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Rich Buckler´s Wonder Woman Wednesday

Once again I hadn´t planned on doing a post so soon after our last post but while going through the material in the Rich Buckler folder I came upon some WONDER WOMAN stuff that I just had to put on the blog.

Originally I wanted to do a post with Rich Buckler art from various DC books - including some JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA pages - when I came upon what seems to be a rare find. As some of the more frequent visitors know there was a company called POWER RECORDS that adapted a lot of comicbooks as audio dramas. Not only from DC Comics but also from Marvel Comics and other comicbook companies. If you want to know more about them there is a link to a blog all about them at the top of the link section.

Now I am not 100 percent sure but as far as I know it most of their audio dramas was based on actual issues of a comicbook series. Well, I couldn´t find anything like that for " The Secret Of The Magic Tiara ". What I did find was the original art for the comicbook that was part of the package and since it was done by Rich Buckler and I could not find many colored pages from it I am posting it here. And if anybody out there knows where I can find more color pages please let me know in the comments below.

Now while I didn´t find a lot of color pages you can watch - and listen to - the full audio drama Wonder Woman : The Secret Of The Magic Tiara here.

To keep things interesting here - for me and my readers - I try to switch things up so since we already covered February the 9th in this THORSDAY WITH RICH BUCKLER post we come to our first new cult siren entry with Holly Willoughby who celebrated her 39th birthday on February the 10th.

I have to confess I didn´t know that much about her and the only reason why I am including her this year is that I found a video with her some time ago. So I have to rely on my internet resources for everything you are going to read from now and I hope that if there are some mistakes or faulty info somebody out there will let me know in the comments below.

Maybe Terry Hooper knows more about her since she´s british. Okay, to my understanding Holly´s Mom was an air stewardess so you could say that being a sexual fantasy was in her genes. So it was no surprise that she started modeling at 14 and modeling lingerie at 17 - for obvious reasons.

Thanks to her literal bra busting 34E boobs Holly landed a gig in a Pretty Polly lingerie commercial where she had a quite hands on approach to demonstrating the difference between just squeezing your breasts together and lifting them up. She did it with such panache that this bit appeared in quite a lot of them which was her first claim to boob fame.

Now you wouldn´t think that this would qualify Holly for the job of a children´s program presenter of all things but on the other side I would have given her the job too if she had presented me with two such solid arguments. Okay, there was an exposed breast while presenting the children's programme Ministry of Mayhem in 2004 but that was a bonus.

In 2006, the show´s title was changed to Holly & Stephen's Saturday Showdown in order to reflect the popularity of its co - presenters, Holly and Stephen Mulhern. During the final episode of the show ( on the 1st of July 2006 ), Willoughby accidentally revealed one of her breasts during a particularly energetic routine. CITV received a small number of complaints but the wider audience merely wrote the occurrence off as unfortunate.

Oddly enough Holly Willoughby won a Bafta in 2006 in recognition of her abilities as a children´s tv presenter but since the term " her abilities as a presenter " is not clearly defined we can assume that it was mainly for her proneness to wardrobe malfunctions and other great moments in british tv history. Like when a contestant mistook her breasts for the buzzer and instead of pressing the red button just squeezed Holly´s boobs - twice !

In January 2008, Willoughby presented Dancing on Ice in a very low cut dress which led to a small number of complaints by the viewing public which was probably male for the most part. It´s the first video I found.

In early 2008 she helped make a point that the UK, as a nation, waste too much water by having a 3 minute shower in a cubicle before the public fountain in the middle of Trafalgar Square. It was part of the Be Water Wise campaign which lead to World Water Day on March the 22nd of 2008.

We are staying with busty vixens making the transition from british tv to horror classics and the stunning Hazel Court, whose anniversary was on the 10th of this month. I wrote a long post about her in 2016 which was mainly about The Curse Of Frankenstein or like I like to call it Frankenstein doesn´t socialize in reference to a GREEN LANTERN story by Alan Moore.

