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The Heck with it - The Invincible Iron Man

I should take a break from posting since I literally put the final touches on my last post just a few seconds ago but I got the idea for doing this post while working on my last post and this should be a quick post anyway.

While writing the last post I wanted to add a page from the LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES issues penciled by Steve Ditko. Usually I wait with putting all the pages I come across while writing my posts in the respective folders until I have completely finished the post. Because you never know which page you may need. But this time I had already put them into the Steve Ditko folder so I had to go through all the pages. And while I was doing that I found some pages from the german IRON MAN comics by Don Heck that somehow ended up in the Steve Ditko folder. And yes, Steve Ditko did indeed draw issues of IRON MAN as well as HULK and a few others.

Anyway, as longtime readers of this blog know one of my pet peeves is to spotlight artists who are underappreciated, undervalued or underrated, in short any creators where I think they undeservedly got the short end of the stick. I also mentioned that in my opinion Don Heck is such an artist because for most people he is just the guy who drew IRON MAN until Gene Colan took on the title or AVENGERS until John Buscema took over. Most people forget that he did not only solid artwork but he also drew some of the sexiest babes in comics ( which was one of the reasons why he got such high profile titles ) and he also did a lot of work for DC on titles like TEEN TITANS, AQUAMAN, BATMAN or THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. 

So after I put the misplaced IRON MAN pages by Don Heck into the Iron Man folder I remembered that I had planned to do a spotlight post on him for ever and a day and since there were also a lot of original art pages in that folder I thought why not now ? A lot of pages were from the german version and while those would be especially interesting for my readers abroad it also put me in quite a dilemma. Because with the german comics some series went into the back up pages for more successful ones and while IRON MAN - or DER EISERNE like he was called in Germany - had his own publication for a short time he later went into the back up features.

Now when those original IRON MAN issues were split up to fit in the back ups some pages were altered, some were changed but in most of the cases they needed new intro pages to catch the readers up to speed. In some cases they just took a cover that they had not used and put some words on it but in other cases they just brought in some staff artists who redrew some original pages or drew montages of different poses. So it is in some cases very difficult what is a Don Heck page with poor production quality and what is just the fabrication of a lesser talented staff artist.

I hope I have eliminated all of those and like I said there are a lot of pages from the german comics in this post. With the original art pages I tried to find corresponding color pages but in some cases I don´t know from which issue the pages are. I have also included some color pages from the US comics to show the difference to the german pages. So without further ado here is what for a whole generation of comic readers was the cool world of billionaire, inventor and super hero Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man.

Todays celebrity birthdays start fittingly enough with Daniel Dae Kim who turns 50 and starred on Hawaii Five O alongside korean knockout Grace Park whom Tony Stark would surely tap. She also played the toaster every guy would love to use for breakfast in bed on new Battlestar Galactica.

One thing I never understood on Battlestar Galactica was why the cylons fought such a long war with the humans when they could have just mass produced such hot sexbombs like Grace Park and Tricia Helfer and drown humanity with them. In a few weeks they would have made all men their obedient sex slaves and they could have taken over without casualties.

At the moment my daily schedule changes constantly but for the past three weeks I have started watching Hawaii Five - O again after I learned that neither Grace Park nor Daniel Dae Kim will be on the new seasons.

Of course now that I have a daily routine around that show the channel has changed the schedule and instead of being on after MacGyver they now show two new episodes from MacGyver followed by Seal Team and while I am a big fan of David Boreananz from such shows like Buffy, Angel or Bones it means that I don´t get to see the latest episode of Hawaii Five O before midnight. Another thing that detracts from my enjoyment is that I know Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park will leave the show but because I do not want to get spoilered I haven´t looked up how they are written out.

So every time I see one of them I wonder if that is the episode in which they will kick the bucket or at least ride into the sunset never to be seen. Or in the case of Grace Park wiggle her perfect whatsit into the sunset.

We are staying with hot curves as Billy Bob Thornton celebrates his 63rd birthday who has appeared in Tombstone, Armageddon, A Simple Plan and An Indecent Proposal with  Demi Moore who got her own entry in the Top 10 Movie Stripteases thanks to her spectacular performance in Striptease .

While Billy Bob Thornton didn´t have sex with Demi Moore ( at least not in the movie, who knows what happened after shooting in Demi Moore´s trailer ) he starred alongside 80s tv cult siren and real life Power Girl Markie Post ( to whom we will return with our next celebrity birthday candidate ) in Hearts Afire but all that pales in relation to his biggest achievement namely doing it with Halle Berry on camera in Monster´s Ball.

Which left me with mixed feelings. On one side I felt like Sanji from One Piece when he found out somebody else had eaten the devil fruit that grants invisibility and therefore his greatest dream of watching women bathe in the nude was forever dashed. On the other side we have to be realistic and what were - or still are - the real odds of an old, decrepit, overweight, short pervert like me doing it with an absolute international nubian MILF sex goddess like Halle Berry ? The best I can hope for is seeing somebody else relentlessly hammering blow up sex doll Halle in a movie while wishing I had met her during my sexual prime. So Billy Bob Thornton made that dream a reality, not only for me but for horny males worldwide.

