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It´s Friday Fight Night with the X - Men !

Instead of this completely unscheduled post you probably expected another post in honor of the late great Ernie Chan ( or the first part of the cosplay spotlight on POKEMON´s Misty that I promised some time ago ) but after going through my pictures I realised that I already posted most of the good stuff. So instead I decided to post a few of the original pages from John Byrne´s seminal Uncanny X - Men run with Chris Claremont.

The reason why I wanted to do this post is that a lot of these original art pages have accumulated and aside from the occasional pages I post every year on Traci Bingham´s birthday there has not been that many posts from this period in the X - Men´s history. The reason for that is that I am still hoping to do my DEATH IN COMICS - THE DEATH OF JEAN GREY and DEATH IN COMICS - THE DEATH OF JAMES HUDSON, ALPHA FLIGHT PRELUDE posts but apart from such important stories like that or DAYS OF FUTURE PAST there is a lot of material I have just sitting on my laptop collecting dust.

So here is a bunch of the best of the best I could find and since there is a lot of fighting within these pages I thought it would be perfect for Friday Fight Night. So enjoy the show : X - Men vs everybody else, I allow it !

Another fine example of Professor X being a complete insensitive dick. Reading these issues you sometimes get the impression that he treats the X - Men like his way to personal fulfillment without caring what they need.

Cyclops has always been one of my favorite characters because while he seems boring there is really a lot going on with him and I could relate to his total lack of social skills. Nevertheless he could be kind of an a - hole as the team leader and I have often wondered how much of that came from Charles Xavier as he has always professed that Scott was his best student.

The question is if he refers to his abilities to lead or being an a - hole.


Usually we don´t have two Marvel posts in a row but like I said, this post was kind of unscheduled and we do have a lot of DC Comics related things in the entertainment section. Since my last post there are only two important anniversaries I missed with the first one being the great late Ernie Chan or Ernie Chua how he was sometimes credited and I already put the links for his posts at the beginning of this post. He worked at both companies Marvel - where he did inks for such books like Conan, Claw the Unconquered, Hulk or Power Man & Iron Fist - and DC - where he drew such iconic characters like Batman or most notably Wonder Woman.

Now from Sal Buscema´s historic ten year run on The Incredible Hulk my favorite part is inked by Ernie Chan and I have written a few posts on that but since the first one is from 2014 I think it´s time for a little update.

The best post to start is this one , where I wrote about why I love these issues so much and which ones I would put into a hardcover. In this post I elaborated on one of the reasons why I would buy said hardcover even if I already have the issues in the spanish black and white Biblioteca Marvel pocket books, the black and white Marvel Essentials, in color as the back up stories in Condor´s german Spider - Man issues Die Spinne and some even in a french edition by listing in detail all the pages that were cut from the french - and in a lot of instances also from the german - edition.

Which brings us to this post where I made predictions about when my dream book will be available if they bring it out as a Marvel Masterworks book. Usually I don´t like to make assumptions ( as the old saying goes : It´s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. ) but it seems that I was not that far off. Volume 11 DID come out at the end of 2017 containing issues 184 to 196 although volume 12 with issues 197 to 209 will be published a bit earlier than I thought. My predicted date was early 2019 and it is coming out at the end of August 2018. So volume 13 may arrive in 2019 not 2020 like I thought. I am not sure since there has not been any information yet when it will come out or which issues will be included. On the other side this all depends on whether Disney will be continuing publishing these at an even pace and not suddenly stop for ten years until bringing out the next volume like they did with various titles. 

Coming back to DC´s famous amazon princess, on July the 24th Lynda Carter turned 67 whom Todays tv audiences know as the president of the United States of America from the hit tv show Supergirl but for people of my generation is still the one, the only, true blue original Wonder Woman.

Now I have seen the new Wonder Woman movie and I won´t say it´s good because it is actually the best DC movie that has come out since - well, since Batman Begins. I didn´t like into what the second one turned to and the third one was completely unwatchable. But yes, since 2005 this is the first DC movie that is really any good. It has a good story and Gal Gadot actually does a good job despite being the wrong person for the title role.