When I saw the movie for the first time Hazel Court just blew me away because I didn´t know about her status as a scream queen and that a lot of her roles hinged on her big pair of lung´s ability to scream in horror loudly and fill out a cleavage. She presents one of the most incredible cleavages in movie history in that film that is sure to blow your socks off as it doesn´t leave much to the imagination. Hazel Court is almost topless for most of the movie with her generous and deep plunging cleavages.

If that is not enough to make you check out The Curse Of Frankenstein I don´t know what is. Because besides one of the best performances by Hazel Court it is also a very good horror movie from the famous Hammer studios starring none other than Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein.


I could not find a good video with Hazel Court from her appearances in Hammer movies but she was in episode 27 of the first season of BONANZA called The Last Trophy with Lorne Greene whose anniversary is Today.

For some reason ( probably to avoid any copyright law infringements ) the episode has the wrong intro so here is the right one for old timers like me.

Since I already covered the celebrity birthdays from February the 11th in this spotlight on John Romita Jr´s run on AMAZING SPIDER - MAN at length we come to Today´s anniversaries and make our way back to comicbooks with Judd Winick who turns 50. I was so sure that I had already written something about him since he was the writer on some of my favorite comicbooks like BARRY WEEN, MAJOR BUMMER, UNDER THE HOOD, one of my favorite GREEN ARROW runs with Scott McDaniel and the mindblowing start of the new GREEN ARROW & BLACK CANARY series but since I hadn´t made a tag specifically for Judd I thought I had to skip him this year.

But then I remembered that Judd Winick was also the writer of one of the best Justice League maxi series ever Justice League : Generation Lost about which I had made an extra long post. The 24 issue series came out on the heels of Darkest Night and was the companion book to Brightest Day. Everybody expected Brightest Day to be a hit but Justice League : Generation Lost left it to eat its dust. But not only that, it cost 2,99 when most other comics were more expensive and also came out twice a moth.

Which they pulled off without missing any shipping dates by having three pencilers, Joe Bennett, Aaron Lopresti and newcomer Fernando Dagnino.

I don´t want to say too much about the story because you can read all about it in my JUSTICE LEAGUE GENERATION COOL - RESTORED ? post . Yes, there were some problems with blogger who deleted the entire post and I could only bring it back because I always make a copy of the HTML text.

Writing these posts always reminds me of all the artists I forget to keep track of and I have to admit that Fernando Dagnino fell completely off my radar. I have looked him up and it seems he has kept himself busy doing some issues of the CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT series and the KILLERS mini series from Valiant Comics. I have to say, he looks quite different then when he worked on JUSTIC LEAGUE : GENERATION LOST which might be due to the fact that he is now inking himself. Not saying it looks bad just different. 

I also had to look up Doug Mahnke´s latest work who did pencils for the SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN series ( how fitting for this post ) and the REBIRTH Superman book. He did not ink himself but the guy DC got for him really isn´t doing him any favors. Doug Mahnke really depends on his inkers - like Tom Nguyen in Under The Hood - otherwise his art comes across as flat and stiff. Coming back to Judd Winick, since I mentioned his run on GREEN ARROW with Scott McDaniel as anybody who has checked out the " Top Ten Posts " link at the end of each post knows I covered it at length in part three of THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN ( those who want to know the essential GREEN ARROW stories should also read part 1 and part 2 ).

I would have preferred a video just about Judd Winick´s GREEN ARROW run but at least he is the number 1 in this Top 10 Green Arrow Stories You Never Read list. Unlike other videos these are really stories not a lot of people - apart from the hardcore Green Arrow afficionados - have read.

Finally I get to post some of the Robin Hood videos and we start with Erroll Flynn, the one who inspired Oliver Queen in regards to his costume.

At least in the comicbooks I read. It might have been Douglas Fairbanks in the original version but Errol Flynn was also the first movie version of Robin Hood I saw. Plus we got Basil Rathbone as the Sheriff Of Nottingham and I am sure he was glad to play something else then Sherlock Holmes.

