Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some good news and some WTF stuff

It has been over a week since my last post so I think I should do an update about what has happened since my last post.

Thanks to being finally on health care again I went to the doctor to get some kind of treatment for my carpal tunnel syndrome / tendonitis which I aquired last year and now I have to wear an arm cuff that looks like the things Ken or Ryu wear in Street Fighter ( Ken is waaay cooler but it´s almost impossible to find a picture where Ryu doesn´t totally block him out ).

Aside from that I have been cleaning house a bit on the computer so I have thrown out a lot of stuff and I have now 34 percent of free space on my harddrive. Lately the computer hasn´t worked properly and if that doesn´t help i´ll have to restart from scratch. This would of course mean that I would loose all the bookmarks I have collected since my return from Spain which is something I´m trying to avoid. Let´s hope it doesn´t come to this.

In any event there are some things I wanted to comment on / post in the case that this may be the last post before the big wipe ( now that sounded dirty ) ;

Spider - Girl goes digital

Let´s begin with what might be good news for all fans of Spider - Girl.

I don´t know if it´s a reaction to fans´reactions that they have to buy SPIDER - MAN FAMILY in order to keep reading the best book of the whole spiderfranchise but the series continues in the digital format. It will be published digitally two weeks before the print version is released but if you don´t want to buy the SPIDER - MAN FAMILY reprint anthology ( as far as I could investigate it´s mostly reprint material, right ? ) and still want to support Mayday Parker here´s your chance. Here´s the full article :

  • spider - girl goes digital

  • By the way, how comes the costume looked totally dorky when Peter wore it but it totally rocks on May ?

    Morrison and Quiteley on Batman & Robin

    Not really something that hasn´t been commented on the bloggosphere since everybody and his brother have already posted about it. Seems that the dynamic duo of ALL STAR SUPERMAN will bring their awesomeness to Batman & Robin. For all the readers who hate Frank Miller´s version this will be what they expected from the start. For all the others ( the few ) like me who have enjoyed Fank Miller and Jim Lee´s rollercoaster ride this will be a nice Bizarro version. Or a Bizarro - Bizarro version since for most the Frank Miller version is the Bizarro version. In any case with this comic everybody wins.

    25 years of Usagi Yojimbo

    Has it really been that long ? This week I have read all the Usagi issues I had left in my comic bag which hopefully will lead to an Usagi Yojimbo spotlight in the near future. This is one book that has succeeded in doing one long storyline with interesting characters that never gets boring and manages to do the little stories as well as the epic ones. And on top of it all it manages to deliver done - in - one gems every other month.

    One thing I realized after reading such a huge chunk of Usagi comics : I don´t think it would work as well if the inside was as colored as the covers. By being black and white the reader provides the coloration in his mind which means that it can be in glorious black and white like the Kurosawa movies or can have a more dirty color palette like 300. And that´s way better than the color on the covers that looks too technicolor for my taste. So sometimes black and white can be better.

  • more about the 25 years anniversary

  • Scarlet Witch : team matress ?

    Okay, here´s a panel for all those readers who think that today´s comics are much more daring and adult then back in the day. Or when was the last time you saw Herkules and Pietro taking advantage of a conked out Wanda for a spontaneous gang bang orgy in a Bendis comic ?

    Holy seduction of the innocent, Batman. Maybe it´s just me but somehow the Scarlet Witch was the Power Girl of the 70s. She was fair game for everyone and if you think her brother joining Herc in taking advantage of his sister is bad here´s a creepy splash page of her father Magneto getting his kicks by having her do a sexy dance for him. Brrr.

    Ah, the wonders of retcon screw - ups. Before writers at Marvel decided to turn Wanda into Magnetos daughter this was just a simple case of Magneto doing what was the Marvel standard for male comic guys : hitting on the Scarlet Witch. From Hawkeye to Arkon to the Toad ( ! ) everybody tried to score with her. I mean she´s so hot she made an android ( or synthezoid if you want to get all technical ) compromise his programming to hit on her. So Magneto just did what all the other guys did.

    Now this panel is just wrong on so many levels. And the old excuse that she looks just like her mother......who you´re trying to fool Magneto ? This guy is worse than Gambit when it comes to chase skirts. And that´s something that is not easily done. While you can´t argue about his taste in women ( I mean he banged Rogue the minute her powers were gone ) you should draw the line somewhere.

    comic toys the world doesn´t need

    And since we´re on the WTF section here´s a picture of a toy that really doesn´t need any comment.

    best watchmen ever

    And last but not least here´s a clip on an animated Watchmen cartoon. No idea where this is from but this might be better than the whole movie. Which I still haven´t seen. But this is just so airwolf !

    And to wrap this post up here are two pictures of hot Yvonne Craig who played Batgirl in the tv series - one of the few good things to come out of it. I mean if she hadn´t been so sexy there wouldn´t even be a Batgirl.

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