Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !

Welcome, my fellow ghosts and ghouls. Here in Germany it's 1:31 after midnight right now but in America there are still a few hours of Halloween left.

Today was not a good day. When I tried to go to bed yesterday I began to cough like crazy so I took some medicine. But then I couldn't breathe and and had to wait for hours till I got some airs back into my lungs. I used the time to put some material on my not comic related blog ( where I have passed my 60th post this month ) but when I finally managed to go to sleep it was eight o' clock in the morning.

And I didn't get much sleep either because at noon I was awake again. The whole day I'm walking around like a Marvel zombie so I'm feeling like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD right now. The original black and white kick - ass version. I drank a lot of tea today but my head still feels like it's full of cotton or styrofoam. I keep forgetting all kind of things and I'm walking around like a retard.

Here in Spain we had the right weather for Halloween. It was raining cats and dogs outside, we had a few blackouts and till ten in the night there was no running water. I used the creepy atmosphere to read the first four issues of BATMAN - GOTHAM AFTER MIDNIGHT and I have to say it's nothing compared to SUBZERO - LA POBLA.....AFTER DARK. No, I have to say, I really like the story so far even if I have not read much by Mr. Steven Niles. And the artwork of the master himself Mr. Kelley Jones is without reproach. But it's a good time for a horror fan to read superhero comics right now.

Because a lot of books could be turned into a horror movie : Hulk - your classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Secret Invasion - Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Batman - your classical haunted ghost story with a bit of Dr. Caligary's freak cabinet, The Demon - you can guess this one, Superman - It came from Outer Space, Fantastic Four - four classic horror characters, Spider - Man - I was a teenage Spider - Man, Iron Man - the horror version of the man in the iron mask, Man Thing - the thing from the swamp ( I just love the " and whoever feels fear burns at the touch of the Man Thing ), of course the original Marvel Swamp Thing ( shoutout to Mike Sterling ), Marvel Zombies - don't have to explain that, etc, etc, etc.....

But it's not just the superhero books there are a lot of indie comics out there that bring an adrenalyn rush to the heart of every horror fan. Of course first and foremost HELLBOY and WALKING DEAD. But besides that other titles like HACK / SLASH, THE GOON or ASTOUNDING WOLFMAN are also tapping the horror vein. Thank god that horror has now a stronger foothold in the comics industy.

For me it's now time to try to get some sleep but I just had to do a post on Halloween with a name like TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN - which I have changed just for today ( if you have noticed the different header picture ) to TALES FROM THE CRYPTONIAN. In honor to TALES FROM THE CRYPT one of the main influences for the name of this blog.

Well, I hope your day was better than mine ( that's something I ought to put on a shirt : I hope your day was better than mine ) and I wish you much fun with your trick and treating. Happy Halloween.

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