That said, for me nobody has eclipsed Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman so far which I have elaborated at length in various posts. I wrote the first one way way back in 2011 which I split into two posts. A very short one on Lynda Carter and a longer one on the Wonder Woman tv series of which I did an updated version of with a lot of high quality animated GIFs in 2016.

One of the reasons why Lynda Carter was so perfect as Wonder Woman - besides the fact that as a professional dancer she could do all the physical stuff the role required very easily - is that she is just a gorgeous woman.

Which admittedly makes the fact that Steve Trevor is so hung up about Wonder Woman all the time but seems to be the only male on the planet ( or better the galaxy since this includes a few aliens too ) who does not realize how hot Diana Prince is a bit hard to swallow. For that reason I wanted to include a video where you not only see Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman but also as Diana Prince. And since I can´t embed the swimsuit compilation for some reason here is a scene from The Deadly Toys

Coming to Today´s celebrity birthday, Julian McMahon celebrates his 50th anniversary and he started his career in Danii Minogue´s music video This Is It before tangling with Jessica Alba as Doctor Doom. But his greatest claim to fame is that he got his pawns on sexbomb Alyssa Milano ( who got two entries on this blog, the main post and the bonus round with her best episodes on Charmed ) as The Source of all Evil on Charmed.

Alyssa was the main reason why guys watched the show, it was all to see her girating her hips as a sultry belly dancer or an almost naked mermaid.

Before she starred in Charmed Alyssa appeared in an episode of Outer Limits where she didn´t leave much to the imagination thanks to the lower restrictions of the Sci Fi channel. She was well on her way to become a sexsymbol but of course we wanted to see more of her. And male viewers got their wish when Alyssa got her freak on in Embrace of the Vampire where she did her breast performance going full frontal. I did a re - post of Alyssa Milano´s cult siren entry on her birthday in 2016.


Speaking of hot cult sirens going full frontal, none other than Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the italian mega MILF with the giant 39D ( !!! ) melons turns 50 Today which makes her still younger than yours truly. Longtime readers may remember that I selected the living blow up sex doll with the twin torpedoes as Big Barda in the very first post of the Hollywood version .

In the original FOURTH WORLD comics by Jack Kirby - and this definitely changed in the NEW 52 - Big Barda was built like a brick shithouse with the personality of a lady trucker, the muscles of a female bodybuilder, the hot measurements of a playmate of the year and the cupsize of a porn star.

She got that from her mother Big Breeda, the fiercest female warrior on Apokolips who - nomen est omen - was therefore selected by Darkseid himself to breed the next race of warriors. I don´t know if it was because she spurned his advances or if he just thought she would produce the best offspring but it is implied that they used her like a blow up sex doll !

All for the next generation of Akopolips´ finest of course. Now with Big Barda the melons didn´t fall far from the tree and when she began to develop, especially in certain parts of her anatomy that had to do with procreation Darkseid decided to let her follow in her mother´s footsteps and - like mother like daughter - personally introduce Big Barda to the breeding pens to continue the family tradition. So as soon as she got wind of Darkseid´s perverted plans for her Big Barda decided to ditch Apokolips and hitched the next ride to Earth. According to Big Barda she managed to do that before Darkseid had a chance to break her in but maybe she was so eager to join Mister Miracle because she had tasted the Darkseed.

For more on DC´s creepy sex stories with Big Barda - like the time when Superman starred in a porn mocvie with her and then claimed he could not remember a thing - check out BIG BARDA : DEATH, LIES AND VIDEOTAPES .

Like I said, originally I casted Maria Grazia Cucinotta as Big Barda but keeping in mind her history I may cast her as Big Breeda. Not only to get Maria to do nude scenes that way but also because then I could cast italian 37C sexbomb Monica Bellucci as Big Barda and give the role of Wonder Woman to british 90s porn superstar Sarah Louise Young .


Strangely enough another candidate from my Justice League movie casting series, Monique Sluyter celebrates her 51st birthday ( making her just a bit older than me ). I cast her as Fire a.k.a. Beatriz da Costa in the Andy Sidaris Special and before getting her solo post she was also mentioned in the annual re - posts I made of italian mega soccer MILF Simona Ventura .

Now for the benefit of new readers who might have missed this I should probably explain what TUTTI FRUTTI was. There was a show called COLPO GROSSO from Italy with some dancers dressed as certain fruits who would dance to a special song and when the last refrain said " chin chin " they popped their tops and the candidates had to bet ( before they opened their tops ) if they had stickers of fruits on one of their breasts or not.

