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Tripping the rift

I should have probably posted this on Thursday but it´s one of the things I totally forgot. The animated cartoon show TRIPPING THE RIFT has finally found it´s way to Germany.

Thanks to DMAX this show has finally made it to german tv screens. To celebrate the start of the tv show they showed two episodes on Friday, two episodes on Saturday and two episodes on Sunday. Which means that either you have already seen it or if you haven´t you have already missed the first six episodes. But it will be aired on Sundays from now on ( at 23.15 hours showing two half hour episodes ) so you can still watch the rest.

Now what is it all about ? Tripping the Rift is from the guys behind the Simpsons and the half hour episodes are the adventures of the crew of the starship Jupiter 42. Chode is the three-eyed blobby purple alien captain whose insatiable sexual appetite and very un-sugarcoated dialogue provides the lowest point of the show’s maturity, but also the funniest. Pleasure droid Six offers the brains and the looks behind their operations and is usually the target of gratuitous sexual references.

The gay robot Gus manages a few laughs here and there, and both the hideous bovine alien T’nuk and wimpy lizard Whip generally just get annoying. Main villain Darph Bobo ( a clown-like Vader knock off ) doesn’t always impress, but he has his moments.

Tripping the Rift has always had a cult following for its creative parodies of sci-fi favorites coupled with brazen language and generous doses of sexual deviance. The major appeal of the TV show lies in the edgy quips and ludicrous parodies ( along with frequent hints of nudity from the unnaturally jiggly female android Six ) which is the reason I know something about this show at all.

Longtime readers may remember a time when I still had one blog and on one post about hot sci fi babes I was asking my readers about a picture of Six that I had found on the internet. Thankfully one of my readers knew about the show and pointed me into the right direction. So I think since everything I wrote is now on another blog I should post it here. At that time I decided to transfer it to the other blog because it was not comic related but since it´s now broadcast on german tv and it is connected to the Simpsons ( and you can´t have enough hot comic related babes on a blog ) here´s more info about the main attraction of the show : Android Six.

Six of One / Six of Nine ( or just Six ) — Six is a sexy android ( though she is usually referred to, incorrectly, as a cyborg in the show ) that was designed as a sex slave. She acts as the ship's science officer, thanks to a programming upgrade by Chode; much to his chagrin, this upgrade has also given her a conscience and sense of decency ( in spite of her sexual nature ). She often gets the crew out of trouble by using her erotic attributes. Six's name is a parody of Star Trek: Voyager 's Seven of Nine, and the phrase "Six of One, Half a Dozen of the other".

Six's character is also a parody of Zev the Love Slave from the Canadian Sci-fi series Lexx. Her name is also a parody of 69 - a sexual position. The final episode of the second season revealed that she was modelled after a stripper named "Half a Dozen". Although both Patricia Beckmann and Terry Farrell were listed in the credits of the pilot as Six of One, a small pamphlet included in the Season 1 DVD Box set listed her name as Six of Nine.

Her voice was done by Patricia Beckmann and Terry Farrell in the pilot (two versions), Gina Gershon season 1, Carmen Electra season 2 and Jenny McCarthy in season 3).

Character profile :

Six, voiced by Carmen Electra on the Sci Fi Channel's Tripping the Rift, is the hottest, sexiest and most advanced android ever created. The science officer of starship Jupiter 42, she's designed to have more sex than a dorm full of college freshman. Her programming enables her to fake more than 2,000 types of orgasms in more than 600 languages. Though she is smart enough not to have to resort to innuendos or lewd come-ons as the solution to every dilemma, it is a testament to her seductive prowess that she manages to copulate her way out of trouble as often as she does. Her pleasures are countless, but her dislikes include sand in her Vaseline and always being the smartest one on the ship. Her secret ambition is to be a science 'droid that has rockin' sex instead of a sexbot that knows how to spew technobabble.

Twelve questions for Six

1. What species makes the best lovers?

Six: The seven-holed Aurillian sex bunnies on Ejaculus 6.

2. Have you ever had zero-gravity sex?

Six: Yes, but it's hard to go down when there is no down.

3. Being a 'droid, do you have any unique sex tricks?

Six: I can detach my jaw to accommodate any size object.

4. Are you good in bed?

Six: Yes, the bed, a counter top, floor, any flat surface really.

5. What's the most unusual place you've had sex?

Six: Hopefully I haven't had it yet.

6. Any nicknames for your girl parts?

Six: Fun chute, rocket launcher, whopper eater.

7. What's your favorite sexual act?

Six: It begins with an "A," or my A, so to speak.

8. Do you prefer giving oral sex, or receiving oral sex?

Six: I'm only programmed to give.

9. What's your favorite part of the male anatomy?

Six: Any part I can reach with my tongue.

10. Do you like to talk dirty while making love?

Six: I have four settings for that: a) Dirty talk, b) Really dirty talk, c) Locker room raunchy, and d) non-stop profanity

11. Ever have a three- or more-some?

Six: I once had a 17-some at a Star Trek convention.

12. What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?

Six: Woman: Pamela Anderson. Man: Hugh Hefner. Even though I have been programmed with over 200,000 sex "scenes" from four different galaxies, I'm sure I could learn something new from him.

So you see how hot chicks can lead to awesome entertainment since I wouldn´t have known about the show with the hot picture. I´ve seen the first six episodes and it´s pretty funny and thanks to Six there are really hot situations even if you never get full nudity. Captain Chode is like a cross between Bender and a horny Guy Gardner and always looking for instant gratification. Here are some clips but you can find many more on youtube :

For more about the show : official website / german website

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