Monday, March 23, 2009

rabbits, bouncing boobs and other news

There are still a few things I forgot to put in my last post so let´s get to them. They are a bit over the place but I didn´t want to do seperate posts on them since most of them are just a few quick lines with a link.

Horst special on splashpages

I´m always glad if there is something new about Germany´s most famous rabbit. Geier is posting more and more colored Horst goodness on the official Horst blog and now there is even a special about Horst on splashpages one of Germany´s biggest webcommunities about comics, movies, books, games and all things nerdy. The special is - of course - in german but if there are some interested readers I could do a translation.

If you haven´t checked Horst´s blog out here´s your chance and to see the other specials on splashpages about Watchmen, World War Hulk or Alex Robinson there´s a link on the top of the page.

  • click for the horst special

  • new tool for artists

    Okay, this is a bit risky because with this new tool for artists there is the possibility of using it for something different. And to be sincere it wasn´t even developed as a tool for artists but I think it has a lot of benefits for artists - aside from the obvious. What I´m talking about is Shockabsorber a website for - as the name says - schock absorbing sports bras. The reason why I´m posting it here is that on the site you can get a flash animation of breasts in motion.

    Yes, boobies ! Boobies in motion ! I know : one of my, two of my favorite things. Now apart from providing endless hours of entertainment this is - as I said - a good tool for artists. Because you don´t always have a model and if you have one I think it´s rather difficult to have her jumping or running for hours.

    So not only can you do that now in a much easier way but you can also choose between different levels of activity. From light to heavy with increasing bouncing action. And of course you can choose from all sizes to DD and even E and F. Which is good for european artists who work for american comic companies. I know you can also do the research to find out which cup size is the american equivalent of a 120 breat size. But this way is faster. And it´s also useful if you´re not sure how big a C or DD is. Not everyone has so much experience with the ladies.

    Another feature is that you can change the view and see it from the side.

    But wait, there´s more. By switching to the wireframe view you can see how the whole thing is constructed. I think this could be especially interesting for people who do computer animations.

    So I think you can come up with your own possibilities to use this.

  • shockabsorber website

  • DC announces Co - Features

    Since I have written about the new 3.99 price tag is coming up I wanted to mention this. Especially for my german readers since this hasn´t been on german comic news websites so far.

    DC has announced that some of their books will have Co - Features. Now in Germany Co - Features are an old standard. Since there are almost no comics released in the floppy format in Germany comics have either two and more issues of the same comic or added pages from another series. This goes back to the old Williams editions of Marvel comics. Iron Man ( Der Eiserne ) had Antman as a back up.

    Fantastic Four ( die Fantastischen Vier ) had Daredevil ( Der Dämon - the Demon to keep the two d ) as back up.

    The Avengers ( die Rächer ) featured Captain Marvel.

    The X - Men ( or X - Team like it was called in Germany ) shered not only the pages but sometimes even the cover of Hulk.

    Spider - Man ( die Spinne - the Spider ) even had two different co stars ! It started with Namor

    and later featured Thor when the sales of the Thor comic were declining.

    Thor in turn has Silver Surfer as a back up feature who was sometimes called Silver Surfer like in the original comics but sometimes Silberstürmer which also didn´t sound too bad.

    And before that there was MV Comics which had new stories of DC titles, archie comics and frankobelgian comics. Sometimes the back up feature were annoying when the quality wasn´t even in the same league as the main feature. Which is a constant reason for bickering on german message boards.

    On the other side you may discover some gems you may have overlooked because for some reason you would never have bought the comic. There are many books that are really good but for some reason never had the broad mass appeal to garner a big audience.

    Which seems to be the same reasoning why DC decided to include the Co - Features. The first announced book was a new Doom Patrol book that is going to have Metal Men in their book written by none other than Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. Now this is cool for fans of the Metal Men as well as for fans of the best league ever. In fact they may have more appeal than the main feature.

    Now in June Teen Titans will start having Ravager as co - stars while Booster Gold will get Blue Beetle.

    Since I´m already reading Teen Titans and Booster Gold this means that I can continue to read Blue Beetle. As for Ravager - well, I´ll just have to wait and see. Of course the Co - Features brings the 3.99 price tag but they will be additionally to the existing story pages. So right now I have no idea if we will get a 22 page / 8 page split or a 16 page / 16 page split like on that Captain Comet / the Weird comic I forgot the name of.

    But in my opinion this is way better than Marvel´s announcement of adding 8 pages of extras to the comics with the 3.99 price. I mean who wants extras ? If you could decide what would you prefer ? Some extras or more story pages. I want more story pages. And I´m glad that DC announced that it will only put the 3.99 tag if they manage to include added value to the book.

    I mean, this is not the first time comic companies - or DC - do this and who knows ? This may be the beginning of the return of anthologies.

  • full article on newsarama

  • dematteis interview about metal men

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    Nick and Justin said...

    wait, so the most famous cartoon rabbit in Germany is all about threesomes? Or is this some kind of fan art?

    SUBZERO said...

    No, this is from an actual cover. And yes, the most famous rabbit in Germany ( or was that the most famous german rabbit ? ) is all about threesomes, swinger clubs, prostitutes, support groups for sexaddicts, dieting through drinking your own urine, internet sex.....the usual stuff you can find in slice - of - life comics. You know.....

    Nick and Justin said...

    Well, Bugs Bunny is a cross dresser, so at least we got that going for us.

    Anonymous said...

    crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?

    Anonymous said...

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