If they had fruits - or rather stickers with fruits - on them the candidates would win points and if they had enough of them they could get the Euro Girls ( which sounds much sluttier now as the official european currency is the Euro ), the women who represented the european nations to strip.

Who could get the most women the most naked was the winner and the points they would score were called country points or Länderpunkte, a word that has become a household expression in Germany. It´s not unusual to hear german tv viewers say : Well, we´re not going to see any Länderpunkte in this movie. Anyway, the show was done to promote the Ecu, the new currency for a United Europe ( no, that really didn´t work out that well ) but the important part was getting to see the girls strip.

The show was adapted by various countries and it was called AY QUE CALOR in Spain and TUTTI FRUTTI in Germany. In Germany it was the show nobody watched ( or at least admitted watching ) but everybody saw.

Longtime readers may be already tired of this but it seems that nowadays I can´t write a new post without mentioning hot sexbomb Becky Mullen .

Besides appearing as Sally, the farmer´s daughter on the first season of GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING and various guest appearances on every major tv show ( of which her most memorable is an episode of Married with Children opposite Pamela Anderson - see GIF above ) Becky starred in various erotic midnight movies including SINFUL INTRIGUE. With all that said german audiences know her best from taking her clothes off on TUTTI FRUTTI . Her biggest contribution to american culture however is HARD HUNTED and there are two other actresses from Andy Sidaris movies who appeared on TUTTI FRUTTI, Sandra Wild and Carolyn Liu. I wrote more on this in my special Andy Sidaris edition of Casting the JLA movie post .

Andy was probably THE BEST director of action movies for adults. And his cast read like a WHOS´S WHO of playmates : Roberta Vasquez , Ava Cadell , brunette Cynthia Brimhall, Dona Speir , Pandora Peaks, Julie Strain , Shae Marks, Samantha Phillips and Julie K. Smith to name just a few of them.

Becky Mullen´s post is a spin - off that used to be in one post with Janet Jones Gretzky , best known for appearing in a white swimsuit in Police Academy 5 - Assignment Miami Beach and real live Power Girl Leslie Easterbrook who had the most famous scene in Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol in which she emerges from a pool in a wet t - shirt .

I already finished the new version of her cult siren post which goes online on Sunday so I am not writing more about her and returning to TUTTI FRUTTI. One of the main attractions of the game show was of course sexbomb Monique Sluyter, the living blow up sex doll from the Netherlands who not only was in PLAYBOY multiple times but also a big factor in my obsession with Power Girl with her impersonation of Marilyn Monroe .

When I started to read american comics the DC universe was brand new thanks to the Crisis on Infinite Earths fallout and I grabbed all the series I didn´t know which included the two fisted combo of Justice League by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire and Justice League Europe also by Giffen and Matteis, art by Bart Sears and inks by Pablo Marcos whom I knew from his work on Defenders. I don´t know if it was fate but the very first issue of Justice League Europe I got was issue 4 in which Power Girl, Flash and Animal Man share a hotel room as they go to Bialya on an undercover mission. I re - read the issue a few times and I always wondered if these more human - and more horny in the case of Flash - heroes didn´t spend the dull waiting time in a more adult way.

For me Bart Sear´s version is still the definite version of Power Girl and now that DC is back - paddling with their Rebirth initiative and restoring many things I am of course curious to find out what that means for Power Girl. As far as I know she has not yet appeared in the all new DC universe continuity so there might be a return to her former glory in store for her.


Speaking about the best Power Girl of all times in Justice League Europe, in 2016 I finally managed to do another post about Darick Robertson in which I mentioned the BREAKDOWNS storyline that introduced Power Girl´s famous coconut bra costume. And Ijust want to say that I still have not given up on a Yaya Han Power Girl coconut bra cosplay ( with the tiniest coconut shells you can find although compared to her huge 40D oppai all coconut shells probably look small no matter how big they are ) as she has already shown that she does a terrific Power Girl cosplay and she certainly has no problem filling out the magical cleavage window.

