Sunday, October 12, 2008

technical problems

Today I couldn't post due to technical problems. The first thing was that my mother's maroccan houseguests were causing short circuits again blowing the main fuse which is really not good for the laptop.

This time they turned on an old radio they found in the trash that caused the problem. Three guesses why it was in the trash birdbrain. If it's not some unsafe electrical device it's the grown ups doing some installation and hitting the power cables and when it's not that the kids are playing with the cables. So far none of them were harmed permanetely from the discharges but one can only hope.

Whenever they manage to blow the fuse again my laptop says goodbye and with a bit of luck I have saved the work of the last few hours. Thankfully I am now saving my posts as drafts every five minutes apart from blogger saving them automatically. If there is one good thing about all this it's that I am saving my stuff much more frequently. Now after dinner today I wanted to write something new for my blog because it's really about time. But then the main fuse blew again and I opted to do the siesta.

Maybe I should always put the battery on as a back up but I'm afraid that would ruin the battery. Anyway, when I awoke I was all pumped up to finally write a new post but then the internet connection was gone. Now it finally works but it's much too late to post anything long because I should have gone to bed three hours ago. So here is a picture to illustrate how my day was.

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