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Asian sensation spin off : Gail Kim and Jade

Once again I have cut a part from my never ending Sylvester post in the hopes of making it more manageable. And because I want to give these wrestling knockouts the attention they deserve instead of keeping them as a part of a post nobody goes back to read thus they may be overlooked.


We continue with wrestling and hot asian sexbombs with knockout Taryn Terell who turned 33 on December the 28th. I know that she is not a hot asian but so far I haven´t had the time to do a solo post about her so the only time I get to write about Taryn Terell is in the posts about Gail Kim .

Gail Kim has been in a lot of different wrestling leagues and the first time I saw her was in the old ECW. She then went to the WWF before she arrived at iMPACT WRESTLING and for a while she did double duty at the WWE and IMPACT WRESTLING and I think at the moment she is officially retired from wrestling. At least I saw her give a farewell speech but in wrestling these career ends never last long. Except for those wrestlers you really want to come back. So maybe Gail Kim has really said goodbye to wrestling. In any case, I have always enjoyed her wrestling matches no matter if she played the good girl or the bad girl like when she returned to iMPACT WRESTLING.

As long as she gives her opponents a taste of " defeet " I didn´t care. I know I was not supposed to like her but her tight body just distracts me, like when she ambushed Velvet and her boobs almost fell out of her top.

I don´t know what it is about them but asian girls are my kryptonite !

And I don´t want to resort to racial stereotypes but they just have the extra oomph that works better than viagra and makes you hear " Me so horny me love you long time ! " in your head. Gail Kim is a very gifted athlete - and I mean that without any pun - but when I see how worked up she gets in the ring, the fire in her eyes when she plays the heel or the kind of punishment her body can take and especially how flexible she is.

Now the name " Gail " sounds like " geil " the german word for horny. So you can imagine that she´s only known in Germany as die geile Kim ( horny Kim ). Like Kylie Minogue who has been christened die Geile Minogue.

Back to Gail Kim, I remember a fight where she stopped her guy ( I think it was the guy from Beer Money ) from beating up his opponent with a beer bottle by knocking him out. While Gail Kim was distracted Miss Jaqueline ( who really should have shown her huge rack more often ) clobbered her from behind. And all the time Gail Kim was getting some hits from her all I could do was stare at Gail´s round bubblebutt while....well, you can guess what I did. Now I couldn´t find that particular match but here is a street fight with Jaqueline and Gail Kim where Gail wears some tight jeans.


Now Taryn Terrell started out as a referee for the knockouts division and I have to say that her referee uniform is still my favorite of all her outfits.

Especially Taryn´s bonerinducing short shorts were a sight to behold.

Whenever Taryn slid across the ring on all four it made just want to jump on top of her and ride her firm butt to Laramie like they say in Germany.

Like I said, her outfits as a knockout were not half as sexy as that. But she more than made up for that during the obligatory swimsuit photoshoots.

Then Taryn Terrell became the champion for a while and if you compare her from that phase with later you can´t deny there´s a growth spurt.

The whole thing with the Dollhouse ( The asian chick, Jade, could be a real prime sexbomb if she was willing to slut it up with a different outfit but I guess it´s forbidden to outshine the great Taryn Terrell. I mean, she has shown that she possesses the innate flexibility of all asian girls and the perfect bubble butt and there is a reason why it is called the tramp stamp. ), I know it´s supposed to make things more interesting but let´s face it, three girls teaming up against one girl was old when the Beautiful People did it and Taryn attacking Gail Kim in her personal life, going after her husband is nothing new. Like the NEW 52 it´s designed to be exciting but I just find it boring because it´s so blatantly obvious and completely predictable. And like when you have to explain a joke it has the opposite effect than desired. Instead of being more exciting things get boring.

Okay, I am only talking about the way the fights go here. The whole idea of bringing in more sexy female wrsetlers - especially when it adds a bit of diversity to the knockouts roster with nubian hardbody Marty Belle and asian penetration specialist in training Jade - that´s something I´m all for.

