Thursday, October 16, 2008

technical problems again

The french have a saying : the more the things change the more everything stays the same.

Meaning that I'm having the usual problems like short circuited fuses and lost internet connections again. So I'm not going to be able to post today. At the moment the internet is working although it's very slow and it takes forever for pages to load. So I thought that I should post a quick notice.

Another announcement I'm making is that from Today I'm going to post different meaning that I'm not going to save as much as a draft but putting it directly on the blog because who lnows how long the internet connection might last. This way you will have to refresh the page more often to see if I'm finally finished with my postings. So to announce a post that's finished I'm going to go back to using a banner at the end of the post. But this time I'm not going to put up a different banner for each post as that seemed to bother a few readers. I'm going to be using the same banner in each post and it's going to be this one until further notice :

So if you see this banner at the end of the post you will know two things :

1. when you see the banner it means that I have finished the post

2. when the banner is gone again it means that I'm finished with the post and working on the next one

So, sorry for the many changes but I'm just trying my best to post on this blog fighting against suicidal houseguests, windmills or even the gods themselves. I hope the dozen of readers I have can appreciate it.

I'm leaving you with a picture of how Batgirl would look like if the comic industry would really cater to the demands of it's main readership.

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