. Easterbrook first became famous as Rhonda Lee, the Marilyn - Monroe - like neighbor of Laverne & Shirley.

Among the television shows in which Leslie has appeared are FANTASY ISLAND, LOVE BOAT, MURDER SHE WROTE, HANGIN WITH MR COOPER, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, MATLOCK, HUNTER, and BAYWATCH. Soap opera fans will remember her as Devlin Kowalski from RYAN´S HOPE. She also did voice work for the SUPERMAN and BATMAN animated series.

Her vocal talents led to her being chosen to sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XVII and has landed her starring roles in musicals; she also recorded a song for the soundtrack of POLICE ACADEMY - MISSION TO MOSCOW. As an NRA member and accomplished sports shooter, she put together a video, REAL BEGINNER´S GUIDE TO THE SHOTGUN SPORTS, and has served on the board of directors of the California Rifle & Pistol Association. Leslie serves on the board of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, and supports a number of children's charities.

In 2005, Leslie replaced Karen Black in Rob Zombie's THE DEVIL´S REJECTS, the sequel to the 2003 horror movie HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES.

Leslie's intense portrayal proved her to be an excellent actress and the definitive Mother Firefly as a result she has been dubbed " Unrecognised horror queen. " Leslie was given the part of Mother Firefly after Karen Black demanded a higher salary, but Leslie Easterbrook took the part and made it her own, giving the performance a disturbing edge that Karen Black lacked. In 2007, she played security guard Patty Frost in Rob Zombie's remake of HALLOWEEN and in 2008, she played Betty in the thriller HOUSE.

Once again, time to wrap things up since I have been writing waay too long on this post already. But as usual here are the shownotes with the websites without making this post would have been pretty difficult :

an overview of the police academy series ( by Whitney Seiboldt )

cartoons that never should have been - police academy

interview on mediamikes / interview on trainwreckdsociety

leslie easterbrook wiki / leslie easterbrook imdb / janet jones imdb

john kenneth muirs review of dirty harry

dirty harry review on actionmoviefreak / dirty harry novels on bear alley

Well, the post was a bit all over the place but the next one will be more straightlined and about comics. Or not. Who knows with this blog. And I also hope nobody´s head exploded from erotic sensory overload by all the pictures of hot babes and if you still haven´t got enough you can click here for more Becky Mullen and here for the full part with Janet Jones .

We start the part you have all been waiting for - the all new video section - with a Power Girl cosplayer since I mentioned her so much in this post.

Last year I posted a runway show with mega sexbomb bikini model Ashley Sky and this year I am continuing the tradition with another bikini show.

I wanted to include a music video that is a bit riskier than normal but I couldn´t remember any that were only shown on Mtv after midnight so here is a selection of the raunchiest, sauciest, most provocative live performances from various k - pop girl groups. As usual we start with the tamest and go to the best. Normally I would include some animated hasian oversexualisation GIFs but I don´t think the browser could take it.

Speaking of last year´s Leslie Easterbrook post, for a longer video I put Sorceess II : The Temptress with Andy Sidaris cult sirens Julie Strain and Julie K. Smith in the entertainment section and the plan was to include the first part in the next upcoming Andy Sidaris posts. Well, there never was a new Andy Sidaris post and in the end the movie was deleted. Here is The Lady In Waiting with Shannon Whirry who cemented her status as one of the biggest 90s skin flick stars by doing it for real on camera like in Ringer. I was going to save this video for her next birthday but somehow I always seem to miss them so I´m posting it before it also gets deleted.

Last year we ended the post with ultimate bikini babe Kimberly McCartney from a wet t - shirt competition in 1990 filmed by the same company that shot Bikini Open. When those videos were shown on german sports tv she was in my top five but I´d say if I did a ranking Today she would be my number one right behind blow up sex doll Mercedes. She´s soo hot !!!

Anyway, I got a few complaints that the videos with Kimberly McCartney and Mercedes are too short ( I did post the full video in another post ) so here is a longer one. The best parts of the Bikini Open shows were always the ones from the Californian Girl Bikini Contest and from all the shows on YouTube this one has the best quality AND the candidates are the Bikini Open All Stars although sadly Kimberly McCartney is not among them.

New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN : top ten posts / more posts of interest / best of the best

POLICE ACADEMY 4 - CITIZENS ON PATROL has the best shots of Callahan´s breasts. We all grew up with Leslie Easterbrook´s boobs.

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