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It´s back to the mirror universe - again !

Today I was going over my old posts in preparation for the upcoming new Best of the Best post to see which old posts are worth pimping when I re - read the two posts I had previously done about the episode from Enterprise that took part in the mirror universe ( mainly because of Mirror T´Pol´s hot outfit - okay, Hoshi didn´t look half bad either ).

Back when I made these posts blogger didn´t allow you to post animated GIFs and I also didn´t know how to make them so on a lot of old posts there are only pictures. Now as my longtime readers might know I´m a lazy guy. And I also change things on previous posts when I find some stuff I wanted to add but didn´t find at that time ( which happens more often than you might think ). Which with the newer posts is no problem but with some of the older posts that is not so easy because some of them might be in the blog links at the bottom of each post. Here on the blog I try to strike the delicate balance with keeping things as current as possible while at the same time keeping it real. Which means that if I change an old post I re - post the original version so I still have it. Sometimes the original version stays and sometimes the original version gets re - posted so that it can be replaced with the new version. Which I mostly do because I´m a lazy guy and don´t want to change all the links.

Now with the Enterprise mirror universe posts there were no links involved so I could have just added the new stuff I found there but the fact is that I didn´t write that much about Star Trek and more about comics so it would have been hardly worth the effort. But now I had all these new pictures and animated GIFs I had found - ah, what to do ? 

Well, the first thing I did was check if I could use if for the annual re - post of my Jolene Blalock birthday post but I already did that and I didn´t want to wait till next year. So I have decided to make a new post with all the new material and since I have included the links to the old posts here I can put this post in the upcoming new Best of the Best post if need be.

Coming back to the Star Trek mirror universe, one thing why these episodes are so popular - apart from seeing old familiar characters behave in uncharacteristic ways kind of like in What If ? and Elseworlds - is that the costume designers can be more risque with the women´s wardrobe. Which they surely took full advantage of in this episode. Here´s T´Pol :

And here´s hasian Hoshi who is really not appreciated in the series.

And I´m not only saying that because asian girls are my kryptonite.

Without any doubt Hoshi would have had more fans if she had been wearing these kind of outfits in the regular Star Trek universe after hours.

And here are T´Pol and Ensign Hoshi Sato duking it out. Holy Moley !

There also was an episode on Star Trek : Deep Space Nine - no, I think there were actually two - where they visited the mirror universe.

Nicole De Boer who played who played Lieutenant Ezri Dax on Star Trek : Deep Space Nine also was Sarah Bracknell Bannerman on Stephen King´s The Dead Zone and I finally binge watched the last season this month.

So far I had seen the first five seasons but I held of with season six because most of the reviews I read on amazon had been negative. But then I got it out of curiosity in one of those 3 tv seasons for 25 Euros deals together with the third season of Burn Notice and the third season of The Nanny ( mainly because of the first episode in which Lauren Lane wears an incredible dress. To tell the truth I never understood why Mr. Sheffield would be even remotely interested in his obnoxious, annoying Nanny who has an even more aggravating noise when he has a real live Power Girl with a centerfold body like C. C. Babcock around, a blow up sex doll who would probably let him do everything to her in the bedroom ! ). 

Anyway, with the final season of The Dead Zone I was more disappointed with what I didn´t see than what I did see. After reading a few of the reviews on amazon I was expecting this huge paradigm shift that would take the complete series in a totally different direction but without spoiling to much what really happened didn´t feel as earth shaking to me.

Where I do agree with the reviewers is that it is the weakest season especially after season five which was extraordinary and many of the episodes felt like filler. Apparently the producers were surprised by the cancellation of the series after this season which is probably the reason why it´s so open ended without a final resolution. After watching it I had the feeling that the main characters ended up more or less where they had been at the beginning of the season. So if you want my opinion the best thing with The Dead Zone is to stop watching after season five.

One last thing concerning Star Trek - Deep Space Nine before I have to wrap things up for Today : when I´m talking about hot Star Trek women I always brain fart on Chase Masterson who plays Rom´s hot wife Leeta.

I guess that covers all things about Star Trek´s mirror universe for the moment and if I ever get around to doing another Best of the Best post. Damn, I wanted to tell you all about the new comics that are coming out at the end of 2016 and in the beginning of 2017 for which I have to save my money and not spend so much but as usual things didn´t work out.

