Saturday, October 18, 2008


When you compare my two blogs it seems that I post much more on my other blog than on this one. Which has nothing to do with the fact that that I have seven times as much readers there than here. No, it's just that making the posts on the other blog is far faster than making one here.

On one side most posts on the other blog are just a few pictures, some clips from YouTube and a bunch of download links with not much text. And although I check out every link before putting it on the page it's not that much work because it's something that I'm doing while watching tv or even writing on this blog. A lot of the stuff I need for the posts is stuff I already have on the laptop and this way I can put it into a virtual form and get rid of it. And I'm creating a way for me to access the stuff when I'm not at home.

Now writing the posts on this blog is much more complicated because on one hand I need a good topic to write about. And then I need to have the opportunity which means that I'm doing it in spite of short circuited installations, an internet connection that constantly goes haywire and my mother who tells me I have to get up and walk. It's a wonder that I get any posts done at all. Now even when the internet is working and the wires are working and I had a good sleep and all the pictures in line.....that doesn't mean that all is going as planned. Because once I start writing I never know where it's going to lead me.

Take Yesterday for instance : I wanted to write about the issues of BRAVE AND BOLD but again I got sidetracked talking about different art styles and whatnot and suddenly I'm searching the internet for pictures of the Bob Morane cartoon.

Well, something similar happened Today. For a future post I was looking for a good version of Adam Hughes' variant cover for issue 51 of Catwoman featuring Zatanna and the cover for issue 50. Well, first I looked on my own blog for it because I was sure that at some time I had put the pic for issue 51 on my blog. I was going through my old posts and correcting a few mistakes here and there but after 75 posts I realized that this was taking to long.

So I searched with google and very soon found the cover for issue 51. In fact I have it now in twelve different sizes. But finding the cover with Zatanna was much harder.

I need it for my next post which was inspired by some pictures I found Yesterday late at night when I should have been sleeping. Am I the only one who just finds the interesting stuff when he's about to turn the computer off ? Sometimes I think these machines are trying to wear us out.

Anyway, now I have finally found one tiny micro picture that is not very good but it's the best I could find. And it doesn't show Zatanna at an angle. I have found dozens of other Zatanna pictures as well as other stuff and at least four galleries that I can go through while I'm thinking about my next posts. But I'm not going to start the next post because that would take too long. I'm just going to burn some of the clips I have downloaded Today on CD Roms so I can free some space on my harddrive and maybe eat something before it's too late.

I'm leaving you with one of the best pictures of Zatanna.

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