So far I had written five posts on Yaya - two of them are pretty safe but the other three are absolutely not safe for work - and I keep mentioning her on various JLA casting posts and any other posts involving asian sexbombs like Kiana Tom, Ava Cadell, Akira Lane, Miko Lee, Gail Kim or Minka and I swear the completely NSFW BIG YAYA HAN POST is still in the pipeline. In the meantime I have made two new posts about Yaya which showcases a part of her anatomy that I have ignored too often - her legs.

One reason why Miko Lee kept popping up in the posts about Yaya Han is that I needed a body double for Yaya´s more explicit scenes I had in mind.

Which is not ideal since Yaya Han has a 40D bust and Miko Lee is nowhere near in that league. Thankfully it looks like hasian talk show host Jeannie Mai is auditioning for the part and while she also is a bit smaller than Yaya in the chest area she does have an impressive skill set. I am convinced.

This hot sexbomb is of vietnamese descend and even though she is " only " a 37C and not a 40D like Yaya Han I think she could be a body double for explicit scenes. At least it would be fun to put her body to the test.

As promised here is the next new video with her. Daimn, every time I see her talk I am having impure thought and I wonder which kind of man would want to get a divorce from such a dreamgirl. Now she´s free to marry me.

I really try not to get too obsessed about cosplay queen Yaya Han. I can´t help it that she tickles my personal fancy as she combines four of my fetiches ( comic book / anime / cartoon sexbombs, dress up and role - playing, women with big breasts and asian girls ) but I know that I don´t really mean her as a person and am just projecting my sex fantasies on her.

Now just last Saturday I wrote another post on Yaya Han that did not go as planned. My idea was a Best Of post where I would put all the stuff I have written about Yaya Han but there is so much material about her on this blog that it can´t possibly fit in one post. So instead I will have to put it on the blog in sizeable chunks which will be sorted according to various prime sexual male phantasies and the first topic was the sexy night nurse.

I mean she already did a sexy doctor / nurse cosplay with her Super Sonico costume and not only does that girl know how to fill out that uniform. On top of Yaya Han looking like she could star in a Russ Meyer movie Super Sonico even sounds like a name from a Russ Meyer movie, especially SuperVixens where every woman had the word super in her name.

We still have more DC Comics related anniversaries with Ilya Salkind who turns 70. He was the producer of the first three Superman movies as well as the Superboy tv series ( of which I sadly haven´t seen that much ) and I wanted to include something about the first Superman movie to remind people that there are super hero movies out there who get the hero.

Especially after seeing the first trailer for Shazam - which of course is the NEW 52 version of the character since that was the current version when the movie started production - which makes me not the least excited to see the movie. These guys don´t understand the character and they sure as heck don´t understand the story of Billy Batson. I don´t know what the message is the movie producers want to give kids - except that apparently all homeless people are criminal but that´s okay since they have to live on the streets - but the original idea of the Captain Marvel comics was that good behavior is rewarded. The wizard chose Billy Batson BECAUSE of his attitude NOT in spite of it. And he didn´t just drop the super powers on him and then leave him to fend for himself. He explained things to him.

Like which super powers Captain Marvel has, where they come from and what his purpose is in the world of mortal men. Are the seven deadly sins even in this movie ? I doubt it because we wouldn´t want to tell kids that greed is a bad thing. Because then we can´t exploit them. And we don´t want to tell kids that gluttony is a bad thing because we want them to spend lots of money at fast food restaurants. So I doubt that even with all the SJW agendas out there we will see any critique about the status quo.

After all this DC Comics talk ( although technically speaking Captain Marvel started out as a Fawcett Comics property ) it´s back to Marvel´s merry mutants with more gorgeous John Byrne art. This is issue 136 of Uncanny X - Men in which the X - Men have to go up against the Dark Phoenix and I chose this one because I am saving the next one for my post DEATH IN COMICS - THE DEATH OF JEAN GREY. The cover of this issue is part of what is known as the Mandela Effect because a lot of people think it´s the issue in which Jean Grey dies but that happens in Uncanny X - Men 137.

Since it is impossible to find any full episodes of the famous - or infamous since your mileage may vary - 90s X - Men cartoon here is Vytor : The Starfire Champion. I have never heard of this series nor seen an episode so this will either be a truly epic experience or the worst thing ever.

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