I won´t go into more detail about that in this post because I have almost finished the new posts for Halle Berry´s birthday later this month. That´s right I said posts. At first I just wanted to write one post but then it got very long so I decided to split it into two posts like last year - since that also gives me the opportunity to do two video sections. I have already chosen all the videos and I just have to add some text here and there.

Even though the second part has become a bit longer than expected so there may be actually three new posts on Halle Berry´s birthday which means gear up for a whole lot of wet sex dream Halle Berry who did a remarkable sexy dance ( not a striptease as she didn´t take her clothes off ) in The Last Boy Scout , teased us in Catwoman and finally delivered in Password : Swordfish . And for those readers who might be new ( as we just added a new follower to the blog ) Halle Berry appears in my Justice League of America movie casting and has even four solo posts so far.

It´s kind of fitting that the following anniversary is Martin Pasko´s 64th birthday since Halle Berry starred in Catwoman ( which was not that great as a comic book adaption even if Halle had the best Catwoman costume of them all ) and Martin Pasko wrote a lot of comics for DC. Nicknamed Pesky Pasko because he started out as a contributor to the letters pages Martin launched DC Comics Presents together with Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and you have probably read at least the first issue since it´s one of DC Comics most reprinted issues ever. The second issue has not been reprinted that often but you can find it in the Adventures Of Superman - Jose Luis Garcia Lopez hardcover. Staying with Superman, Martin Pasko also co - created the Atomic Skull together with Curt Swan in Superman 323 and the master jailer in Superman 331, a title he wrote from 1977 to 1979.

Another famous issue Martin Pasko wrote is the Doctor Fate story in 1st Issue Special 9 which led to an important development in the life of the character. With this story, Pasko added the concept that the spirit of Nabu resided in Doctor Fate's helmet and took control of Fate's alter ego Kent Nelson whenever the helmet was donned. Roy Thomas incorporated this into his series All - Star Squadron, as an explanation of the changes in Fate's helmet and powers. In 1982, this led to DC featuring Kent and his wife Inza in a series of back-up stories, written by Pasko, in The Flash. DC later collected Pasko's stories into a three - issue limited series titled The Immortal Dr. Fate. The other reason why this story is so famous is the art by Walter Simonson which was so ahead of it´s time that it literally ruined people´s entire careers and a lot of comic artists went back to art school.

Besides that Martin Pasko wrote a ton of stories for titles like Adventure Comics, Superman Family, Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1977, Justice League of America, Metal Men from 1976 to 1977, the Kobra series, Impulse and the The World´s Greatest Superheroes newspaper strip.

Together with artist Thomas Yeates he revived Swamp Thing in Saga Of The Swamp Thing where he was succeeded by Alan Moore on his iconic run. Martin Pasko also developed a new version of The Secret Six in the weekly anthology title Action Comics. And I also have to mention that he co - created and edited the short lived horror satire Gross Point which was inked by one of my favorite artists, Roger Langridge. He wrote Star Trek comics for Marvel, Joe Staton´s E - Man for First Comics and worked on Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, Fantasy Island, The Twilight Zone, Max Headroom, Simon & Simon, Thundarr The Barbarian, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G. I. Joe : A Real American Hero, Bucky O´Hare - Toad Wars, The Tick, Cadillacs And Dinosaurs and Batman : The Animated Series.  

We also have one callback to my last post because one of the celebrity birthdays was 80s and 90s soft core movie icon Monique Gabrielle who is best known for her role in Bachelor Party ( in fact she is the only reason why that movie is still shown on tv ) and the title character in Emanuelle 5. But she also appeared in Amazon Women On The Moon which not only featured another 80s cult siren - Sybil Danning who was one of the main pulls of Andy Sidaris´ Malibu Express ( and we will come back to Andy Sidaris with our next candidate ) but also Donald Gibb who turns 64. He is best known for the martial arts movie Bloodsport. He played the other american guy in the tournament who was not Jean Claude Van Damme.

Someone once said that for a tv show you need one good looking guy to play the hero but dozens of big, burly guys to play the bad guys and so muscular behemoth Donald Gibb appeared in everything from such cult movies like Conan the Barbarian, Revenge Of The Nerds, Revenge Of The Nerds II : Nerds In Paradise to every cult tv series like Simon & Simon, Hardcastle & McCormick, The A - Team, Magnum P. I., Knight Rider, MacGyver, Quantum Leap, Cheers, The X - Files, Seinfeld and Renegade.

Speaking of Renegade the only reason to watch that was Lorenzo´s wife Kathleen Kinmont who could have made a fortune as a famous stripper.

But back to Donald Gibb. What´s even more enviable is that he worked twice with 80s Power Girl Markie Post : on Night Court and Hearts Afire.

80s Power Girl Markie Post is probably the best known cult siren on the blog because not only have I done many re - posts of her original post .

I also keep mentioning her in other posts and her original post is in the Top Ten Posts widget that appears on every post. Since I have done so many different versions it is not so tragic that I did not do a re - post last year even though I did the last version of her cult siren entry in 2016 .

