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comic announcements

Today I had planned to do a lot of things but that didn´t work out as well. But I won´t go into the details of that because I have noticed that there is too much of that in my latest posts and I don´t think it´s really all that interesting.

What I wanted to mention is that I have ordered the CASE CLOSED volumes I´m still missing ( or at least the first part of them ) from amazon. I had thought about going to the comic shop today but I want to wait till I really have a reason to go there. I know, with dozens of books waiting with 12 issues and more what more do I need ? Well, I also want to buy some recent issues so I wait till the new issues of HULK, FANTASTIC FOUR or LEGION OF THREE WORLDS come out.

Ordering from amazon I used the ocassion to order the LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR collection by Richard Corben that I forgot to put on my pull list. Speaking of ordering stuff : last week the missing issues of INCREDIBLE HERKULES arrived so I´m finally up to date on all things Herc. It´s about time MARVEL realized how much untapped potential they had with the Lion of Olympus. So there may be some new posts about CASE CLOSED, LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR or HERCULES coming up - and who knows ? I might even get to the TEEN TITANS.

I have finished re - reading the DOOM PATROL issues and have now started with JOHN BYRNE´S NEXT MEN. It´s a bit strange to read the book in retrospect since John was at one of the high points in his career when they came out and one has to wonder if he would still have the superstar status today of if he could have continued the book till the present.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is not to reminiscent about my current reading ( although that is always a possibility ) but to post some news. Since I have been missing news of a certain kind on some newssites and there seem to be no intents on really improving the matter here are again some things I find newsworthy that I´m not sure have been mentioned in other newssites so far. Or things I just want to comment on.

27th Salon del Comic de Barcelona

First is the news that the 27th edition of the Salon del Comic de Barcelona is just around the corner. This year I will probably not be attending but for all who want to dive into a whole world of comic book crazyness they can do so from the 29th of May to the 1st of June. Here´s the schedule :

Friday 29th of May : from 10.00 to 20.00 hours
Saturday 30th of May : from 10.00 to 21.00 hours
Sunday 31st of May : from 10.00 to 21.00 hours
Monday 1st of June : from 10.00 to 20.00 hours

Tickets are 6 EUROS with a discount price of 4 EUROS for the carnet jove and carnet TR 35C as well as for school classes. As always you can get a free comic for your ticket at the FICOMIC booth near the entrance and if you want to attend the full four days it´s best to buy the tickets the first day since the lines are growing to ridiculous proportions after the first day.

They have changed the days from Thursday to Sunday to now Friday to Monday. I´m not sure how much this will affect the visitors since I will probably not be able to attend. So far there has been no official poster ( at least I hope that the version I saw is not the final version ) and the artists that have been confirmed so far are Claudio Stassi, Francois Burgeon, Giovanni di Gregorio, Gipi, Jeffrey Brown, Jim Lee, Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola. As always the list is subject to change and I´m sure there will be many more to be added in the days till the convention starts. For updates and more information :

  • general information

  • list of artists

  • By the way, don´t forget that the 14th international Comic Convention de Granada takes place from the 5th till the 8th of March. You can find all the information on this post :

  • comic convention de granada info

  • Arthur Adams signs exclusive to Marvel

    The other news is that Arthur Adams has signed an exclusive contract with MARVEL. It seems I´m not the only one who liked his pages for HULK as he wants to do more regular comic work in the future. And all I can say is : FINALLY ! I don´t know how many years ( probably since this blog started three years ago ) I´ve been preaching that he needs to do more comic pages and that it doesn´t matter if he can´t do 22 pages a month. I mean the TOM STRONG anthology title was selling on the 8 pages he did every issue alone but it took MARVEL years to come up with my idea to put him on a title together with another great artist like...say Frank Cho on HULK. Anyway, I´m really excited about it even if no actual project has been announced since they want to wait till he´s a few issues in. You can read all about it right here :

  • arthur adams exclusive for marvel

  • the return of comic related clips

    It´s been a while since I did some video clips mostly because they were not comic related and I reserved them for my other blog. But today I wanted to post two clips that I blatantly swiped from other comicblogs. The first one is SPIDEY VS THE SPOILER that was featured on the grest COMICS MAKE NO SENSE. As usual most of the comic related shows never make it to Germany like the Dr. Strange tv series so I had no idea that such a thing like SPIDEY SUPER STORIES existed and even less that Morgan Freeman did the narrating. I especially like the catchy theme song.

    Spider - Man nobody knows who you aaare.

    Now, what I really want to know : did they use real comic issues or fake one as I don´t recall that particular issue of our beloved webslingers mag ? And if they used fakes are they still available somewhere as collectors items ?

    Our second clip is an advertisement for En Portada ( discover the superhero in you ) a comic shop in Malaga that shows that you can do short comic related clips without needing a big budget if you use your brain. Something hollywood still has to learn. I´m posting the clip with Superman - this blog IS called TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN after all - but all the others are as cool as this one. By the way, the beginning with Spider - Man is in a few clips.

  • watch the rest of the clips here

  • The clip was in a blog entry about a comic shop that is one of the top competitors of " best specialized libraries " that will be announced at the new Salon del Comic in Barcelona pointing out that En Portada not only can achieve top scores where availability of comics, good personell or internet presence are concerned. Additionally to that the shop also organizes expositions, is involved in the board of the BOOKSHOP ASSOCIATION OF MALAGA ( here comic shops are afraid they can´t compete with normal book stores ) and has top scores in regards to the general quality of clients they attract. We all know how half the fun of going to the comic shop is talking shop with your fellow comic readers.

    So I wanted to give a shoutout to all the comic dealers out there since most of them are doing it out of sheer idealism as they could make much more money selling something else. Well, not all of them. If you see some comic shops you know that they would go broke in a month if they didn´t sell comic books. Maybe I will do a spotlight on the comic shops I use sometime. For now I just want to send a THANK YOU to all the relentless comic shop guys like Mike Sterling from PROGRESSIVE RUIN ( I really have to remember to send him an e - mail about doing a link exchange one of these days ) who do their best to bring us our monthly dose of four colored fun every month despite being ridiculed in the media as the comic book guy on the Simpsons or other movies.

    And last but not least a GET WELL SOON to all readers of this blog and all the blogger out there who are sick and ill at the moment because of the season. Hang in there, it will get warmer again.

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