Also let´s no forget former nude centerfold Taryn Terell who is the main beneficiary here and not only because she won and held the women´s champion title. Like I said, her boobs have certainly become bigger and for a while it seemed that every time she was on tv her breasts have grown at least one cup size since her last appearance unil she had really gigantic porn star sized melons. And her entrances have become much better too.

One reason why I always seize the opportunity to write about my favorite female wrestlers is that it is the only time when I can catch up. I am so far out of the loop that I don´t even know if TnA iMPACT Wrestling still exists or not. I don´t watch much wrestling anymore - especially not when my Mom is here and has complete control over the tv - because I just can´t stand it. When I started my new comic I watched some WWE wrestling while drawing but it was totally pathetic. What was once the height of entertainment for the masses has become a Kindergarden and there are not a lot female wrestlers I find interesting. And the few ones that are left don´t get much screen time because the WWE tries to get us all to watch Totally Divas. Anyway, as far as I know Taryn Terrell has left the Dollhouse and wrestling per se and is now pursuing a career as an actress where she hopes to continue the success of her naked PLAYBOY spreads.

For a while Awesome Kong was the leader of the Dollhouse but that also didn´t last. Like I predicted asian blow up sex doll Jade got the top spot according to her asian ejaculation porn stardom power although she really didn´t slut it up enough and went more with the crazy asian school girl look. But she did leave the Dollhouse and won the women´s champion title in a threeway - match that is get your mind out of the gutter - against Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. Then Jade had a feud with Marty Belle, there was a thing with domestic violence after which she left iMPACT Wrestling to sign with the WWE and apparently she is now on NXT.

Speaking about asian sensations, besides her in ring abilities one of the main reasons why I miss Gail Kim are the photo shoots. Like Taryn Gail has done some nude pictures but I don´t think she has posed for PLAYBOY yet.

I really have not kept in touch with anything about Gail Kim when I am not writing about her which is why I found several new videos. It was a bit difficult to pick one but I hope I can put the other on the blog very soon.

We can´t end our little trip down memory lane without another match with Gail so here is one of her titanic battles against the Awesome Kong.

Now we already have enough videos to meet my usual quota but for those readers that have bravely soldiered on through all the oversexed wrestling vixen innuendo I want to make sure I hit all the usual genres in this mix.

So for Today´s post I have decided to keep the asian transpiration theme going. In this spirit the comic book video is about Death Note, one of the best mangas I have read. I can not recommend it highly enough and for those who are hesitant to try it out there is also an anime version and a live action version. Netflix is also doing an adaption - as a series I think - but as usual they are making a lot of changes to appease the american audience so I don´t know how good it can be. I always ask myself if the american tv viewers are really that shallow that they can´t relate to a story that takes place outside of America or a person who is not an american. I would think taking place in an exotic location and culture would make it more interesting not less. But that´s just my two cents.

Speaking of exotic beauty, here is a fitness bikini contest from Korea with more hot beach bodies than you can shake a horny Shinigami at. All these contestants are so stunning this looks like a k - pop girl band convention.

There are a few anime videos that I have bookmarked which I could post but since most of them are top ten lists and we have such a video next here is an episode of Samurai Champloo. I tried to find other samurai animes but so far every episode of Samurai Jack has been deleted. Also the DVDs or BlueRays of Samurai Champloo still are sold at ridiculous prices so I don´t fell bad about posting all the episodes of this series.

There is always the big debate about who would win in a fight of samurais against ninjas so it is only natural to follow up a samurai themed anime video with Looper´s 10 Ninja Movies You Need To Watch Before You Die.

To close things out here is a selection of the best k - pop live gigs except for some videos that I am saving for upcoming group spotlights. They are ranked according to figure, outfit and performance with bonus points for Switch´s Doyu´s incredible under boob ( there are several fancam videos of this including some HD with close ups and zoom but I think I picked the best ). Or better said under boob, over boob and side boob since Doyu´s bra is at least two sizes too small and can´t contain her oppai in any form.

Which would have gotten her the top spot if not for Laysha´s wet asian ejaculation group performance. This is for anybody who thinks all these girls have just to shake their milkshakes and that´s it. I want to see those tough guys freeze their ass off on stage and keep smiling and performing.

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