Monday, March 30, 2009

special movie edition

I know I wanted to start the solicitation posts but first I wanted to mention a few things related to movies. Sometimes stuff just keeps piling up and I just want to do a post about it and be done. First up a bit of movie news :


I´ve already mentioned that there is going to be a Goon movie. But now there is the first image ( courtesy of aintitcoolnews ) and I wanted to share it.

Even though I´m not familiar with the book it looks pretty amazing. Hey, I would like to read all good comic series but I´m on a tight budget as it is and have to drastically reduce my reading pile over the next months. But if Dark Horse or CrossCult wants to send me some free review copies - I´m there dude. And I could also use some issues of FABLES, WALKING DEAD and TORPEDO.


One of the best known children´s books of all times must be Maurice Sendak´s WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Even if you have never heard of - or don´t remember the name of - Maurice Sendak you have probably read this book.

I remember back when I was in fifth or sixth grade I didn´t buy that many comics because I had no money. I didn´t have a job and I never got an allowance or any other money from my parents. So I was more into reading books from the library and since we didn´t have the library bus back then ( which is practically a small library on wheels ) and it was too far to go to Ludwigsburg I was stuck with the local library of Neckarweihingen.

Now I have always been a fast reader and I have always read a lot. Reading five or six books in one week was pretty normal for me even back then. Which means that because there weren´t as many books in the local library I went through the sections at alarming speed. I started with the fantasy and science fiction section, then the crime section and then to the children´s books. I read everything they had from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the three detectives ( or ??? like normal people call them ), Astrid Lindgren, Mark Brandis and many more. When I transferred to the Gottlieb - Daimler - Realschule in Eglosheim I was really happy because I had already read EVERY book I was interested in from the local library.

I had also read all the books of Maurice Sendak who´s known in europe like.....I guess Dr. Seuss in America. Anyway, while they´re all wonderful WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE has always been my favorite. Now there is a movie based on the book and here is the trailer that looks rather promising.

So, I´ve watched some movies I wanted to write about. One I watched last weekend was


While at first I thought this could be an interesting movie because of the premise I lost all motivation for watching the movie once I heard it was done by the same director who fabricated the desaster of 28 DAYS ( that horror movie ).

Not only did it have fast zombies which is an absolute no - no but the main character changes from absolute milksop and whiner to tough as nails Ueberrambo in the last fifteen minutes of the movie without any reason or explanation. But my brother thought the movie could be good in spite of the director. Boy, never did it hurt more to be right. Because SUNSHINE also sucks.

That movie is so gay - and I don´t mean that in a good way. Right from the beginning when I saw the ugly face of the main character fill the screen I thought to myself : What an ugly face. I bet he´s an a$$h()le. He better not be the hero.

What can I say ? He was. Now you might say that I´m dismissing a movie because I decided to hate this guy right from the beginning. Which is true but there are more reasosn why the movie is bad. First up, if you send seven people to reignite the sun is it really intelligent that only one of them knows how to arm the explosive device ? What if something happens to him ? Sorry, never thought of that. Goodbye humanity, my bad. Who came up with that ? Homer Simpson ?

And even if I can believe that how comes that guy is on the first space mission that kills the captain ? The rest of the movie they treat him like he´s the only guy which is really important - which you can believe if he´s the only one who can actually reignite the sun - but he´s on the first outdoor mission that costs the captain´s life. They do a total 180 degree turn on this.

First they want to get rid of him than they would rather die themselves so he can live. And why was the captain on the mission anyway ? Doesn´t he have guys for that ? This isn´t Star Trek and he´s not Kirk.

And to top it all off we have another finale where everybody else is dead ( the ugly faced dude of course dies last ) and our hero - well, the hero of the movie - mans up and transforms from absolute milksop to Ueberrambo......throwing the little bit of suspension of disbelief we still had rrrright out the window. So sometimes you have to trust your instincts. When you think it sucks sometimes it does suck.


And sometimes you´re totally wrong. I thought THERE WILL BE BLOOD would be another of this boring movies full of drama.

There are people out there who don´t have enough problems in their personal lives - like movie critics I guess - and who like to watch movies with a lot of drama to compensate for that. Like people who didn´t get beat up enough as a kid become wrestlers. And since it was nominated for a gazillion Oscars I thought this would be another of those drama overdose movies.

But THERE WILL BE BLOOD is a terriffic movie. And what´s even better : it´s a comedy ! I´m always complaining that my brother only gets movies with lots of drama and no comedies. Well, not this time. And don´t let anybody bs you about this movie not being a comedy. It has a really slow beginning and needs a lot of build up - but the punchline is priceless. Really, the finale is great. I was laughing my ass off. Watch this movie. Really.

I also finally got to watch the KRABAT movie but that will be a longer post. So since FRINGE and LOST are on tv and I probably won´t get to post till tomorrow ( I also have to eat at some point ) that´s all for now.

One last thing. Since I have already mentioned Kirk and I´m doing recommendations you should get William Shatner´s album HAS BEEN. I´ve mentioned it before but I can´t pimp it enough. I know it sounds weird ( william Shatner doing an album ) but trust me on this. It may be the best album you ever heard.

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