The name of Edwin Malave - who celebrates his 68th birthday Today - may not sound very familiar to most of my readers but if I tell you that he also goes by Chu Chu Malvae all who have ever watched an Andy Sidaris movie will instantly recognize it since he did not star in one, not in two, not in three but whopping four Andy Sidaris movies : Guns, Do Or Die, Hard Hunted and Fit To Kill ( See ? I told you we were coming back to this. )

Andy was probably THE BEST director of action movies for adults. And his cast read like a WHOS´S WHO of playmates : Roberta Vasquez , Ava Cadell , brunette Cynthia Brimhall, Dona Speir , Pandora Peaks, Julie Strain , Shae Marks, Samantha Phillips and Julie K. Smith to name just a few of them.

Usually I just copy / paste the part about Becky Mullen into the posts but I am trying to keep this one short so I will skip it. For those who haven´t read any of my previous Andy Sidaris posts there is the main post where I wrote a bit about one of my unsung heroes , the Casting the Justice League of America movie Andy Sidaris special with a lot of stuff about Dona Speir, Roberta Vazquez, Cynthia Brimhall and the Tutti Frutti girls, the Ava Cadell solo post , the Dona Speir post ( with reposts in 2017 and this year ), the Sybil Danning post and the Becky Mullen post ( which I reposted in 2016 ) where you can find tons of links to other cult sirens like Janet Jones Gretzky and real live Power Girl Leslie Easterbrook who had the most famous scene in which she emerges from a pool in a wet t - shirt , the annual re - posts of italian mega soccer MILF Simona Ventura , blonde sexsation Monique Sluyter and of course the obligatory Tutti Frutti girls.

After this litany of hot babes it´s time for a little break with one of the most beloved cartoonists as Guillermo Mordillo turns 86. There are few artists who have international fame but this shows that it can be done.

We come to the Dearly Departed section with Robert McLane who is best known for the male lead role in one of the best Russ Meyer movies, UP !

Meyer’s 1976 comedy thriller UP ! was was co - written by Roger Ebert and contains Nazis, lesbianism, rape, buggery, a backwoods sheriff, piranha, kinky sex - and that’s just the first 10 minutes ! The movie offers a lot of very graphic sex scenes which are highly erotic, well photographed and stunningly edited. The female cast members all engage with the outdoor, sunny California countryside, but under a spell of kinetic blankness like sex machines gone wild especially Janet Wood who has one of the best scenes with on - screen partner Robert McLane who was a homosexual in real life.

I have read that homosexual actors are often used in straight porn movies because they can pound a woman for hours without risking to climax but Janet Wood doesn´t look like a woman who cares if her sex partner will squirt as long as she can milk him dry. So either she rode him like a woman possessed because she could vent all her pent up sexual frustration or she worked herself into a frenzy trying to put him on the straight path again.

Allegedly she was so obsessed with turning him straight again that she used every break on set to get into his trailer - under the pretense that she needed to rehearse some scene - where she immediately started deepthroating him until he was fully erect at which point she continued taming him. After a while the other actors noticed and this turned into a case of If this trailer´s rocking, don´t come knocking. She also botched a few scenes on purpose so she could continue pumping him in front of the camera and he had no choice but to let her use him as her personal dildo.

In any case with a name like Janet Wood she was predestined for explicit sex scenes and her nymphomaniac urges got the better of Janet because she has never acknowledged her nude work in this film over the decades.

Now besides possibly being the first Russ Meyer movie I saw in a cinema another reasons why it´s my favorite - besides the bevy of hot sexbombs like Kitten Natividad or Marianne Marks in the cast - is the lead actress. 

The gorgeous Raven De La Croix with an exotic name and a body which can only be a true gift from the gods, stars as Margo Winchester, one of Meyer’s strongest female characters. Constantly victimized by most men, yet refusing to play the victim, spitting out her lines in a Mae West - type drawl, Raven De La Croix and her bountiful figure totally steal the movie.

Totally nude and usually running around outdoors for most of the film, Delacroix is incredibly sexy and funny. She had done lots of modeling by 1976 and appeared in UP! after coming to terms with the fact that she had to perform nude scenes and graphic sex scenes. According to De la Croix, she really went all out for this film, destroying her feet while running through the desert, almost sacrificing her life during the drowning / rape scene, and unknowingly being body doubled during some of the more questionable sex scenes ( I wonder where they found that body double ).

She looks like a real life Wonder Woman and it´s a shame there never was a Bronze Age Wonder Woman movie with Raven in the lead role. The former template model for blow up sex dolls practically played the role of busty amazonian princess in the 1984 Jim Wynorsky skin flick The Lost Empire. I wrote a bit more about her in my first Justice League Casting Alternates .

As a last word on Russ Meyer I want to mention my entries into the Boob Hall of Fame for Haji and Tura Satana which I re - posted in 2016 which is mostly about Faster Pussycat ! Kill ! Kill ! ( The Devil Women of Tittfield in german ) although it touches on her other movies and has her full bio. 

I wanted to include a video about Don Heck and I opted for this because part one is just about his monster comics and part three is about some X - Men comics. You can still check them out if you want more Don Heck.

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