Since making this post was more of a spur - of - the - moment - thing I didn´t have anything prepared and had to rely on other internet sources like STAR TREK GIFS where I found most of the GIFs and who have tons of others and the T´Pol / Hoshi fight GIFs were provided by NOT OPHELIA ( MOST DAYS ). Naturally the two parter In a Mirror, Darkly from Enterprise is number one on James Hunt´s Top 10 Star Trek : Enterprise episodes list on DEN OF GEEK and last but not least you definitely have to check out ShinigamiN3ko´s cosplay as Empress Hoshi Sato on DAILY COSPLAY .

Today´s first birthday is Elizabeth Henstridge who turns 29 and who is of course best known for playing the female half of the scientific geek duo Jemma Simmons on the super successful Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I think the new season hasn´t started yet but so far they have managed to up the ante with each new season. Naturally I picked a video with the even hotter Chloe Bennet ( together with Ming - Na Wen and Adrienne Palicki that´s a real babe quartet ) but you absolutely have to look on YouTube for the churros story. Everything is better if you add churros.

Ludacris celebrates his 39th birthday and speaking of large ensemble casts with hot women the latest Fast & Furious sequels have benefit from the inclusion of Elsa Pataky and Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones.

Speaking about hot women on the big screen italian showgirl, model, actress and television personality Fanny Cadeo has her 46th anniversary. Before entering showbusiness she took lessons in singing, dance and modern jazz and I remember that she tried her hand at a music career around the time when other big breasted centerfolds like Sabrina Salerno, Sam Fox, Tatjana Simic, Angela Cavagna or Danuta were in the charts.

I couldn´t find any good videos of Fanny Cadeo but instead my search got me dozens of videos of Emanuela Botto so I decided to not fight fate. I couldn´t find any information on her so I can´t tell you her age or cupsize but apparently she works at teleshopping channel 84 which sells women´s jewellery and judging by the many close ups on her chest she could have easily starred in a Russ Meyer movie. I don´t know what her sales numbers are but her ratings must be through the roof among the male audience.

Her lips were just made to give hard members oral pleasure and with her impressive melons she must make little boys reach puberty prematurely on a daily basis. Man, I´d love to see her and Daniela Elger compete for the title of the biggest boobs on teleshopping in a wet t - shirt contest. It took me an extra day to go through her videos - which further delayed finishing the post but these are the sacrifices I am willing to make for my readers - but I finally settled on this great video . For obvious reasons the videos where she presents necklaces are the best and I can only repeat Emanuela´s own words : Que maravilla ! Guardate que espectacolo !

Another equally hot sexbomb turns 46, Taraji P Henson whom I first saw on Person of Interest and who is currently wildly successful on Empire.

Since I don´t watch much tv anymore except for wrestling ( I follow most tv shows through the internet or binge watching them on DVD ) I´m way behind on late night show episodes so these posts allow me to catch up.

A quick shoutout also goes to german soccer legend " Kaiser " ( Emperor ) Franz Beckenbauer who celebrates his 71st birthday. We also have Brian De Palma turning 76 who directed Phantom of the Paradise, Carrie, Scarface, The Untouchables, the first Mission : Impossible movie with Tom Cruise and Snake Eyes which features the absolutely stunning Carla Gugino.

Our last candidate is the late french comic artist Jean - Claude Forest who created Barbarella which most people only known from the 1968 movie by Roger Vadim starring Jane Fonda. Originally Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren were approached for the title role by Roger Vadim who was a huge comic fan. Though the movie was initially a flop it became a cult film after it´s second release and has had a big influence in pop culture as the Duran Duran named themselves after the movie´s villain Dr. Durand Durand and even Kylie Minogue referenced the film´s opening sequence in her video Put Yourself In My Place. The comic on which the movie was based came out in 1962 and was first published in the french V - Magazine and later as stand alone books. Barbarella was quite groundbreaking and became known as the first adult comic book. For more info go to the website about Jean - Claude Forest on ALCHETRON and Jean - Claude Forest´s Barbarella : A Landmark in Adult French Comics over at PAUL GRAVETT .

Since most people already know the movie I´m including a video with some great art by Jean - Claude Forest. It´s in french ( sorry about that ) and if you watch it on YouTube there are links to more comic artist videos.

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