Over the decades there have been a lot of movie versions of Robin Hood - from serious adaptions to more loose versions like Mel Brooks did - and I have not seen the latest ones. I don´t know. For me the best movie was the one with Kevin Costner so watching any new take will probably be a disappointment. But who knows ? They might surprise me. As for tv series there have also been many tv shows about Robin starting as early as 1955.

Now as longtime readers of the blog know for me the best Robin Hood series of all times - the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be - is Robin Of Sherwood starring Michael Praed. Of course since it is the best there are not a lot of videos from it on YouTube let alone entire episodes but I found a longer one which also features the mesmerizing and hauntingly beautiful music of Clannad. Which in my opinion was a major factor in the success of the show. So yes, this was not only the best Robin Hood tv series it also introduced me to the wonder that is Clannad and for all the young uns if you have never heard of them check them out on MeTunes or whatever music app is popular.

My favorite animated version of Robin Hood is still the Disney movie and in this case it also has to be the german version because nobody beats Reinhard Mey as the balladeer. However like with Robin Of Sherwood good clips are hard to find but I found another animated version of Robin Hood.

Second to the Disney movie the cartoon version most people are familiar with is the anime although I have never seen an entire episode of it.

We make one last return to the celebrity birthdays with Arsenio Hall who celebrates his 64th birthday. I have to confess that I am not what you might call a fan from the get go because I didn´t even know who he was.

I first saw him in the Eddie Murphy hit movie Coming To America which in Germany is called The Prince Of Zamunda which is not that big of a spoiler. No, for that we have to thank a german movie tv show that showed the ending before the movie hit theaters. Anyway, after watching the movie I read in cinema that Arsenio Hall was Eddie Murphy´s sketch partner and that he used to have a talk show. But when I finally could see american tv shows it was already off the air. So I was exited when he got a second go especially since he always had a lot of afro american sexbombs from my favorite tv shows as guests like sexy Nicole Beharie from Sleepy Hollow.

I know that I said I would not talk about this anymore but I am still upset how they wrote her out of the show and I have not watched it since. For me the whole show was about her character and Ichabod Crane so when she left I lost all interest. It was the same with Castle and Hawaii Five - O.

Unlike with our first new entry in the anals of cult sirens I was somewhat aware of Belcalis Almanzar a.k.a. Cardi B beforehand, in fact I knew of her before I knew of Megan Thee Stallion . They are both known for two things ..... okay, three things : sexually explicit lyrics and massive melons which in Megan´s case was a result of puberty while Cardi B gave herself giant - sized porn implants and other body augmentations and her new 39E - 27 - 36 measurements came in handy when she worked as a stripper.

Cardi began stripping at the age of 19 and did it for 5 years which changed her life positively : it helped her escape poverty and domestic violence and even get an education. I might have learned about Cardi B earlier than I did because I found a few episodes of Love & Hip Hop online but never got around to watch it. Cardi B who became famous after several of her sexual - themed posts on Vine and Instagram went viral is a very successful rap artist and her song " Bodak Yellow " became number 1 on the Billboard charts, making her the first solo female rapper to secure the spot since Lauren Hill´s " Doo Wop ( That Thing ) " in 1998 and the first Dominican.

Besides dominican Cardi B also has trinidadian and spanish roots. " Bodak Yellow " also received nominations for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the 60th Grammy Awards. It won Single of the Year at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. On April 6, 2018, the rapper released her debut album " Invasion Of Privacy " which won many hearts and increased her fame.

The album became the most streamed album by a female artist in a single week in Apple Music. At the 61st Grammy Awards, she became the first female rapper to win Best Rap Album. She continued her music career with 21 nominations at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and winning 6.

