Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Total sellout

If you have read one or two of the latest posts you may have noticed that something has changed on this blog. Yes, I have sold out.

Well, not completely. On Monday my brother was nagging again if I get some money from all the links I posted so I filled out an application for a partnership with amazon and Today I got the green light. So I spent the whole day going over my old posts and adding amazon links so you can get stuff directly through this blog. But don´t worry. It´s not like I put in a link for every comic I mentioned. I have put links to amazon before. The only difference is that now I get some of that money my readers will spend when they follow the links on this blog.

Which means that at the current readership I should receive the first amazon shopping certificate in four or five years. The weirdest thing is that amazon actually accepted my application. Wow.

Anyway, not only have I added some links - or rather replaced the old links with the new ones - but since I had to go over all my old posts I also added some Civil War banners and of course the ususal " new to the blog ? check this out " links. The banners because it may look strange if you have more than one post on a page but it is a clear sign that a post is finished. And it looks better if you have only one post.

I have also added some not - Civil War banners but I swear to keep the babefactor to a minimum since I know that some of my readers are very sensitive about that.

And I included the links at the end of each post because you never know from where somebody will land on your blog. They may find the main page but they also may land on some random post and maybe they´re more likely to check out the best of the best than the main page. I want to make this blog as reader friendly as I can.

So that´s what I did today till the computer died on me. The last hour the computer constantly froze and I had to restart several times but I wanted to at least finish the big KRABAT post in case I can do the follow up in the next few days. I have finally seen the new Krabat movie so if I post the link to the old post everything is ready.

Sometimes it´s a bit difficult to find an appropiate banner for a post but the thing I´m really lacking at the moment are clever quips or cool soundbites to post at the end. Well, I hope I will find some good ones in the next weeks.

I thought I would start with the solicitations today but on the other side I´m glad that I had to make a new announcement since there are a few things that I forgot to mention in my last post or that have come up rather recently.

Autistic child saved by Spider - Man

BANGKOK. In a really heroic effort as " Spider - Man " a firefighter in Thailand saved an autistic child from a window ledge.

On Monday a fire brigade in Thailand received the distress call of a school for handicapped children. An eight year old autistic child had suddenly gotten scared an had fled to an open window on the third floor.

The boy couldn´t be persuaded to come back till his mother mentioned his affection for comic book heroes.

This gave firefighter Sonchai Yoosabai an idea : he ran back to the fire station to get a Spider - Man costume he usually used during fire drills in schools - as soon as the boy saw Spider - Man he came down from the window ledge and ran into his arms with a big smile.

  • original article ( in german )

  • THEM OR US ! - next round

    There´s another article about DIE ODER WIR this time on the internet edition of the FAZ. I´m just posting the link since the translation of the last article was a b - word. I will do it if there are readers interested...aah, the sacrifices I make for my faithful followers. Anyway, what I find interesting is that while they accuse the magazine......well, of exactly what ? Treating an important subject of german society BEFORE it really got important ? Being able to predict the future ? Whatever is the case here : I wouldn´t berate others from such a moral high ground if I put up headlines that include the words " in the line of fire ( im Schussfeld ) " in an article related to a school massacre involving fire arms.

  • trash magazine under fire

  • And now for some comic related clips :

    Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

    You may have already seen this but you can just watch it again and again. I whish Transformers had been this cool.

    The Brave and the Bold - Terror on Dinosaur Island

    This is mostly for myself since this cartoon show hasn´t arrived in Germany yet. I don´t know much about it aside from the trailer I saw and which totally rocked ! Anyway, how can you go wrong with a title that includes the words " Dinosaur Island " ? The only downside is that it´s split into three parts.

    And that´s all for today. I probably won´t continue adding banners and links to the blog Tomorrow since Today was pretty exhausting. Maybe I can start with the fun called solicitations in my next post.

    New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN :

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