The former stripper who counts nubian sex goddesses like Nicki Minaj, afro american aphroditeTaraji P. Henson and my number one sex fantasy of all times, the living nubian blow up sex doll that walks better known as the best body in showbiz, Janet " All Night - Don´t Stop " Action Jackson ( who has three solo posts on the blog besides three entries in my JLA cast ) among her fans is a devout Christian and firm believer in God. Which fits with the fact that she is a self proclaimed blowjob fanatic and deepthroat expert since christian women often wait with real sex until their marriage which leaves them only oral sex as an option for sex. To become such an expert at giving head one has to start at a young age and as Cardi B herself stated she had a strained relationship with her stepfather and took french lessons in college. Which is code for " the campus perverts cornered her at recess for a forced blowjob bonanza ". Cardi B furthermore went on public record that she kept her husband Offset faithful by giving him the best deepthroat blowjobs. I wonder if she really loves her neighbour and I would love to get together with her for some bible study and extensive oral pleadings of scripture. We could also re - enact the juicier parts like Sodom and Gomorrah as I believe she could give me a second cumming.

Cardi B also put her stripper skills to good use co - starring with Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers which also helps her get more recognition for strippers since she wants everybody to know that strippers have nothing to be ashamed of. Cardi B makes no apologies for who she is and she wants other women to do the same no matter what the world thinks of them.

And since both can spread their legs better than a fillipino prostitute I´m curious to see who´s better at doing the splits. Daimn, rehearsals for this must have been epic with all the guys constantly having giant erections thanks to natural born stripper super stars Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez.

You know, what would have been even better would be to get Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez in the same movie with Janet Jackson making the stripper trifecta complete. Then we could have a threeway super splits sex battle to settle who can spread their legs best and also who has the basst butt.

It´s no secret that Janet Jackson was predestined to play a stripper not only because of her incredibly fit and flexible pornstar hardbody which could have earned her a fortune as one of the biggest super stars in the adult entertainment industry but also because she has some incredible stripper moves that make real striptease pros envious . Which nasty Miss Jackson more than proved in Jermaine Dupri´s music video Gotta Getcha where Janet plays one extremely busty stripper dressed up as a school girl or teacher . I don´t know if the script explicitly said " busty stripper " but with her huge DD melons it´s the only kind Janet can believably portray.

And to top it all off the erection projection performance of Janet Jackson in that video is so explicit that it never aired on german music television.

Some months ago I found a Making Of from that video and I have to say I´m not sure how I feel about the fact that originally Janet was supposed to play a nymphomanic dominatrix but they skipped that because it would hit too close to home according to Janet herself. Say what ? So Janet is a nymphomanic dominatrix in the privacy of her own bedroom ? Daiiiiimn !

I always knew that Janet was a sex freak ( Janet admitted to joining the Mile High Club and is a well known size queen ) and although the rumors that Bobby Brown banged her in the 80s might not be true it is much more believable that she used Justin Timberlake as her sextoy and dumped him after a month of steamy sex marathons . According to Justin it took Janet an hour to get in my pants after we first hooked up and she was so wild in bed that I didn´t know how to handle it. I was falling in love with Miss Jackson but during our get - togethers she only wanted to have sex.

I don´t think of myself as sexy but I am a very sexual being, I always have sex on my mind. I feel very comfortable with it and I think it´s great if a guy has a good sized package. I know the effect my body has on guys so I sometimes use it to get especially well hung guys into my bedroom where I tie them to the bed and bang their brains out in a marathon sex orgy.

I go completely crazy and make them squirt again and again until they are completely drained. I regret doing it but I´ll turn around and do it again. 

I wish I could give you my review of " Hustlers " or a quick encapsulation but the BlueRay doesn´t drop in Germany until the 11th of April and this is not a movie you want to see in a full movie theater with an audience.

After this onslaught of nubian blow up sex dolls we return to comicbooks and Judd Winick with a review of the Justice League : Generation Lost hardcovers. Which are not only hard to find but also quite pricey. Although as each one contains 12 issues 40 bucks per hardback may not be that much. I would like to get the whole story in a nice hardcover collection but since the story has not that many fans that may remain a pipe dream.

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